Anyone willing to share the inside of their pantry?

cburchNovember 13, 2007

I basically have a closet in the kitchen that houses the pantry and I love it. So many don't have that and I do. So I'm not complaining at all!! ONLY, I'm not an organizer, organizing comes hard to me. I do like my pantry to be neat and "clutter" free, but I'm not sure it's organized well. I do like my canned goods eye level so it's easy to see what I have for dinner. I thought about moving all the baking stuff up higher since I don't use them everyday. But that's about as far as I got. I'd love to use more baskets or totes for loose things and put things that DD use a lot lower so she doesn't have to climb as much to get things. And I'd love to put my bread in the pantry and perhaps potatoes (since they are both in my cabinets) My pantry doesn't house toliet paper, paper towels or cleaning supplies, but it does hold several appliances that don't get daily use and a lot of my baking pans, bundt pans, and my cast-iron skillets. The size is only about 41 x 26. Right now there are 4 shelves in there and I think I'm going to add a short shelf pretty high for the unused appliances. Ideas and pictures are welcomed!!!

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Don't know where you live but in my area, bread and potatoes would go bad quickly in pantry.

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Here are 2 articles that may help. for some reason, I don't think the links are working so you may have to copy and paste them:

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I think you are on the right road with your pantry. Mine is bigger than yours and has a host of junk so I would not want you to see it but that junk is brought there and dumped by my DH, not me, but he just has his way of "doing" or not doing things and I have mine. Organization was not his strong suit. :)

think about buying baskets and plastic containers for grains, etc., that can get weevils or mites.

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Mine is really small, so I have to keep it organized. The top two shelves do not roll out. I didn't see the point in paying extra for roll out shelves, as I can't really see what's on them anyway (and the roll outs have high sides).

The top shelf is mostly baking supplies, which I rarely use. I do keep flour, corn starch, and salt near the front so I can reach them. I need to get out the step stool for other things on the top shelf.

The second shelf down is a hodgepodge of things: some soup, boxes of pasta, extra jelly and salsa, peanut butter, little cans that would get lost in the other storage area (in another room). The lazy susan makes it easy to get to all the items without standing on a stool, but it does waste some space.

Next shelf down is a roll out "drawer" with pasta, rice, and dried beans. That's pretty much all that's in there.

In the top drawer of the bottom section, I keep bread, rolls, croutons, bread crumbs, panko, Pop Tarts, bacon bits, extra salad dressing, stuffing mix.

Next drawer/shelf down is oils, vinegars, and sauces. Also honey, molasses, and sugar (in the blue print can in front).

Bottom drawer/shelf is cereal and snacks (chips, cookies, nuts, beef jerky, crackers, pretzels).

I don't even have enough space in my pantry for all my food items (the rest are in cabinets in a nearby room), so I don't keep any appliances, paper products, or cookware in the pantry.

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I will be no HELP what so ever to you!! But my pantry is in my laundry room - no pantry in the kitchen!!

I had these shelves built to hold a bunch of stuff.

I keep a step stool in there to reach things up high that I never use - like that food processor!! LOL


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I think smaller pantries can be better based on my experience where DH has used it for a catch-all. Maybe your husbands and children are less messy but mine can turn a closet into the biggest dump. This morning I took over 200 shirts out of his closet and gave them away while he was gone. Geez, he does not need the football jersey from college. It no longer fits anything but his wrist. :)

Johnatemp, good use of baskets, too.

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Check out the dollar store. I found wire bins that are all different sizes. One is great for gravy packages. I use the same size for smaller tupperware, holds the lids also.

Also look at Bed, Bath Beyond & Linens & things, they have a lot of neat holders / shelves. I doubled some of my space just by adding the shelves.

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I don't have a picture, but mine is a fair size closet. We have the coated wire shelving, and I love it. I have mine somewhat grouped by -top shelf, like you suggested, things that are not used often. Cake/pie carriers, extra pitchers,drink cooler, holiday tins, stuff like that. On one shelf I have canned goods. Baking goods, pastas, that kind of stuff on another shelf. Cereals, crackers, etc. get part of a shelf. You can buy all kinds of attachments for the wire shelving - I got ones that hold packets of sauces, ect. I have one that is for products like aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. keeps it handy. Another neat one that holds cookbooks.

