Yet another BM white paint question

LindaCDOJuly 13, 2014

Hello. I never thought it would come to this but I am finally coming out of GW lurkerdom in a desperate hope that someone can help me make up my mind about the white trim in my kitchen. I have been looking at paint samples so long my eyes are crossed and my DH is feigning deafness so he doesn't need to respond every time I call to him to "come in here and look at these samples in THIS light!"

We are about halfway through our kitchen/living room/dining room reno. We gutted the kitchen and removed two walls and three layers of flooring so there is a smooth flow between these main spaces that used to be so segregated in our small, circa 1961 brick ranch house. All decisions regarding finishes have been made and are irrevocable at this point. They include:

Perimeter cabinets - painted maple - BM Dove White
Perimeter counter - Brushed Black Pearl Granite
White beveled subway tile wall over perimeter
Open shelving- java stained maple

Island - java stained maple
Island counter - honed calacutta marble
Appliances -stainless
Cabinet hardware - brushed nickel
Sink - white farmhouse
Faucet - chrome
Floors - new and refinished existing oak, think it's a "provincial" stain

The ISSUE: When we first moved into the house (and before we decided to do a major overhaul on the main living spaces) we replaced ALL the old, painted-shut, single-paned windows with energy efficient vinyl windows that turned out to be a very stark white, almost bluish. I never thought about the window color when I confidently decided, based on the many beautiful kitchen inspiration photos I collected, that Dove White would be THE white that would unify all the cabinetry, doors and trim throughout the entire house. Now, as i begin to contemplate wall color I am terrified that the vinyl windows will positively glow neon blue if they are trimmed in soft, lovely Dove White. Or worse, that the soft, lovely Dove White will look grungy in contrast.

In the kitchen the window will be surrounded by the subway tile wall. Those tiles are not as bright as the vinyl but still whiter than the Dove White. In the living room just across from the kitchen, there is a large, deep window that will be surrounded by sheetrock painted in whatever color I ultimately pick for the walls.

My Question: Would it be better to try to match the window trim to the window color and go with a much "whiter" white? Behr's Ultra Pure White seems the closest I can find that doesn't look gray, but I haven't seen a BM color that looks like it. Or should I "split the difference" between the color of the kitchen cabinets and the white windows when choosing a trim color?

The painter will be using Benjamin Moore paints, and I am at a loss for which whites to even consider at this point. Our contractor is very efficient and I dare not mess up his schedule with an more indecision. Cabinets go in tomorrow, he says we will be ready to paint in about a week, and I believe him.

Here is a photo of my "palette" on my fireplace mantle. The wood paneling on the fireplace wall had been painted not long before we bought the house and as you can see it's very white. I had hoped to soften it a bit by painting it the same Dove White as the kitchen cabinets, and the trim, now not sure what direction to take.

To tell you the truth, if I had spent more time with actual paint samples prior to picking Dove White for my cabinets, I probably would have gone with Simply White because Dove White looks awfully yellow. But I can not, WILL NOT torture myself with "coulda-shoulda-woulda" about the color of the cabinets that are DONE and coming TOMORROW. So now all I can do is try not to screw up the rest of my paint choices....

Any help/therapy is much appreciated!

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Here are a few more photos to show you the space and the windows involved.

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Well, there were supposed to be three photos, but for some reason I can only seem to post one at a time. Here's the kitchen window.

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And the other window across the room. I wish I could get a good closeup of the vinyl color but photography is not my forte...

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I don't mean to criticize you personally Linda but, It's amazing to me how many on this site speak of BM colors and what to do with them, but never consider/mention the paint or sheen that would deliver the "color".

BM has lots of types of paints and colors.

This site is famous for "I painted it with BM dove white etc".
What does that mean if the paint is not mentioned??

As far as your question goes, It's probably a lot easier and less traumatic when dealing with "white" to just ignore all the noise that is 'all the whites' and just use 'white' out of the can. In the long run, is it really going to matter if it's wedding dress white or dove white or just WHITE..

Really, nothing personal, just wanted to vent and saw your post. Ok, I'm done now..

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No offense taken, tbo123, If I knew more about the types of paints there are I would probably have been more specific. But I'm just a middle-aged woman counting down the days until we aren't living behind plastic sheeting in two rooms with a microwave and a bathroom sink for a "kitchen" while breathing in drywall dust and polyurethane. We're drawing down from our retirement account to pay a well-respected contractor to handle the actual paint formulas and all I have to do is pick a few damned colors. It's Sunday night and I have no one to ask except my poor husband and he's as tired of this kind of discussion as you are -- as am I!

