Please show me your negative reveal farm sink

mshutterbugJuly 30, 2013

The granite templater just left. I had planned for a neutral reveal with maybe a very, very slight overhang. Well, he said that because these sinks aren't usually square, they don't ever do a neutral or positive reveal because then it is very obvious that it's not square. He also said with undermount they always do a standard quarter inch overhang. So, the overhang will vary between .25 and .5 inch. He said this "hides" the non-squareness of the sink. I know that some granite installers don't do it this way because I've seen pictures here ;) But he was absolutely adamant that we had to do it this way (and we've already paid for the granite/installation, so it's not like I can just go with a different company at this point.)

I'm hoping you all can make me feel better about this, by telling me you've encountered this situation and it worked out nicely. And, I'd really appreciate any pictures of negative reveals on farmhouse sinks!

PS. The overhang at the front will also vary apparently because our walls were out of square and the cabinets were not shimmed in back, so the overhang in front will vary between .25 and .5 inch. Ugh! The faces and doors are not installed yet and he said we might be able to fix it after the fact by shimming out the cabinet faces. Sigh.

None of this sits well with the perfectionist in me. Maybe it's a good lesson in letting the small things slide LOL


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I have a negative reveal on my sink. It's what I wanted so I could simply sweep crumbs off the counter into the sink. This is the best pic I have of it.

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Thank you! Yours looks great. How much of an overhang is that? I am also concerned it will look odd that the overhang amount is going to vary. I want a slightly negative reveal for the reason you mentioned, but didn't want one quite so large because I didn't buy a huge sink (30" though it's really more like 28 or 29 I think) to begin with and I don't want it made even smaller.

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I don't think it's more than 1/4" around...probably less. It does not reduce the size of the sink much at all. You cannot tell that the overhang amount varies at all.

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Hmmm...ok, thanks! It sounds like mine will vary up to 1/4" and in some spots will be as wide as 1/2" overhang. I'm sure once it's in use I won't notice as much, but in the meantime it's a little frustrating not to be getting exactly what I want (stomps foot, lol).

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I was planning to do a positive reveal for my Shaw farm sink as well as I wanted to use a cutting board that would rest on the sink edges and be flush with the counter. But my soapstone fabricator convinced me to do a slightly negative reveal. His logic was sound - My shaw sink had a slight variation of the line and so with positive reveal, you can see the changes between the straight edge of the soapstone and the sink. More importantly, my sink had a slight tilt to the front. I have drainboard on all 3 sides of the counter and as water follows a line, with a positive reveal, the water would have dripped down the soapstone edge and instead of flowing into the sink, much of it would have flowed to the front of the sink and dripped down the front. He showed me how it would drip with a temporay install and I was convinced. I am happy with my slightly negative reveal.

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