I had my cabinets painted!!!

kpaquetteJuly 26, 2009

I haven't posted in a while...I was waiting for the "done" pictures but it's looking like the backsplash won't make it to the top of the list anytime soon....

Just to recap - we got our cabinets in but hated the glaze. I had to find someone who could paint them without looking like crap - I got a guy to do a sample door for me and we liked how they looked so we went for it.

We decided to do the island a different color - it's a darker color on the same chip as the wall color. The wall color is BM Gray Wisp and the island is BM Castle Walls. The cabinets match the trim - BM Cloud White. We love how it turned out!



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I am just not a glaze person, so I love what you've done. And I am into gray, so particularly love the island! Glad you went for it and are happy. It's classic, elegant,...gorgeous.

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soooooooooooo much better! my personal opinion is that glaze over light paint screams '90s, whereas straight paint is always classic ...and fresh!
good for you, i'm so glad you're happy with them. i would be too! (i'm doing a white kitchen, with a stained ...and glazed island. i LIKE glaze over stain. go figure!)

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I'm not much into glaze, either. I think it looks beautiful! Very classy and clean and airy.

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Looks beautiful, like new. What more can you ask for, a nice updated clean beautiful kitchen, wine ready to be poured and a DH cooking you dinner. PERFECT :)

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kpaquette, I'm so glad you posted an update! I'm not crazy about glaze either. I think your cabinets looks so much brighter and fresher. The unglazed white goes with your soapstone(?) countertops soooo much better. That color on your island is simply yummy.


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Wow! Looks great - I especially love the island. After the trauma, first with the ss, and then the cabinets, you must be thrilled.


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I am so happy for you. I remember how upset you were about how dark the glaze was. Your painter did an awesome job and I think it looks so much better. Love what you did with the gray island. It's turning out to be a beautiful kitchen!

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I love the wall color and the white kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen is beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

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On our last house we decided to leave the cream white cabinets unglazed. The glazed cabinets were so much more money. I also thought the glaze may look outdated in a few years and the cream white would always look classic.

That being said I love the fresh classic look of your cabinets. Good move on your part.

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I've been wondering what happened... I almost posted last week to ask you how the cabinets came out... Obviously, they turned out beautifully. The whole kitchen looks great. Love the island too. What are you thinking for backsplash?

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Love,love, love them. You must be so happy, it was worth all the effort and expense. Now it's the kitchen you imagined. Island and wall colors are gorgeous and the soapstone looks amazing. Enjoy!!

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Awww thanks you guys!! We're really happy with how it turned out. The painters did an incredible job - it's almost undetectable what was hand painted vs. what is sprayed. (doors/drawers were sprayed, bodies including side panels painted.) We really struggled (second guessed) about the island color - every time we had to pick a color for this house it was major trauma so I was so relieved when I came home and instantly LOVED it. There is alot of white now with the adjoining DR wainscoting so it breaks things up nicely. And it does look great with the soapstone!

Nursetammi - I know RIGHT? Perfect! hahahaha!

Erikanh - Did you ever find someone?? I've been away for a couple of weeks (PERFECT timing - DH had to deal with the torn up kitchen, not me!) so haven't been checking in. Are you in NH? We're in RI - I could ask the guy I used if he knows of anyone up your way? We are really happy with him.

Prill, we have Meredith 2x6 white subway tiles waiting to go up. (ordered at the last second, before they went out of business.) We're thinking of doing a dark or darker grout to break up the white (anyone have suggestions????) Supposedly DH will put them up this week (while I'm again out of town...I love coming home to finished stuff!)

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Did you use oil base paint, or latex? If you used oil, are you afraid of yellowing?

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It's latex - I was nervous about it but it seems to be holding up (we had a huge party here the day after they were put back together - it was a cooking competition so lots of traffic in the kitchen and there's no damage.) The guy we used always uses this paint (I think the brand is Muralo) on his cabinets and said he's always had good results. But the yellowing was def. a factor for us when considering oil.

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Oh, it looks so beautiful! I'm happy for you-- enjoy your kitchen!

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Perfect and oh-so-much-better! We contemplated glazed painted cabinets for oh, 30 seconds or so. I prefer a cleaner look, too. I'm still auditioning painters. Hope we find painters we like as well as you like yours.

Lovely kitchen!

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wonder if he works in Mass. It's not that far away. Could you send me his contact info?

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Prill I just sent it via the form here on Gardenweb - let me know if you don't get it. :-)

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Oh my gosh, WHAT a difference! The new mix of cool white and grey picks up the cool grey/green subdued elegance of the Julia Soapstone perfectly. Elegant and classic without any gimmicks. Perfect! Congrats!

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I love the new cabinets! You must be thrilled to have your kitchen exactly as you planned it. I love your island and wall colors!

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Looks great! I like how everything works so well together. Those stools are just right for your kitchen, too!

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