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suzie2003July 31, 2011

Help. I am design challenged and I'm trying to choose a back splash to match a slab of Mascarello granite I intend to use for my kitchen. The previous owners put up a neutral tumbled stone diamond shaped back splash. However the grout lines are more than an inch thick in some areas so I want to replace it. Any suggestions? The granite is pretty busy so I want to keep the back splash and floor neutral.

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suzie, can you please post a photo? that would help us give you some ideas...

If you don't know how to post photos, look for the thread "new to GW??? posting pics" it is usually on the first or second page.

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Okay, hopefully I uploaded the pictures correctly. Funny thing, they actually look better in the pictures. However notice the grout lines. thoughts?

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Could you post a pic of the granite slab as well?

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Yes, a picture (or two or three) of the overall kitchen with cabinets, granite, and floor would be helpful.

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Here's the granite. I really like the drama. however, my husband has fallen in love with typhoon bordeaux

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OH... so you are replacing the granite too. Your cabs have a rich red tone and that is picked up nicely in the stone. on my monitor I see cooler light tones in the granite. I think I'd like to see you pick that up in the backsplash. It would really make it bright

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Well, I've had to change my granite choice. The fabricator found some major defects in the granite. Glad it happened before I got it home. Anyway, I'm going with a version of typhoon / sienna Bordeaux. It's not as dramatic as the Marscarella but I'm happy with the choice. Now I have to solve the BS issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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oooohhhh...very pretty.

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thank you... I started this project in a effort to make minor changes to a 7 year old kitchen and I'm so glad I found this forum. I think I'm getting smarter by the minute.

Here's a thought for the BS. What do you think? Too neutral? Found this within the KF.

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Your granite is very busy, so you want to stay away from having a backsplash that is also busy. You don't want them competing or clashing. I would do something very simple and subdued in one color, preferably one of the lighter cream or gray colors in your granite.

The one above looks too busy to me to go with your beautiful granite. It also doesn't look like it matches colorwise. It reads more taupe-y (on my monitor) while your granite has mostly rust, cream, and gray tones in it.

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Beautiful granite! I would also stay away from something as busy as the linear taupe tiles you posted. A simple pale gray would be gorgeous.

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Great point. I hadn't given much though to pale gray. I'm really challenged when it comes to putting styles and colors together. I tried hiring a designer but got frustrated because even though I explained my budget and intentions they kept trying to push me toward a total remodel. I've owned the house for almost three years. It was built in 2004. the cabinets are in great shape and I've replaced the refrigerator and stove already. I'm trying to give it a face lift without breaking the bank. (smile) Thanks for the ideas, I'll look for something in the gray to taupe arena. The granite is going in this Thursday and I'll send pictures as soon as its done.

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My two cents -- I like the same material as a backsplish
that is used for the counter.

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I think that your current bs is actually pretty nice and would work with the new granite. It would be easier and certainly cheaper to replace just the counters because you are trying not to "break the bank".

FWIW - the new tiles you posted are too cool in tone and too linear to work well with the new granite.

I'd lose the ivy and get an updated window treatment and leave the bs alone.

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My granite was installed yesterday and I think I'm in love. It looks great. The attached picture doesn't really do it justice. I'm also 3 days into a hardwood floor install that's gone wrong from the beginning - More on that later - wine needed. I'll attach more pictures once i reclaim the house and can complete the accessorizing. Still trying to figure out what to do about the backsplash and paint color. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The granite is Typhoon Bordeaux. Thanks so much for all your help.

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Your kitchen came out great. By the first slab photos it looked like you were going with some pretty extreme exotic granite. By this photo is looks really nice. the tone of the tile looks good with the countertops in the photo but the diamond pattern conflicts with the organic feel of the granite countertops. The tile you picked is nice, it might be too much brown though. it might take away form the focus on the countertops.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite Countertops

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The BS and flooring are leftover from the previous owner. I am searching desperately for new BS. I wanted to see if I could live with it since I didn't want to tear it off until I had a replacement. As for the floor unfortunately it will be later this year before I can replace it. I'm looking for something lighter and a littel more uniform I think. Thanks for the compliment on the granite I really love it.

