Hungarian Piggery Lights

mtnrdredux_gwNovember 16, 2012

I really like these but I'm wondering if they've just become too common.

LOL kidding

I've mentioned this place before, but I get their newsletter and there is always something intriguing. I have bought over a dozen fixtures from them, and been happy with the quality and authenticity and plain history! IMHO their prices aren't bad and most of their stuff can be altered for US use.

Which reminds me, Marcolo you said you ordered lights from across the pond, and they were a deal? Pray tell. Pray show and tell!

Here is a link that might be useful: on no more Piggery Lights

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Very cool! Loved the history of the lighting as well. I didn't look at the whole site in-depth, but am they wire exported stock for 110-volt AC? Or did you have to get everything re-wired that you purchased?

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They did all of the rewiring for me. I don't recall if it was extra, but I think I would have remembered if it were exorbitant (like the $685 Charles Edwards wanted for making a custom fixture in 110v!)

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They look kind of big, so it would depend where you want to use them. They have a plainness that is appealing, like the schoolhouse light shape.

But.... in our house when kids were young I would not have dared install anything on a chain. We had numerous accidents just with ceiling fans--- broken paddles, one actually pulled out of the ceiling (9 ft). Because of one particular child we did not use breakable dishes at family meals until he was about 13, so lights on chains would not have even been on the radar.

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mtn, those are fantastic! I must have missed this site when you mentioned it before, I love it. For oh so many reasons, repurposed lighting from the Eastern bloc is RIGHT up my alley, perfect in fact. I think I'll be getting more than one. The piggery lights are great, I really like the Czech factory lights too. Must spend more time on the site now.

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I REALLY need to come up with a cute name for my lights.....they came off of an oil drilling rig in Texas, but "Texas Drillling Rig Lights" just doesn't have the same appeal!!


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I love industrial type lighting altho IMO the ones on that website are greatly overpriced. Makes me wish I had kept a few of the green enamel farm heat lights we used when lambing that I practically gave away in a yard sale years ago. We had purchased them new and they had only slight patina of use. They are very similar to the green British factory shades at that website but I'm sure they can still be purchased new at farm supply stores at a fraction of the cost. Of course if one finds the provenance of a vintage piece worth hundreds of British pounds then these fixtures may be worth it. I'm more impressed with finding the look at a bargain.

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I had to take a look just because of the funny!

While i'm not 'into' industrial 'anything' the lights are really cool. I think if I had little kids at home, they would definitely be a consideration. Since My home these days is 'all about me', things are fancied up a bit, like chandeliers, and more ambient lighting rather than task.

How things change! ;o)

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