Besides, isn't "venting" what GW and most online forums are all about? I think most people appreciate any and all advice, suggestions and support they can get when they pose a question -- specific or not. In the end, we must all make -- and live -- with our own decisions, no matter what everyone else said or did.

But in the meantime we sit at our computers and reach out into cyberspace, with the hope that someone who may have experience with just our kind of dilemma will chime in and fill in one small piece of the puzzle to help us make those decisions - or at least say, "There, there, you're not crazy and you're not alone!"

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I'm sure BM has a "pure" white of choice is Behr Ultra's tints. Inside I use it in interior satin enamel outside in exterior satin enamel.

I don't understand white on white desire, so I have no idea how to help you.

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I feel your pain and am having the same dilemma. I've ordered kraftmaid canvas cabs and I have white vinyl windows and sliders. And a fireplace mantle I'll prob paint white. The advice I've been given is to match the trim to the window color/vinyl. Then for wall color something that is going to work with the cab color....but I have to make it appear that it isn't meant to match. So I'll probably pop the trim+crown molding really white, semi gloss and take the wall color a couple shades darker than the cabs.

But I suck at colors so this is going to be a challenge. And sadly, I haven't found much out there that is super helpful.

On the BM color wheel, perhaps there is a complementary color to the white dove? On the BM color strip I have here at home, they've got white dove and china white (haha, can't believe they named a paint that) and sail cloth all together. That white dove might be close to kraftmaid canvas so I might be taking a closer look at china white myself.

As popular as BM white dove has been, you would think there would be a more workable formula for this.....

Good luck. Sorry I am not much help other than I can sympathize!!

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In this photo you can see how the window and trim match...the cabs are off white and the wall color doesn't fight the two. But the white is brought over into the room (white chairs, whatever).

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Found this on Houzz...may not answer your question directly..but might give you some colors to look at.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dove White with 2 other neutrals

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I think your woodwork is far more noticeable if it's a different color than your window vinyl. Since you do need to choose a color, I'd go with the Dove White rather than introducing yet another shade of white into the mix.

I'm very interested in seeing your brushed black pearl granite when you are done. I had white cabinets (Chantilly Lace) with polished black pearl granite and marble subway tile backsplash. Loved it all together and miss that combo! We will need to redo the kitchen in our new house in a few years. Anyway, the painters repainted my pantry door in the Chantilly Lace because it was right next to my cabinets (in the same line as them) but I didn't have all of my house trim and doors repainted. They were actually a cooler white but it truly wasn't noticeable. Because they were on different levels and planes than the cabinets, it just all blended together because of the lighting, etc.

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All the trim & doors in my house were painted BM Dove White, which I love. When I purchased my kitchen cabinets, it was a 5% upcharge to match the Dove White, so I went with one of the cabinet manufacturer stock whites, which was whiter than Dove White.
I think once your cabinets are installed, the decision will be clear or at least clearer. My kitchen & FR are connected. The baseboards & crown molding are continuous. The cabinets go up to the crown molding so the two whites were right next to each other & were very different. Very noticeably different.
My cabinet color made my Dove White lean gray, not yellow. I ended up painting the crown molding, baseboards, door casings & window casings in the kitchen & family room the same color as the cabinets. The actual windows (grilles & interior window trim) are still Dove White & the color difference is not at all noticeable.
The trim in the rest of the house is all Dove White & also not noticeable. Even the doorways, where one side of the door casing is Dove White & the other side is a whiter white, is not noticeable.
Don't regret your Dove White choice-still one of my favorite BM whites and there are many beautiful Dove White kitchens on GW & Houzz.
As far as paint, if your cabinets butt up to your trim, you'll want to match the color & the finish or sheen. We used an oil based BM paint.

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This uses Dove and Simply White.

This Design group is all over Houzz and use Dove White A LOT!
In this one they used Dove on the walls and Simply White in Semi gloss for the trim.

Here is a link that might be useful: More for you.

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Here are some Houzz photos of white dove with what look to be the white of vinyl windows. I wonder if your gray backsplash tile will compliment or muddy the relationship of the two whites?


Contemporary Kitchen by Toronto Photographers Leslie Goodwin Photography

Traditional Kitchen by Bellevue Interior Designers & Decorators Marianne Simon Design

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