Range & Hood in front of a window?

lajoannaJuly 12, 2013

Thoughts on placing a 36 inch viking with chimney hood in front of a window....

I saw at a friends.
Wanted the GW opinion.

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How big is the window and where is it in relation to everything else?

I could see where a 12 inch window that ran on top of the wall for the whole length would look nice - in the right room. But wouldn't have a window directly adjacent and above a range that large on purpose. If there was an existing window to work around, I would consider changing the window size.

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Check your local code - often a range or cooktop is not allowed in front of a window.

Also, consider something other than Viking :-)

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We have done just that. Blue star 30", soapstone backsplashe and window sill, and copper hood above window. I can post pic later if your interested

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As suggested check local code. I have done this once years ago,
I have also seen it discussed on boards by architects and builders. There are restrictions in national building code mechanical section and in NFPA (fire code).

In general the window should not be operable, have either extra clearance to the glass from heat and or use tempered glass, or both.
Clearances to combustibles is also required which is typically 30" at the back wall and 6" to each side. So the window needs to be wider than the cooking surface and window sill needs to not be combustible.

Even if you can get away with it locally it would be wise to check current national codes to avoid complications should you ever have to deal with an insurance claim.

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Go for it! Here is mine. My village is very persnickety, and they allowed it. I don't believe there could be a national code proscribing it if many locales permit it.

The thread I link below has lots of good info, and further links other threads with good information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Helpful thread.

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