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Hi Suzi, we also had TB installed a couple of months ago, with our dark cabinets. LOVE it! I'm also in BS "limbo", so will not have one, at least for awhile. I think the color of your existing BS is good, but not really liking the diamond shape. I almost wish we had gone with the granite BS, like you. What about just taking out the old tile, and painting the walls? You already have the granite BS.
Let us know what you decide. Your kitchen looks great, btw!

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Sandesurf, Wow! My husband just said that very thing. He suggested we take it off and paint. I'm afraid that we won't be able to salvage the drywall. (smile) I have painters scheduled to come in next week and paint the common areas in the house. The current back splash is the bane of my existence. The grout lines are huge. I've been lurking on the site for other TB owners to get BS ideas.

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I love your granite, my mother just had it installed. She is also looking for a backspash. IMO I think it looks good with a shiny neutral tile with some accent embossed tiles, not in colors. I love the look. Wish I had a picture to show you. I love your window treatment with the granite as well. I had that in mind. I have some silk fabric very similar in bronze and a soft darker red and it looks fabulous with the granite. You have a beautiful kitchen. Love that you chose the TB! I love the slab you ended up with on your cabinets. It's varies so much from slab to slab to the point it seems like it's not even the same thing. Good job!!!

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I love your TB. I am considering TB for my counters. Did you use a Blanco Silgranite sink? It looks great. What faucet did you go with?
I also think a simple backsplash is best with this granite.
Good luck!

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EMH107 Thank you. I do have the Blanco Silgranite black sink and I love it. I went with the Moen stainless steel faucet/sprayer combo and soap dispenser. I saw some beautiful faucets but my budget wouldn't allow it. My one big ticket item was the granite.

gr8day - thank you. The curtains have been up for 2 years. I have yet to find anything I like more. At the opposite end of the kitchen there are two large windows and a slider. I have the same drapes as topper over each. The choice between TB and SB was very difficult.

I'm off tomorrow and giving a lot of thought to taking off the BS and preping for paint.

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Removing the backsplash sounded a whole lot easier than it is. Obviously I need some training. :0 Any ideas or tips on how to remove the old backsplash without destroying the new granite or the drywall?

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Hello Suzi,

I'm design challenged also as far as kitchens are concerned, but to me your kitchen looks beautiful the way it is now with your new granite counters and the existing backsplash. Yes, the grout is a little thick, but it's not a big deal to me. I'm curious to hear what others say, but personally I wouldn't worry too much about the backsplash. In the photographs, it goes with the granite. Just my two cents.

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Circus Peanut

Having done similar projects, honestly, it would be easier to simply slice out the drywall + tile and just put in new drywall. Do you have any help with this? Learning to tape and plaster drywall seams isn't rocket science, but it helps to have the aid of someone who's done it before.


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I like your granite with your backsplash. I would keep it for a while.

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Ok. After many sleepless nights I've realized two things: 1. I really hate my back splash, 2. I regret having the 4in granite back splash installed. I've wavered back and forth on what to do next. Since having the kitchen counter top installed we've had hardwood floors and a stacked stone accent wall installed in the family room. Now it's back to the kitchen. I think I've decided to take out the current back splash and paint the wall. Perhaps sometime next year (smile) I'll find a back splash I like that makes me sing. Now I have to pick a paint color. Here's what I've come up with thus far. (color to far right is my DDIL's suggestion)
Any comments suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Don't shoot me

(small voice) but I really like your backsplash...

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Sophie Wheeler

The simplicity of the backsplash lets the granite shine. You may hate it, but I'd leave it alone until you decide what you're going to replace it with. You may come full circle, because it does work in the space.

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