Demo tomorrow, omgosh!

homebuyer23July 15, 2013

I cannot believe we are actually about to get underway! We are starting tomorrow, a complete remodel of our kitchen & first floor layout.
I am beyond nervous about everything & still have so many choices to make...haven't chosen counter yet!

Just wanted to share that we are starting, any last minute tips?!

I'll be posting a lot in the next few weeks probably as I still have so much to choose, and likely will come across hopefully small bumps in the road...

Thanks for all the help so far this board has taught me so much!

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Best wishes to you for an on-schedule process, with no surprises (unless they're pleasant ones).

Good luck!

The only tip I can think of is to label all your boxes as you store stuff away for the duration. I did that, and still spend a fair amount of time standing on my head digging for things (how did the vanilla end up there?)

Also examine things as they arrive, especially anything you order on-line. The return window (sometimes only 30 days) starts when you receive it, not when you install it. My $400 faucet came with a dent in it.

Have fun!

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Good luck! What an exciting yet anxious time for you. We'll be at the same point as you in a few weeks so I feel for you. Can't wait to hear how this goes for you. We also still have some decisions to make. But with all of my research over the last year, I should be able to narrow it down. I'm sure that's the same with you.

Have fun!

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Holly- Kay

Best wishes to you. This is an exciting time. Ann's suggestions are spot on. I stupidly did not label things. Getting my kitchen back into working order is taking me longer than I anticipated and clearly labeling the "most used items" cartons would have been so helpful..

One suggestion that I can make is take a lot of pics. It will be fun to look back and see the progress. I stressed over my hardware choice but in retrospect there were probably many pulls that would have looked as nice.

I will be following anxiously and looking for pics of your progress.

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Homebuyer23- Good luck and hope everything goes smoothly for you!
Our demo starts the day after tomorrow! So I know exactly how you feel..I'm getting last-minute jitters and right now I'm cooking meals to store in the fridge.
We chose our countertop but were told a few days ago ( after we paid for it and signed the contract) that it ( Silestone Lagoon) is back-ordered and will apparently be unavailable for several weeks from now ( longer than originally expected). I'm just hoping the wait will not be *too* long after the cabinets are installed...fingers crossed!

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Good luck with your project! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I would just recommend keeping a notebook of meetings so that you have something to refer to in case there is an issue. Definitely take lots of pictures, too.

I think I'm in the home stretch and hope to be done by the end of next week! Yay!

Can't wait to hear about your project :)

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So exciting! Hang in there!!
Most of us even survived to enjoy the final kitchen!!

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How exciting! We started demo on 4/29 and are mostly done. I expected a delay for replacement doors and backsplash install, so aside from that we've been nearly finished for a couple if weeks.

My advice for keeping your sanity:

- pack well, and only keep a few essentials out to use (be realistic with what you will actually use, the rest will just be clutter)

- buy several rolls of nonstick foil. Use in the toaster oven, on the grill, for packet dinners, to line any pans used (easy clean up) etc. For times when you want a double layer, use regular foil outside and nonstick for the inner layer.

- pick your battles. Make peace with several things before you start. It will almost certainly take longer than you thought, as long as you are making progress (or can't avoid a delay), just take it in stride. There will be mistakes and setbacks, as long as they are remedied quickly just let it go. Expect to need something cabinetry related replaced, often doors/drawer fronts, and make that part of your mental schedule. It will be a nice surprise if it's all perfect!

- make a master list of everything you need to pick out. Identify when in the process they are needed. Pick out anything needed early or with a longer order/lead time first and work your way through the list. The sooner the better, and as mentioned above inspect everything as it arrives. Make sure you know return windows.

- if you can't have everything on site at the start, print spec sheets for each major item to have on hand for easy reference.

- if something is detailed, complicated, or specific, write it down and/or draw a picture. I had some outlets that were being moved and some electrical stuff added, so I printed elevations of each wall and drew it all in with everything labelled as new, existing, or relocated so there was no question about what switches went where, or where the outlets were. Then all my switches got sticky notes to keep the dimmers straight. Sure my GC chuckled (he knows me well enough to half expect that), but he had those drawings in hand every day, along with my lighting schematic.

- post any contact info in plain site, and check in regularly to see if there are any questions or if anything is needed (like once a day on average if you can)

- if you are concerned about something, ask. And ask early so any changes can be addressed more easily. Just be nice about it and you shouldn't have any problems.

- make sure you know when the crews will arrive so you can be prepared (I generally preferred to be showered and dressed)

- plan on people needing to use a working bathroom. It's easier to put down a protective floor covering if needed ahead of work than fume about any damage after the fact. Put out clean, but not fancy towels that workers will be comfortable using (not your nice guest towels). Put out paper towels. Make sure you have plenty of soap on hand.

- lock up any valuables you don't need to have on hand, like cash, real jewelry, expensive watches, cameras, etc. Don't forget to lock up controlled substances if prescribed, only keep enough out to get through the week, or less. You will have strangers in the house, and if you misplace something it's easy to accuse someone of taking it and causing tension. People also know you have lots of people around, and may take advantage of that fact to steal something. And the neighbors will get accustomed to seeing assorted people in and out all day and will likely not notice someone extra walking in (hopefully the work crew would notice, but if there are a lot of subs maybe not).

- keep your favorite relaxing beverage on hand, partake regularly, but responsibly :-)

I hope things go well for you! GW really helped me know what to expect and how to avoid panic. Post if you have questions!

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Thank you so much for a lot of great advice so far!
Boone, sorry to hear about your Silestone!

Williamsen, thanks for all the details, I have been following your thread...I'm dying to see your backsplash go up!

I am ridiculously nervous, I planned everything myself without a KD or architect etc, and its a pretty big job. My Dh is along for the ride and I have 3 little ones to live through this reno with too.

thanks for the encouragement!

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Make sure the wine is easily accessible!

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Congrats on making it this far - demo is a major milestone!!! While I am not at this stage yet, I like Williamsem's project planned approach. I usually find the more I know, plan, detail and cross-reference the better I'll be able to handle those things that crop up unexpectedly...and they always do crop up.

Best wishes on a stress-free reno. The adult beverages will certainly help in that regard!

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I don't want to barge in on Homebuyer23's thread so I'll make this brief and get outta the way!
Williamsem: Thanks for those detailed pointers, many of which were so helpful ( I've already put down 'stickies' on my to-do/buy list for today).
Homebuyer23 - Thanks for your sympathy. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you, DH and your 3 little ones have a really, really easy time through this reno.

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Ours started last week, but we just lost our sink and stove yesterday.
DH is taking it worse than I am- he is upset by all the noise and mess ( works from home).
It is a little crazy!

I'd like to echo boone and say thanks for all the tips. So far the framers have been pretty considerate ( and entertaining!)

Good luck with your project Homebuyer23!

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This helped us.

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