On the floor I have larger things like a small cooler (lunch box/6 pack size), a bin that holds my potatoes, plastic bags we recycle, extra liter drinks, stuff like that.

I have no problem with potatoes going bad, but I don't put bread in there - for some reason it just doesn't seem convenient to me.


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wish I had one...
they all look great!

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Not to hijack the thread, but where do people store bread? We have a drawer now and I find that mold develops very quickly. I was thinking about a pullout pantry cupboard that is in the kitchen that might have more air circulation. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Keep bread in your frezer if you are going to have it for more than a couple days. Take it out 30 minutes to an hour before using and it will thaw nicely and will be soft, not soggy. If you are going to toast it anyway, no need to take it out until you pop in toaster.

Make sandwiches ahead of time, store in tupperware in refrigerator and take out 30 minutes before eating.

Bread goes bad quickly, but bread boxes with ventilation are the best. Mine was pricy at Williams-Sonoma but it has ventilation, so it actually allows bread to breathe.

Too bad they quit doing the old tupperware things, they were the best.

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What kind of shelving do you have? I think it sounds like you need a lot more shelving. My ceiling in my pantry is 8' and I have seven shelves. And I keep cases of bottled water on the floor under the bottom shelf. I have cereal boxes on the bottom shelf with crackers so the kids can reach them. Snacks on the next shelf with pasta on one end. The two shelves are all canned goods. They are really close together so I don't have to stack up the cans. Next shelf is boxed food such as macaroni and rice. Next shelf is good dishes that I only use a few times a year. It took rearranging my pantry several times to get it just how I like it. And it's a mess right now or I'd post a picture, unless you really want to see it. :)

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cburch, sorry no pictures. I added extra shelves to mine to add more storage space. I went to Home Depot and bought these wide shelves and cut them to fit at Home Depot on their customer saw. I bought iron on tape to match for a nice finish and then popped the shelves into my closet. I have just enough room between shelves to get what is stored in and out and by choosing carefully what is on each shelf I was able to add three more going almost to the floor.

IF you are storing appliances that you don't use often, maybe you can store them away from the kitchen to make more room for items used more often.


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I have a picture floating around but can't find it. I have a pantry in the kitchen (closet size) and it was a wreck. Then I got Tupperware modular mates. What a difference that made! I'm not big on tupperware, personally, but I do love the mod mates. I keep all my baking staples (flour, sugar, etc.) in those and they are stacked in their own grouping. I use one or two for pasta but mainly the rest I keep cereal and chips in. They are much skinnier than most containers but hold a whopping amount. (I can get two boxes of standard size cereal in one of the large mod mates and it slides right onto the shelf no problem, because it's thin, long and narrow rather than boxy and tall). An added bonus, cereals and chips stay fresh much longer and no more crunched up bags of chips, etc.
See link below for the modular mates. (I see they've since added to that line. I have the "squares" and "ovals" shown at link below. Chips, flour, sugars goes in "squares" and cereals go in large ovals. Smaller ovals hold corn starch, powdered sugar. I just kind of mixed and matched till I had that mess organized ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Modular Mates

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Never thought I'd be posting pics of my pantry, but here goes! Mine is closet-style, but a good size. It's filled with wire shelving (builder installed). I use baskets, etc for organizing. You'll see baskets and cookbooks are on the top shelf and large items such as KitchenAid, dog food and paper towels (and some alcohol LOL) are on the bottom shelf. I keep canned goods in a cabinet.

Hope this helps!

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let's try this.

Here is a link that might be useful: pantry

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I must say I am really lucky now. My first home was a floor to ceiling kitchen cabinet with 3 shelves in the top cabinet and bottom also. It had no drawer and was a pain.

