Winterizing my bed

funkyartNovember 25, 2012

I know some of you must be sick of me and my bed by now-- but please know you've given me great peace-- this bed has been an issue for me since I bought it. Just a few more questions as I prepare to layer the bed for winter (it got COLD this weekend!).

I will be painting the bed dark gray/green after I move.. and I have the RL plaid blanket in the idea board below. I LOVE the RL blanket but it is much lighter weight than I expected. That wouldnt have been a big issue except that it does NOT go with the silk quilt that I'd planned (also on the idea board) at all.

So now I am trying to add layers without taking away from the simple, handsome look of the inspiration picture. So do I...

1. Use my duvet with either a white flannel or ivory velvet cover and white cotton sheets?

2. Add 1-2 white/ivory blankets or quilts and white flannel sheets?

I plan to buy white sheets this weekend-- the question is, do I get flannel or cotton? I could get by for now with my cream colored sheets but everything is on sale now and I really think it needs white.

If I go flannel, any recommendations? I had Eddie Bauer years ago and loved them-- but I am also looking at the Martha Stewart Luxury Flannel (upgrade from the basic-- which i didn't care for) at Macy's. They've gotten rave reviews.

Here's my idea board. The EF Silk Quilt in upper right is out. I still like the Bosporus Flax Toile but based on feedback here, it's on the tentative hold list..

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Sheets are a personal thing. It all depends on what stage your hormone's are in. lol. It gets frigid here, and I can't sleep on flannel sheets. I get too hot.

I have noticed that there are prettier flannel sheets than cotton sheets. Not fair!

On a side note, no one sees our sheets, which is great because I can buy some with funky patterns. :)

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I skipped the main point.. I question whether the duvet is just too much for the look.

Here's the inspiration photo.. I am not following it literally as much as stylistically. My room will be a touch more feminine with the iron bed and sage/lavender plaid.. also, I will need to add a rug and curtains. Still, I'd like to keep the spirit of the inspiration photo.

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Ha.. well, I am 48 and I do sleep warm-- but it's winter and I've been cold the last few nights. I could never do flannel sheets with the duvet..but I think it would be ok with quilts and blankets.

I will have white cotton for the spring/summer/fall so they'll always be available to swap out if I am too warm.

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When the weather gets cold we switch all the beds to flannel sheets. Bought them years ago from Garnet Hill and they are all in like new condition.

I don't see a duvet anywhere on the pin board. Is there another photo?

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I purchased the 6 oz white flannel from Lands End taking
advantage of a 40% off coupon. I also have a white flannel
duvet cover on my down comforter. It gets cold here in
New England!

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First of all, I love your inspiration picture...just love it!

Can you return the Lauren blanket because there Lauren blankets in darker colorways on eBay that I think would fit better with your inspiration picture? I've linked one possibility below, but I think there are probably even better options...Rutherford Park maybe.

Why not get one set of flannel and one set of plain cotton sheets? Then, during the coldest times, you can use the flannel, but when the weather is too cold for flannel, but you still need a blanket, you can use the non-flannel sheets.

Here is a link that might be useful: One Possibility

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No, there is no duvet on the idea board. I was following the inspiration pick and not thinking of the reality lol. It is just a standard queen size medium loft duvet. The cover is obviously changeable but I am thinking no pattern-- just simple white or ivory. (I am open to a pattern but I fear that will deviate too much from the look of the room. I am working very hard to edit myself.. and to keep from adding so much that I lose the look).

I am in PA.. so cold but not NE levels.

I looked at Garnet Hill also.. in fact, I *love* their filigree quilt and was toying with getting it in white wash to replace the duvet. I really don't want to spend $200 on a quilt though. I'll have to wait until they put it on a one day special (I've seen them at $99 on the one day sales)

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IMO the best way to get a super warm bed (we have an uninsulated house and a too small wood stove) is to get a double or queen sleeping bag that is rated to -10. You unzip it and lay out like a regular blanket. Just make sure to get one that is not in cheap slippery fabric or whatever you put over it will just slide off.

Ours cost $70 on sale and is fleece on one side. We just put a white duvet over top. Our bedroom doesn't get a lot of heat but it doesn't matter because the sleeping bag is soooo toasty. We had been using a wool blanket and several other blankets and duvets on top but it doesn't come close to the sleeping bag.

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Fun2behere, much as I love the inspiration photo, I don't intend to follow it so literally. It is a big masculine for my tastes.. and of course, I have the iron bed rather than the gorgeous wood bed. I like that the lavender/sage keeps the plaid but is a bit more feminine. I have also switched the hunting prints to dog prints in slightly prettier colors.

For now, this is MY room. I will possibly be adding a male to the roost in the next year but I'll still want to keep a touch of girly to the room.. and the blanket sets the tone for that.

I will be out for a few hours but am eager to see what is suggested when I return. Whether to keep the duvet is the big question. Will the poof be too much for the look?

(And wish me luck-- we're pulling carpet today!!)

