red paint and chair rail

joneyjmwNovember 1, 2012

Hello, were getting ready to move into and remodel a manufactured home. My son picked out a red bamboo for his floor, not red stained but red dyed (RED). I am wanting to match the red and take it part way up the wall and add a chair rail and then to lighter above. Will this hep the room appear bigger? its a fairly small room. The ceiling is slanted if that makes a differance, and I plan pn painting the top mouldings the same color as the wall. oppionions please... :)

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I don't think it will make the room bigger, but it will make the red floor and lower walls appear to be a big shallow box, and that can feel confining.

It will also emphasize the horizontal, and also the slant in the ceiling, and that often makes a ceiling look lower. Think about the look of bands of two different colors running around the room, and you'll see what I mean.

I would also reconsider the chair rail, given that your trim is very slender and feels modern. What if you chose a warm creamy white for the walls, crown, and ceiling, to minimize the line of the slanted ceiling, and painted the trim red to match the floor? The red floor could make the existing wood tone seem quite orange.

Then let your son pick a color for the door. In my house years ago, that would have meant metallic pewter, glossy black, or dark raisin purple!

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I think I agree with Bronwynsmom -- keep the red on the floor, let it be striking on it's own and be neutral with the walls and ceiling. One thing she didn't mention is that you will get a different texture and color saturation on the walls with paint than you will dye on a wood floor. They will feel heavier rather than the same.

I like the idea of a pewter or black door. Can see my son liking that too.

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the red floor he picked out...

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Color does have a psychological effect on people. Red really can make kids more active or agitated. I'd opt for some other color on the walls, creamy tan, gray, etc.

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If you hadn't said it was red, I would have said it was jello orange. Whatever it is, it is certainly bright -- don't think you need more than the floor.

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