New house- been here almost 4yrs and I still think it's new- has a walk in pantry, like a U shape. There are 5 rows of shelves. The area behind the door is for appliances and tupperware stuff. The back wall has, starting from bottom going up, crackers/cookies all in tupperware tall modular mates, each child has a tub which is actually a plastic shoe box size for their individual lunch/snack items. They like different things so I separate them. Next shelf has cereal, bread items in a tub about 18x12 with another tupperware for the loaf of bread ( I am so glad I got this thing, when we camp I use it to pack the knives and utensils that are sharp plus the foil), then the breakfast stuff like pancake mix, syrup and hot cereals. Kids can easily reach these lower shelves. The next shelf has dinner boxed items like mac n cheese, tuna helper, pasta. Next two shelves have serving dishes and papertowels. The shelves on the other wall starting at bottom. Baking supplies including popcorn, jello, brownie mixes. Next up is hot beverages and extra condiments on hand. Next up is canned foods. Next two shelves are serving items, holiday serve items. On the floor on back wall I have soda/gatorade supply, bag with grocery bags to recycle. I also have a bin, one of those kinds that you can stack with others but still reach into, for potatoes and onions that I may need whole. I keep diced onions in freezer for quick use, but like fresh ones on hand for larger needs.

That is my pantry. I wish I was one to have the shelves full to the brim but I tend to buy as I go, which drives dh nuts. I do try to buy two when I buy things so I always at least have a spare. That reminds me, I need more parm cheese.

Regarding bread. My pantry in an interior "room" and stays really cool. But in summer I notice bread and potatoes go bad quickly. I dislike how bread is out of freezer and fridge so I only buy what I need. Since I always have to get something midweek anyway, I just pick up more bread if needed at that time. Growing up we had a drawer in the cabinets that was stainless lined and was nice. But with 5 kids, we ate it faster than it could go bad.

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dinobambino, now that's a pantry...I love it.

Here's my small pantry. I keep the baking stuff in one of the kitchen cabinets; the bread in our fridge; spices, vinegar, oils, etc. go in a lazy susan corner cabinet.

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I love my pantry. I keep my canned goods where I can see them. I keep baking supplies low. I keep the junk up high where my boys can't reach (as well as the knives). I like to keep my pantry organized. It makes me feel grounded. The rest of my house is not like that, I promise.

I keep my potatoes and onions in baskets on the floor.

I have a large closet nearby in the hall that was supposed to be a butler's pantry when we built the house. I use that closet for paper goods, small appliances, etc. It's a mess. Don't miss the butlers pantry.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We rarely have bread on hand except when we think of something specific to use it for. On the other hand, we always have a bag of soft, yummy, flour tortillas in the fridge...because there isn't anything that can't be made a whole lot better with a good tortilla ; )
The pantries above are so neat and well organized! We have one that is overflowing but functional, as well as cupboards/drawers that also store such items. Actually, all this is in the butler's pantry, which includes a counter top on one side where we keep the microwave and coffeemaker. If I have any good pics that look presentable I'll post it. We haven't done any work on our 110+ year old kitchen yet!

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Dino, I am extending my laundry room to make a butler's pantry so I will save your pictures to use as inspiration! I especially like the shallow shelving on the right hand side of the picture.

Chloeelise, I love your door! Not to mention the organization.

I have a small pantry with bi-fold door in the kitchen that I use just for food.

I have a floor to ceiling four door pantry in the garage for serving and cooking pieces.

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Ours is a corner kitchen pantry. It's not super organized right now, but here is a pic:

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Well, I have pics of the pantry but not any that show the shelves straight on. I'll post anyway, since I like my pantry even in the kitchen's current *very* rustic and unrehabbed condition:

Showing a little of the shelving on the left, as well as the broom closet with the door left open:

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When my house was built in the early 70's the washer and dryer was in the kitchen behind double bi-fold doors. The PO put the washer and dryer in the garage (easy access) and built shelves for a pantry. I put plastic paper with the 'lace' scalloped overhand on the shelves. The pantry holds a lot of stuff and I love it. Sorry no pictures.

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Mustangs, that's how mine will be when we get one. Right now I store stuff like that in the cabinets since we don't have a pantry. I love how organized you are! I'm very big on the storage container with drawers you have on the floor. I have tons of them and can't wait to bring them to the new house.

Those of you with small kids, do you store excess snacks in your room? No matter what I tell the kids, if I put snacks straight in the kitchen after shopping, they go quickly. We put a shelving system in our bedroom closet and to the left added shelves that hold large wicker baskets that all of the excess snacks go into. I can also keep cereal in there so that my daughter doesn't open them all.