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I would avoid the poofy-ness of a duvet and go with cream/ivory blankets (or white, whichever works with your room better). There are a number of options with different texture - cotton woven blankets or single color quilts (my fav).

The only thing I'd caution is that you don't want to let the coverings get too heavy (as in making you feel like you're under a lead blanket) so maybe some lightweight synthetic blanket should be in the mix?

I grew up sleeping under 4-6 quilts and I like the weight, but even I have limits on how many pounds of blankets I want :). Sheets are a personal thing, I'm anti flannel because I feel velcro'd to the bed on flannel. But they are warmer than plain cotton.

I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. I love the inspiration pic!

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Duvets do tend to be poofy and I can't see a way one will ever look as tailored or military standard as your inspiration pic. On the other hand...

After agonizing about what kind of bed to choose after 34 years of our beloved waterbed, I finally chose a latex mattress. Since we had issues with whose responsibility it was to make the bed, some nice person suggested that we use just a bottom sheet and a changeable duvet cover. Genius! Bean offers duvets in "warm," "warmer," and "warmest," so I chose "warmer." Too hot, so now we have both "warm" and "warmer." I like being able to change the look of the room by just changing the bottom sheet & duvet cover.

My experience is that the duvet in both weights makes for a soft, but not sloppy, bed top look. You wouldn't be able to use the turned over top sheet as a color accent unless you chose to use both a top and bottom sheet in addition to the covered duvet. You could put a contrasting shawl-type thing across the foot and take it off at night if you like that look. Another possibility would be to keep the duvet in the cupboard during the day and just bring it out when you go to bed.

P.S. The hypothetical male person who may share this room eventually is unlikely to much notice or care what you choose unless you go all pink and lacy, which seems pretty unlikely. I'm not sure this person would even blink if you chose red satin bedding ;)

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I love our poofy duvet - we sleep under it in all seasons, and I love the combination of lightness and insulating warmth. My flashy nights are behind me now, and I get cold, so a hot water bottle for my feet, the duvet in its cover, plus the furnace that is my DH, and I'm toasty as a muffin.

So. What if you chose a plaid flannel sheet and a solid flannel sheet and made yourself a duvet cover out of them,plaid on the top and solid on the side next to you? Or for the wash and one for the bed...? Then you'd have a slightly softer version of the bed in your inspiration photo.

A tailored white matelasse bed skirt would complete the scheme nicely, giving you the texture you want without the dissonance between the blanket and the quilt you are drawn to.

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The guys are 1/2 way through removing carpet so I ran home for a break.. and a calm down. So much work to do there.

The truth is, my room will never look like the inspiration room because it isn't a 100 yo house. Those big gorgeous windows, and time-mellowed floors are in the house I thought I'd buy.. but not this one. Sentimentality and the economy may make this the forever home.. we'll see. Regardless, I am sure I can make a room that is inviting and comfortable.

I also use my duvet year round and I love it. At the bf's house we do the layers of blankets and quilts-- so I totally know what you mean about the weight, Engineerchic. The silk quilt, like the duvet, was great for that.. it's cool in the summer and insulating in the winter without much weight (plus, it feels divine). I do like the idea of adding single color (ivory/cream) quilts and blankets. Yes, I do use white and ivory together :)

I am so glad you mentioned a bed skirt, Bronwynnsmom, because I have been going back and forth about whether to follow the inspiration with none.. or to add one. Soft Surroundings has a gorgeous loose weave linen burlap look one that makes my heart go pitter patter. I'll finish the look before I decide on whether to use a skirt or to go tailored or gathered.

Speaking of matelasse, I'd love a matelasse duvet cover. I had one from EB that was perfect-- no florals or vines but not diamonds either. It was the perfect subtle pattern, all cotton and a great weight. I'll be keeping my eye out for one.

Suzanne, you are right about the guy-- he won't notice unless I go to extremely frilly (which I won't). He'll notice and care about wall color but nothing else.

I think I am going to go with cotton sheets for now. I do think good flannel feels lovely but the cotton will be most versatile and I can always add layers (matching or not). I may put a flannel duvet cover on for now. Plus, while I dont get hot flashes, I do wake up warm-- and I am also battling a dead thyroid which can make me either hot or cold (until we get the dosage right).

Thank you all! Next post.. my vintage master bath!

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Oh Funky - we are so much alike in that we want a pretty bedroom and bedding. I think you and I share a love of linens LOL!! I want my bedding, sheets, etc. to look pretty! It's so indulgent and we should indulge ourselves in the bedroom (in more ways than one! HA!!). I know what you mean about not using flannel with a certain look, etc. I think you are doing right in going with the cotton sheets.

I use flannel sheets here only in our very coldest weather. We have somewhat mild winters and I cannot use them all winter. We actually prefer it on the cooler side than too warm - so those flannel sheets do feel good at times.

Can't wait to see the bath!!! I bet it is exciting to see the carpet coming up!


