Paint my white refrigerator black?

breezytooNovember 30, 2008

Hi there,

I need to paint my white refrigerator black to match my other appliances. Has anyone done this, & can you tell me what type of paint you used?

(BTW, the refrigerator is not very old & replacing it is not an option.)



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There exists appliance spray paint made for this purpose. However, I would suggest researching some paint shops in your area for prices on a pro job. Check auto body shops for one.

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It should be spray painted if you want it to look nice, which means you'll need to haul it outdoors.
I'd suggest you do some test runs on other pieces of metal before tackling the frig. You may find you're better off just leaving it white!

Otherwise, do as creekylis suggested and let the pros do it.

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Paint is available to do this yourself and I did this once, spray painted my own. I am a pretty handy do-it-yourselfer and it turned out fine but after all was said and done, paying for the paint, other equipment, renting tarps, paying someone to help me move it in onto a mover and move in out of the garage, so that I could paint it outside when it was not raining and take it into the garage when it threatened rain, cost me more than hiring professionals. It is not easy to move it alone even with equipment if it has wet paint on one side. It is fairly inexpensive for the pro's to do it, so levae it to them. P.S. I got a terrible case of asthma from breathing it in as well.

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I would hire a professional. They use an electro static current which helps the paint immediately cling to the frig. This is how they paint filing cabinets. It might cost more but I think you would be happier with the end results. OR, can you buy replacement panels from the manufacturer, sometimes that is an option, but it depends on the style.

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I knew someone who used automotive paint to make theirs a color. She sanded, primed with some special primer, then spray painted. This woman cooked, really COOKED, and it held up perfectly until she decided to upgrade many years later.

If I still knew her I would get more specific information for you, but she moved several years ago.

Hmmm...It would be so much easier if they just sold replacement doors.

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I wondered the same thing about painting my washer & dryer. I just fixed up a laundry room, and thought that it'd be neat to have the W&D painted (they're looking dingy) in a pretty carribean blue color. DH said it wouldn't work just using spray paint because it'd get too scratched up.

Never thought of pro' you have to stick with basic black/white/grey, or can you get creative colors? And where would I look for this service?

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I had my almond fridge painted white several years ago. A professional came to my home and moved it to the garage to do it. We were pleased and it's still in use, but in the garage now. It has stayed looking good except for some slight chipping/peeling on the handle which was chrome with a white inset. That inset must be plastic or something. I believe we found him in the yellow pages. I agree with those who say call someone. It cost me $100 but yes was a few years ago.

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Don't forget about the gaskets. I've see this done on "Trading Spaces" and the white gaskets on the black refrigerator stood out like a sore thumb. You may be able to replace the gaskets with black ones to match.

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We did this in our remodel, because I couldn't justify the cost of a new fridge when this one was working just fine. We had to buy new gaskets etc. from Maytag (figure out which parts you need and order them), and had the fridge electrostatically painted. We had to take all the parts that were going to be replaced off the fridge, make the garage into basically a clean room, with plastic sheeting up all over (not for overspray, but to keep dust out), and someone came and painted the fridge. NO overspray. :) When it had dried/cured, we attached the new parts and voila, new fridge. It's been 4 more years so far and it's just fine.

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I had an almond refrigerator painted white also, about fifteen years ago. A friend who is a bodyman (cars) did it in my garage with his professional equipment and car paint. I totally forgot about that until now!

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My DH did an avocado green fridge for his garage - he used the paint made for appliances - it is not professional looking at all!! but fine for his garage.

I 2nd, 3rd, 4th the auto body suggestion. Also, don't go to one of the high dollar chains - drive around in the worst part of towns with a man in the car & get quotes for cash(green dollars). I always slum when looking for stuff like this & find better prices!! This is a great time to get this done b/c the car business is slow - holidays are coming & people need cash.


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I just did this about 2 months ago. I bought the aerosol epoxy appliance paint from Lowes. My fridge was almond and is now black. I am a pretty good DIY'er and once I started painting I couldn't turn back. It was a mess - I tried doing it in my breakfast room with plastic sheeting around the fridge. We wound up taking it outside. The spray has a very fine mist and gets everywhere - including your nostrils even with a mask on.

Would I do it again? NO, No, NO!!!!

I had uneven spots (shiny/dull) and wound up having to put a coat of poly on the painted finish. It does look pretty good, but it wasn't worth all the trouble.

I'm glad its over and the fridge is black, but in hindsight - I would buy a new one!

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Yes I did this several years ago in my former home. I painted an almond colored fridge white. I used spray paint from a home improvement store made for appliances. I lived in a split level home so getting the fridge outside or to a garage was too cumbersome. I hung plastic over my doorways, cabinets, floor and counters. I wore a mask. Paint still got in my nostrils and was hard to remove. Would I do it again? Absolutely. It was less than $15.00 for the paint and made a tremendous difference. The almond color had really dated my fridge and whole kitchen. Having said that, White fridges don't date a kitchen. I wouldn't go to all that trouble to go from white to black. It is okay to mix appliances. In fact, you can buy stoves with white and black to tie the two together. The paint really does linger in the air and it traveled some to other rooms despite hanging plastic. But for my kitchen, it did a world of good.

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