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mustang.. Wow you are organized. What do you keep in the containers with the lids and where did you get them. I could use your organization skills at my house. I also like your see through drawers.

Good luck with the butlers pantry. post photos when complete

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I am really impressed with the neatness of the pantries I see above. :)

I am embarrassed to post my current pantry photos. It is a single closet and is crammed full, although more organized than my last pantry! My last homes pantry was wonderful and I could just throw anything in it and it never got crowded. I loved being able to walk into the 6x8 room and find what I needed, or better yet, find a place for something. :(

Here it is, although it isn't neat. either.

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Thanks Dino but your pantry is to die for and others in the posts above are VERY organized. Being in FL, I have bug and humidity issues so I keep cereals, flours, sugars, salts, rices, pastas in the containers on their sides. They are Snapware from Target or most any housewares store.

Looks like we have the same picnic dishes...

Here is a link that might be useful: Snapware

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I don't have a pantry but now that I've seen this thread it has given me the idea to use a hall closet that is basically just holding stuff I should more than likely should toss. I want to order a few cookware items from HSN but didn't have the storage space in the kitchen. Anyway here are some pics I had on my computer. Maybe they will give you some organization ideas.







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Were changing some things I have washer dryer behind doors in kitchen ,Im moving it to another room,We bought the LG steam W&D.So that area will now be pantry.I have wanted one for so long.You brought this up at the right time.

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BT, Thanks for sharing these pictures. I really want to move forward with the butlers pantry and I'm always on the lookout for ideas. I am bumping out the back wall in the laundry room (the wall with the famed picture) which will give me additional five feet in depth. I had a counter installed over the W&D, it does double duty for entertaining staging. I'll extend the countertop the entire length of the laundry room and reinstall the W&D to the far end of the room. I'd like to use Dino's shallow shelving idea on the wall opposite the counter top.

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WOW, these are great ladies.


chloeelise: do you like those glass containers that sit on their side? I bought one yesterday at Bed, Bath & Beyond for halloween candy and was disappointed that the metal tops weren't tighter. I don't think I could use it for stuff like cookies since they'd go stale quicker.

karezz: love the shelving... mine is wood right now. Maybe someday I can get DH to put up this kind of wire shelves. Is your pantry a standard side or did the contractor have to cut them down?

mustangs: I love how everything is labeled, especially the closed containers. What kind of things do you have in them?

Last night I stopped by Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought another $60.00 worth of stuff. Right now I've got 2 of these "risers" on both side of my can goods that can hold about 24/28 cans of soup (yes, I have that many and mostly cream of something!). The other side is canned tomatoes, tomatoe paste, chili stuff, etc. I put them side ways on the shelf in order to get things lined up between them.

Then on the floor of the pantry, I added one of these, but thinking about another, I put my cake & pie pans on it, along with some odd bundt pans.

Then I bought several of the snapware boxes to put baking stuff in, like flour, powered sugar, brown sugar and choco chip bags (the larger of the med will hold lot fo choco chip bags!). And put those on the top shelf.

The 3rd shelf has all breakfast stuff, plus powered drinks and tea.

4th shelf is holding chips right now, but I'm not sure they will stay there or not.

I still have a lot to put in the pantry, like noodles, boxed meals, mac & cheese boxes, stuff like that and the rest of my baking stuff needs to be put away, but since I want DH to add another shelf about my top shelf, I'm trying not to fill it up because I'm sure he'll need me to take that shelf down.

Still haven't decided about the bread. We go through quite I bit and like someone else said, I don't like to put it in the freezer. I've seen some pastic bread holders and that would work well, just not sure it needs to go in the pantry or not?!?!? I guess I need to ask DH what he wants, since he does live there too and since he works nights, he fends for himself during the day, which usually includes sandwiches for lunch.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully I can get most of it put back together this weekend and share pictures soon. THANKS!


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Ohhh, Mustangs... love your laundry room! What you have in mind sounds nice, I'd like to see it when it's finished. Mine is just a little alcove across from the pantry... we are putting up new cabinets so that will be nice to hide clutter, but I'd love to have a whole room!!!