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Can't wait to see your bath! Are you going to have hardwood floors in the bedroom? If so and you want to stay as close to the inspiration picture as possible, I wouldn't do a dust ruffle/bed skirt. Not having one will make the room appear larger. And it will be easier to dry mop under the bed. I have this fear of spiders getting on the dust ruffle and then inside the bed. I know, it sounds crazy.

Suzanne, I also only use fitted sheets with blanket(s) on top. It does make it easier to make the bed. I always fold the extra one at the foot of the bed, ready to go if I need it.

I could see how flannel would feel like velcro, especially if one wears flannel jammies to bed. Nothing worse than rolling over and being stuck to the bedding! lol

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Love thar filigree quilt as well! Seems like it would be a good summer weight covering, too.

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Tina, indeed. I do love good bed linens-- and I have way too many quilts and sheets, etc. It's fun to change them around but I really do want to go with a "look" that I can tweak but that is always lovely. Not frilly.. but lovely. I love the other kind of indulgences too! ;)

I do use a flat sheet in the summer-- because I love the cool crisp feel and because I must always have some kind of cover to scrunch up.. but I sleep in very little. That may be why flannel doesn't bother me.

Kswl, I've looked at it for two years now-- I think it's soon time. I love that it looks current -and- vintage.

I'll create another post for the bathroom tomorrow. I am exhausted today. Be warned-- it's not "awesome vintage" lol.. it's just dated vintage.

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We have a silk duvet which we love. Over it, I have a coverlet/quilt in an ivory. Both are machine washable, and I do have to wash the coverlet fairly frequently due to the fact that our kitty sleeps on our bed. A couple of yrs. ago, I thought we needed a heavier duvet, but found it to be too warm for PNW climate, so it lives under the bed in a storage box :(....

Have I told you how much I LOVE PB Classic sheets?? For us they are a great weight, with a good "hand"...It is such a relief to have this bedding situation solved (at least for now :). I got our coverlet a few years ago for $50 at TJ's, but I love the Garnet Hill one you pictured. Maybe you could find one at TJ"s, etc. that you'd like well enough. I also have quilts in a neutral on our guest beds that we got at West Elm. They are a little more contemporary perhaps, but I know they have good sales. I got a tailored DR at PB...had the same discussion with myself re the look I wanted that you're having!

Good luck, stay warm, and show us what you end up with!

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Lizzie.. so glad that you wrote! I have used RL sheets for as long as I can remember but I saw the PB classics and thought that they looked perfect--a little heavier than the RL of late. I don't have a PB nearby--only the outlet-- so I appreciate that you shared your experience.

I get MANY of my quilts from TJ Maxx and I will definitely check there. Love the price and they've all lasted for years and years. I use the quilts to add a little bit of pretty to a guest room or to change up the bottom of my bed. I even have one in the back of my suv (and it matches too!).

Funny that you mentioned West Elm. I always thought they were too modern and just a bit too dorm roomish but I think their quality has improved some and my tastes have changed. I see more and more there that I'd like to have in my home. In fact, they had a matelasse duvet cover there that would have been perfect for me--unfortunately, they are no longer available.

I am going to check out the PB sheets.. and I've been sitting here trying to figure out how I can justify the $200 quilt lol. I am certain I will use it year round so between that and the 25% off this weekend, I bet I end up buying it before midnight ;)

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I like Bron's idea of the matelasse bedskirt. We have one on our bed - also a matelasse coverlet. I recently got a wild hair and put a burlap bedskirt in our guest room. I love bedskirts - but I love fabric and it's just another place for me to get some fabric in LOL. In the guest room I have one of those rubbermaid under the bed boxes on wheels. I have some of my christmas stuff stored there. My vacuum lays flat - so it's no problem to clean under the bed. I think a bedskirt makes a bed look finished - although certain types (sleigh beds for one) look better without a bedskirt.

I don't like to sleep in much either - but I do like to wear pjs around the house in the evenings. I can't sleep in them though! hehe that's probably another topic.


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Go for it, Funky!! One thing on the PB sheets, the "header" doesn't lie completely flat, but I press it & it's better. Why is nothing perfect these days??

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haha Tina.. we are so very similar! I love my PJs.. I'll wear pretty nighties or shifts in the summer but I'll never give up the PJs!

I never worried about spiders.. or about cleaning under the bed. I just use a broom to grab the stray socks and undies and a vacuum. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that I am not a good enough housekeeper? LOL

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Southern California at the beach here and have cool nights year round. Have had flannel and loved them for winter. If you chose flannel, look for the heaviest weight or made in Portugal for best quality.

We also use an over plumped duvet all year except the warmer nights in summer. I can't seem to warm a bed and the duvet is just right until about 3 am when it gets pushed off. (It's our 3rd duvet.)

I've used all kinds of layers on my bed and love to make seasonal changes. Beds are forgiving and we muss them up every night.... just put together what will feel good for the season and it will always be right and welcoming.

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