White Porcelain Basket Weave Tile

toytheatre13July 16, 2013

I am looking for glossy white porcelain basket weave tile with no accent colors. Here is a picture of a back splash with the tile. Does anyone know where to find this?

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I'm of no help, but I thought I'd show you a pic of a very similar tile I shot at our local Ferguson's. I thought I shot a pic of the installer's name, too, but can't dig it up yet. I love that tile, and almost used it. Good luck.

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Did you look at Sonoma tile. They have a basket weave in a variety of colors and finishes.

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MizLizzie, do you know what the basketweave tile at the bottom of the BS in your photo is? (We don't have Fergusons around here, so I can't just ask them.)

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Okay, found the placard I shot the picture of. It says:

Distributed by Byrd Tile,
Installed by Ceramic Dimensions,

This was a vendor display at the Raleigh Ferguson's branch. Don't bother calling them. They are supremely unhelpful. But the distributor, if sent the pic, might ID it.

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MizLizzie, Thanks for the photo and info! I may go with the one you found.
The photo I sent, now that I have spent more time studying it , is a more lattice look than a true basket weave. It is flatter, so it may be less of a dust catcher. I think the lattice is also a little more feminine looking. I really like them both!
I would still enjoy hearing from anyone out there who can ID the lattice tile in the picture.

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