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cbchurch, you're right the lids on the glass cookie jar-style ones don't seal well. At first, I thought I would put cereal in them, but the kids weren't diggin' it. Now I just put stuff like outmeal in the packets in them, and other packaged stuff like granola bars, fruit rollups, etc. Looks like you got some great stuff at BB&B. Looking forward to seeing your finished pics.

Mustangs, you've inspired me to find one of those pull-out drawer storage units you have on the floor. Hopefully I can find one that will fit in my small pantry.

I've really enjoyed everyone's pics.

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i got some of those 3-step riser thingys at lowes (much less than bb&b!). they're really good for cans, but i have so much stuff in my pantry, you still can't see what all's in there. i just kinda remember where i put stuff. i have a walk-in corner pantry.

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So many great and organized pantries.

NHB, I think you and I must have similar or same pantries, and yes, mine is packed with "stuff." Yours is way neater and less packed than mine. My DH thinks it is a "catch-all."

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Chloeelise, I found most of my organizers like the stacked drawers at Big Lots.

Cburch, I keep cereals, flours, sugars, salts, rices, pastas in the containers on their sides. They are Snapware from Target or most any housewares store. I am a label freak (even my refrigerator shelves.) Here are the labeled containers for laundry detergents.

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Mustangs - again, love the laundry room. I'm not a big labeler, but I love how it looks, especially on the laundry stuff! Adds character to a room that contains a job that most of us wish someone else did! :-) At least for me!

Hellpaso - I haven't looked at Lowe's, but yes BBB is expensive. I have something to take back to Lowe's, so maybe I can swap it out for another riser. Are the ones you got expandable. I really like that feature.

chloeelise - expensive stuff at BBB - but I was trying to get this done before DH got back from his hunting trip so I didn't shop around a lot. Didn't get it all done, but it does look better! Another great idea putting Oatmeal and packets of stuff in the cookie jar, where did you get yours? They are 9.99 at BBB. Since I put candy in mine, I set it on the counter, with the silver lid it goes well with the stainless appliances. Yes I'll post when I get all done!

THANKS everyone for the great ideas.


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cbchurch, they're from Target and I'm pretty sure I paid either $4.99 or $5.99 each.

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Mustangs - Love your sign in the picture frame.....wish everyone thought that way!!

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Thanks everyone. The pantry was an added bonus when we finished our kitchen. It turned out better than I had originally planned. (How often does that happen.)

Must.. Yes, I have enough of these plates and accessories to feed an army. I'm a dish freak. By the way, where did you get the decorative plates. I wish I hadn't seen those. I really don't need anymore dishes.

I thought I was organized till I saw your laundry room and pantry. You have alot of organizing talent as do so many others on this forum.

Thanks for posting all these great pantries. Lots of great ideas if I some day get inspired.


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Late to the party...oh! where does the time go? ;o)

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We had the luxury of layout when building, so we designed pantries like we did work zones. We have various storage zones in the kitchen, based upon who uses the items.

It looks like we don't have any food in the house, but I just got through doing my yearly organization. If an item is still sealed and not expired, it gets donated. That helps the food bank and helps me keep everything fresh. So, ignore the bare spots!

This is our pantry hutch to the left of the main sink. The top right side holds my cooking ingredients such as oils, pastas, sauces, etc. The top left side holds breakfast items and snack items. That keeps the family out of my ingredients! :-)

The lower cabinets -- right side holds large size ingredient items bought in bulk. The left side holds bulk beverage items like cases of water, soft drinks, cranberry juice, etc.

To the right of the lower cabinet is a pull-out that holds soups -- again so the guys can see all the available soups without rummaging through my ingredients.

Top right ingredients:

Top left breakfast and snack foods:

Bottom deep cabinets for bulk foods and drinks:

Pull-out for soups and canned veggies for the guys:

We also have a closet pantry that holds paper products, our San Pellegrino bottles and our greyhound's food products.

DH has beverage storage on the opposite side of the island from where I prep meals.

DH has his coffee area with storage in the upper cabinet.

My spices are in a corner cabinet lazy susan (not shown).


