Gray vs beige walls and decorating

snowballeffectNovember 20, 2012

I am debating between 2 colors to paint my living room: BM revere pewter or BM bar harbor beige. I have natural wood floors, white molding, and 2 sets of white plantation shutters. Additionally I have an old piano that is a sort of cream color.

We are planning to use dark wood tables/accents and likely dark leather chairs with a lighter fabric couch.

I would love opinions and things to take into consideration with each color. Also, what do you accent the gray with? Thanks so much!

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My first thought is that grey right now is a "trendy" color but if all your other furnishing and decor is classic or traditional, I don't think it would fall under trendy. Grey, beige IMO is a classic color that will definately stand the test of time.

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Gray is trendy right now and goes well just about any color. Beige is a great neutral too, but I was never a fan, even when it was in so my bias is towards gray.

I think it mainly depends on if you are drawn to earthy colors for accents or fresh colors. Earthy colors (olive, mustard, rust) would look better with beige. Fresh colors (turqouis, coral, yellow, apple green) will look better with gray.

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Use a greige color and you'll have the best of both worlds.

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Have you looked at BM edgecomb gray?

I am considering gray for one of my rooms, and have found that I like the browner ones better than the silvery or blue ones. Edgecomb gray is a completely different color than any of these. By comparison it seems tan. You might like it.

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I just went from taupey beige to gray in my LR and DR.....BM London Fog in LR and slightly darker on the same chip Plymouth Rock in the DR. Went even darker on the strip to Waynesboro Taupe for the power room. Love them all and it's a nice change.

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You really need to sample both colors in the room. Choosing colors without doing that is a recipe for disaster.

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Thank you for all of the feedback/suggestions. I will look into the other colors mentioned. Pps7, you have given me something to think about. I am drawn to more earthly tones, but a part of me wants to veer from my norm and try something different.
I feel confident I can do a nice job decorating if I stick in the beige range but I feel lost when I think of accenting grays. I am having a hard time envisioning a plan. I need to look at some more sites and try to find some inspiration!
Thanks again everyone!!!!

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I, too, am loving all the gray's. I thought about using it in my kitchen, but the LR next door, has chestnut drapes and camel colored sofa. I don't think I can mix those two, and I'm not about to change drapes and sofas (too much $$). I guess I'll wait out the gray trend, since I don't typically have to be in the latest trend. I may try to incorporated a gray in the guest BR or bath. I'll have some gray somewhere, by golly:)

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Every color and any metallic goes with greige!

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For those of you recommending greige, can you suggest any specific paint colors?

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I have a bunch of gray and greige paint samples up right now after spending almost $50 ::sighs::

I'm really loving Behr Sandstone Cliff but the DH loves BM Revere Pewter. They both works great with our LR lighting.

SW perfect greige is also really nice if you have lots of natural lighting, BM Plymouth Rock is the equivalent. It's chosen as the perfect chameleon color as it changes btwn gray and beige throughout the day.

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I have a bedroom that doesn't get a lot of natural light and I used SW accessible beige. Sometimes it's gray, sometimes it more beige. It works well my mahogany furniture, light blue drapes and blue/green/beige bedding.

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