polished nickel versus stainless steel finish

mayberry_moonJuly 24, 2013

I have to order all the interior door handles for our house asap after the very nice, but ill (when I ordered) door guy lost our last order. I'm excited to have a chance to review, and found new emtek handles in brushed stainless steel. I was going to order brushed nickel previously as I like the softness. What is the difference between the two finishes? Which do you like?

Here are the links:

Brushed stainless steel


Brushed nickel


Sorry to ask a whole house question but know the kitchen crew will know the answer quickly!

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Sorry: I mean brushed nickel versus brushed stainless!

I can't figure out the difference...

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I have brushed nickel in my master bath. I like it because it is soft and warm. I have seen other brushed nickel that was not as warm, I believe, and some of the satin nickels I've seen were quite different so I never assume what that finish will look like.

I know I've seen the brushed stainless but wasn't looking for that so haven't paid much attention. I would guess it is more neutral gray, modern, commercial/industrial looking. Nickel has a warmth to it which is why I like it. Some of the satins looked odd, though, more like a cool sprayed on finish. I seem to remember the term satin being used for some brushed looking ones, too. So not sure it's a standardized term.

I would order one of each you are considering as different manufacturer's finishes will look different. Now that I think of it, when looking at appliances, some of the SS was warm and some cool. You really have to see the finishes in person.

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Thanks for the good advice, Snookums2!

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