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The closest thing I have to a pantry is a floor to ceiling cabinet (w upper and lower doors) that is 24" x 24" -- way too deep to find anything in the back. Plus the shelves are few and far between.

As it is, it's a huge jumbled up mess and I wouldn't take a picture of it for anyone. I did put a big metal bin on one shelf that pulls forward, but weighs too much filled up and is hard to see inside as it's a little high. I have a big plastic bin on the bottom shelf that holds all my plastic storage containers.

I wish I knew of an inexpensive solution to this that I could do myself.

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WBHW, Beautiful setup!

MrsMarv, I love the glass jars, quite an investment.

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Mustangs, I was LOL when I saw the inside of your fridge. Is there anything you don't label? ;) And can I hire you to come organize my mess, lol?

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Natal, Take a number! Although there are some very talented organizers on this forum that I would love to emulate.

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My previous home in WI built in 1926:

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I currently have a 72x29 bookcase (one of those ghastly Walmart Wonder melamine things) stuck in a corner of the mudroom serving as the pantry and I HATE it. I'm embarrassed to show it because it's overflowing and looks terrible even if I attempt to organize it! They're still ugly but I figure I'll probably replace it with one of these flat-pack cabinets so the mess is at least behind doors. My last house had a 7' wide by 7'6" tall closet with 6 shelves and it was always chock full - we liked to seriously stock up when a really good loss-leader sale came along - plus we had the rest of the 5'x7'ish utility area for "overflow". I got very spoiled and talk about yer rude awakening when we moved here! The mudroom is ~6x8 but has 5 doors (I am NOT kidding) and one large window making it overall a rather useless space ;-) - there's a 30" wide spot where the pantry shelf thing is and a 24" wide space where the recycling bin has to go and as soon as I can get some hooks put up coats will hang over that. Not optimal but there's nowhere else to put either. Spices, nonrefrigerated sauces, etc. are currently occupying a lower lazy susan cabinet that is nearly inaccessible through a tiny door but the LS is so chintzy that just about every time you turn the thing something falls off and gets lost in the recesses of the cabinet. We love to cook so there are at least 100 bottles of spices/herbs alone, no little pansyarse spice rack is going to hold those! LOL There's a 3' wide bit of wall opposite the fridge, the side of the fridge and that wall make sort of a mini-hallway to the mudroom, and I plan to put up shallow (like 3-4" deep) shelves pretty much all over that wall, from just above the dog's reach to as high as I can reach on my stepstool, for all that sort of thing.

I've been nagging encouraging ;-) DH to get the darn washer/dryer stacked to free up a little space in the laundry room for the toolbox and cleaning stuff and such that's currently strewn and piled hither and thither through the mudroom and kitchen. Currently the two machines take up almost the entire laundry room, with just enough room to swing the doors open! You have to stand in the mudroom to load the washer, LOL. The dog crate slides in under the window, and I think if we get the stuff that's piled next to it into the laundry room, I can stack the cases of dog food (it's expensive to ship canned dog food but the local supply is unreliable so I order 6-8 cases at a time from petfooddirect) by the crate, and then put a laundry basket on top of the crate to hold all the "dog junk". Small appliances are mostly living in the cabinet above the fridge, although I made sure to put the crockpot down in a lower cabinet where I could get at it without killing myself.

I would really love to go down to Ikea and just go bonkers with shelving and cabinets (or Billy bookcases, with doors ;-)) and organizational bits-and-bobs - since that's probably the only place where I could afford to do that - but it's now two hours away, each way, and DH says NO! Meanie.

Oh, and bread in our house is kept out where it's visible, usually perched on top of the toaster - aesthetically less than optimal LOL but that way we remember to eat it before it grows fur or turns into a brick. I think freezing or refrigerating does dreadful things to the taste and texture of bread so you won't catch me dead doing that to a decent loaf of bread (and I won't buy an indecent loaf... "baled fog" has no place in my house!). Breadboxes are charming little things but unless there's a glass window in the front we'd simply forget there was anything in it, and we don't have counter space to spare for it anyway (one thing that does suck about two long peninsulae making up almost all of your counter space, you end up with pretty much nowhere to put any of your small countertop appliances like microwave, coffeemaker, etc.! I am sure we would have much more space if we put in an OTR micro - PO wired for it - but I know I'd dump hot soup all over myself trying to get it down from several inches over my head!). Potatoes, winter squashes, and onions are purchased in small amounts because there simply isn't anywhere to store more than a couple of meals' worth, although in past kitchens I always liked the hanging wire baskets for those.

