"Layout advise on new kitchen build"

appalachamoonJuly 7, 2013

Hello everyone. I have been a frequent lurker of the kitchen forum and this is my first time posting on this forum. If possible, I would like some advise on my proposed kitchen layout. This kitchen will be part of a new construction in western NC. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly welcomed.

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If I understand your drawing correctly, I would move the clean-up sink to the other side of the range. Right now, you've got it arranged all tight in one (upp left of drawing) corner.

Separate the clean up function on the other side of the range and you have the ingredient storage > prepping > cooking all together with no need for clean-up workers to intrude into that sector.

If your family is right handed, put your DW on the left of the sink. You could make plating easier (after cooking or other prepping) by storing the items that would be needed for plating towards the left (range/ prep side of sink). Store items that go directly to the table by them selves (silver ware, plates if your serve faily style, glassware, etc.) on the other side. That way someone can set the table while never intruding in the main cooking zone.

Is that a second DW under the island? What's the plan for that? You could also have it open toward the side if that makes your plan work.

Fab pantry - I want it!



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Thanks liriodendron for the awesome advice! Never thought of separating the cleaning from the cooking tasks or placing the DW to the left of the sink if right-handed.

The larger square under the island is a microwave drawer. To the left of the microwave drawer is a prep sink. I've been debating as to whether a prep sink is necessary. I've read several of the posts on this subject and am still on the fence.

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Where is storage for all of your dish ware and such? Keep that in mind also when placing dishwasher so you don't have to walk to other side of the kitchen. Unless you keep it all in the pantry? Hmm...

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A prep sink on your island will keep the cook out of the clean-up zone. And that is just as important as keeping the cleaners out of the cooking zone.

A MW (not the DW as I first supposed) is fine where you have it. (Although some people don't like it below a counter because they think it is too low. You could try the height if you can mock it up on a chair and use a counter-top model to see how you like it.) That position would allow a "well-trained" (and good luck with that!) household member to snag a snack from the pantry or fridge during the pre-dinner cooking period and walk around the island and approach the MW w/o crossing the action zone. If you primarily use the MW for snacks, not as a routine piece of meal-cooking aparatus) you could even have the MW around the corner from the cooking aisle, further separating the tasks. This would give you useful clear space at your prep counter. You could have a drawer facing the cooking (i.e. at right angles from a rotated MW) aisle below the MW. No rule says you have to all the openings in a corner cab facing the same direction. I use my MW a lot during cooking, so I want it in the cooking zone, though as you have shown it, I want it below counter height. I have mine there now and it's fine. There are also MW drawers that allow access from the top when pulled out. My impression is that they are pricey, but I've never priced one. Mine is just a conventional door model. Remember that pretty much all MWs are hinged on the left as you look at them.

The "left of sink DW placement for right-handed people" is something I learned here of GW/KF. I doubted it at first, but after studying video of myself washing dishes, I found it was absolutely correct. You hold the item with your non-dominant while manipulating a scraper or brush with your dominant hand. Both hands are good at simply slotting dishes into DW racks. But if any rearranging of other dishes is needed to make space for the next item, that is usually done with your dominant hand, while the next-in dish is held aloft by the non-dominant one. The point of this is too avoid unnecessary hand-to-hand exchanges (that's where stuff gets dropped) or body twists. Try it yourself and see what I mean.


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Since this is new construction, plan a way for your fridge to be installed recessed by 6". That way you can use a standard size fridge, which is quite a bit less expensive, and have it look counter depth.

I think the maximum cab size for a residential elevator is 15sf. And it isn't much more (if any) to go with the largest size allowed. A cab sized at 3'x5' is a good size for a wheelchair with someone standing behind for pushing. Check with your elevator mfg to verify the size the shaft needs to be to accomodate this size cab. It looks like you already have the door off center a bit to the shaft so that the door opening will line up with the cab gate, so that's good. Verify with mfg how much space the rails need on one side and clearance from the wall for the other side.

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Thanks so much for everyoneâÂÂs input thus far. It has been extremely helpful in finalizing my kitchen layout!!!

Angela12345: Great suggestion to recess the refrigerator!
IâÂÂll certainly double check with the elevator manufacturer concerning spacing for the rails and clearance.

J_hack: Great point about the walking distance for putting up dishes. This is something to further consider since my plan is to store the majority of the dishware in the pantry.

liriodendron: Thanks for the added input. IâÂÂve since decided to keep the prep sink. Love the suggestions regarding the possible MW locations. Never thought about locating the MW on the end of the island. It will certainly minimize the traffic around the cooking area and keep the younger ones away from the range.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you're going to turn the pantry into a scullery, then why not go whole hog in that direction and treat it like a scullery. Move the DW down into the area, and do the whole wall on the left as shallow dish storage. Then you can wall off the larder to hide the untidiness of the consumables. I'd also put the MW next to the fridge, and add a beverage sink (which I mistakenly labeled beverage fridge). There will be zero infiltration of your prep space then, and you'll have a nice long run uninterrupted by interlopers.

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Thanks hollysprings for taking the time to illustrate your feedback! You have certainly given me another great option for separating the work space from the cooking area. Hmmm...so much to consider. Very helpful.

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Hollysprings- The scullery is a great idea! It also gives the sink some well needed elbow room...and I like the dish storage, too.

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