Robin2000, THAT's not organized??? Wow. :-)

BTW, if any of you with the wire shelving are having problems with things tipping over, there's a shelf liner that is like a thick, firm foam that works really, really well. Comes in rolls at Home Depot. We first tried the thin, translucent plastic shelf liner/topper with poor results, but then we pulled it all out and got the thicker stuff.

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Mustangs - did you say you got those containers at Target? Do they have scoops? What do the names stand for? Are they laundry detergent names on the containers? I haven't heard of those - I just use Tide or Cheer. LOL

I am really one of those neat organizers but my pantry is too small! I think I will organize it over the holidays. I have cans of stuff I haven't used and I have too many cans of soup and boxes of pasta. Actually bags of pasta - I don't know why I buy them in bags - I like the boxes better.
Thanks for the inspiration! I need to go and organize!~

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Ours is closet style with very little space so we had to utilize it the best we could. The depth is less than 10 inches. It's shared with our pots/pans because there's no where to put them and they are convenient here. Can goods are in cabinet in the laundry area.

Not good looking like everyone elses but works for us given the small space and nowhere else to build a decent size pantry.

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Debi, That's a great use of space.

Hoyamom, I got the plastic snaptops that are in the pantry from Target; they don't have scoops. I got the white ceramic with metal scoops and tops that are in the laundry room from Big Lots. Being a laundromanic (as they are called on the Laundry Forum), I use laundry products that aren't mainstream but effective. I made a job aid to help DH do his laundry...

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Mustangs ... question - do you have a hard time getting to your cabinets above the W/D? DH and I are looking for cabinets to go above our new FL W/D that are on pedastals, so 12" is too shallow ....I'd have to use a step stool everytime I wanted to get anything out, even on the lower shelves.

I'd love ideas!!! DH says no shelves.

The pantry is coming together nicely.


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Well, I just had to clean out my pantry after seeing all these neat ones. I went to Target and got the snap containers and after 30+ years of using the same flour/sugar canisters I switched. Now I have more room to get to things. Our pantry is very small in our kitchen but I guess that's a good thing - it makes me stop buying more food that I don't use.
Thanks for helping out!

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Christy, I'm 5'4" tall. I can easily get to the bottom self; I use turn tables for the middle shelf for access; a Turtle Stool Step Stool for the top shelf.

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Hey guys, quick update. Kitchen Pantry is complete! Sorry, no pics yet, but soon. DH installed my "appliance" shelf yesterday. It's a 1x12, about 42 inc long and we used two shelf backets to hold it us, since you can see the brackets, it kinda dresses it up some. My foodsaver, refills and blender (all still in the box) fit up there as well as my crockpot and pressure cooker. I really wanted enough room for my toaster oven and toaster, so I'll need to do a little more reconfiguring when I get a one more expandable shelf. When I post pictures, I'll outline what each shelf is.
Now, to obess about the dinning room closet! It's always something, huh?

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Here's pictures of my pantry --- sorry, not labeled in the picture, but I'll outline for you!

Here's about the best shot I can get of the pantry. Since the wash/dry are across from it, I can't get far enough away for a good shot.

Top Shelf - appliances (this is the shelf DH added for me. I love having this stuff up and out of the way)

2nd shelf - a basket of "packaged" items, boxed foods (instant potatoes, hamburger helper, etc)expandable shelf (can store stuff on it or under it) and my spaghetti stash.

3rd shelf - canned goods

Close up for canned goods - there is one of these expandable riser on each side:

4th shelf - breakfast stuff, powered drinks and some snacks (used the cookie jars for packets of oatmeal - thanks fot someone here for that suggestion!)

5th shelf - all baking stuff & chips (snack stuff for DD)

Floor - baking pans, bulk items, cast iron skillets

I decided to put the baking stuff lower since I have my cake pans and baking pans on the floor. Plus I tend to go to the stuff on top shelf more and I didn't want to have to squat down to find stuff (my knees scream out loud when I do that!). Right now I've stocked up more on chips and stuff. I'm not sure that shelf will stay that way because it's very jumbled right now. Still working on it......

I'm very pleased with it and glad its all clean and painted. Thanks for all the input!


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On a side note, I have to say I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes to keep all their lables facing front. Everyone who sees that in my house compares me to the nut case in that movie with Julia Roberts Sleeping with the Enemy. LOL I think that was the name of it. I do the same thing in the refrigerator.

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I really shouldn't post these pictures after seeing all the gorgeous pantries already posted. But what the heck, huh? I couldn't wait to paint before I used it and I've not had time to remove everything to do so because we have to many other important things to finish than to worry about the painting these shelves. They'll get done some day. They serve their purpose with or without paint.

This next one was taken from the door. There's more than twice as much space to the right of what you can see here and deeper shelves on the far wall. Sorry I don't have a picture of it must not have finished when I took these two pix. I use the deeper shelves for storing small appliances I don't use on a daily basis along with other large items such as an ice cream maker, meat slicer and the like.

And this is the door. Yes the walls are very blue, but not quite as electric as in this picture. LOL More of a cobalt.

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justgotabme - I think your pantry is great. I love the baskets .....

black-thumb - the people I work with can't believe my pantry is that neat because my office is a disaster area!!! Nothing is in order, but I can pretty much find it. But at home, I don't want to look through things and it helps DH and DD find things on their own without asking me! :-) And it is kinda like Sleeping with the Enemy, although I'm not that anal about it. My frig is kinda like that, but not as neat, but everything does have it's place.


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My pantry, has white bi-fold doors, had to back into kit. to take this shot, as it's in hallway just outside kit.,it's about 4' wide inside.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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need help have a long narrow closet in my new kitchen looks like an over sized long deep walk in but narrow goes back quite a bit but so does the ceiling get shorter. I have no idea in mind how to set up a pantry any pic. or great ideas. thanks. fancygardner

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In mine I have shelves on the right side for boxed things and on the left I have very shallow wire shelves for canned goods. On the back wall I have some laminate shelves for bigger items. I keep my crock pots back there.

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Live in an old country home, where one thing we do have
is storage. I actually have three units in kitchen. First one is a walk in (messy)

Next one is a built in that is in front of the walk in, there was glass in doors but the mess i keep it in i just painted blackboard paint and make my grocery list as needed.

and this one i keep pizza and cookie pans in top and bottom is 30" deep and pulls all the way out.

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I am adding my pantry photos and bumping this up, because when I was looking for pantry photos and info, it was hard to find and there are always others asking about pantry shelving, too. This is just such a great thread with so many fantastic and helpful photos. I'm hoping to prevent it from falling off into oblivion, so people can still find it in a least for now.

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A big 'Duh' for me...Just noticed when I was submitting my post that this in on the Home Dec forum and I was always looking for pantry photos on the Kitchen forum, and never understood why this thread wouldn't show up.

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drooool..... (i.e. bump!)

someone else will have to come turn the labels out tho. it's all i can do to keep beans w/ beans, corn w/ corn, etc.

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rhome and others who have posted interior shots of their pantries:

What is the distance/height that you like between shelves??

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Sorry, Alice462, I am always on the kitchen forum and have forgotten to check back on this thread. I hope you are still around and this may still be of help to you. From the floor up, my spacing in between shelves is 19" (for the rolling bins for grain and pet food), 15", 14", 10" (perfect for stacking cans 2 high), 10", 14", and 22".

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rhome, Where did you get the vented containers with handles. I'm such a sucker for containers and organization and now that I'm going to have a real kitchen...

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Sprengle1, I got them at a place called Storables. They have an online store and retail outlets. I thought I could help you by giving you the manufacturer's name, so you might find them elsewhere, but all that's printed in English says "Made in Japan" and the rest is in Japanese characters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Storables' baskets

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For anyone looking for Pantry information, there's a thread in the Gallery of the Kitchens Forum w/pictures as well as detailed information. Linked below...

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Pantry photos/ pics of pantries

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