Futuro Futuro 'skylight' hood (Xpost)

Fori is not pleasedJuly 14, 2011

Please excuse the cross-post from appliances but I really want to install a hood without remodeling my kitchen. :)

Futuro Futuro has inconveniently located their showroom on the opposite side of the continent so I am wondering if anyone has seen the "Skylight" model. It seems a little odd and I'm wondering if it would actually work as a hood when mounted so high.

It would solve certain stylistic complaints I have with installing a regular hood in my current kitchen, but I'm not sure the whole idea is fully baked. (It could hide behind a header instead of being half visible from the next room.)

Any opinions? Anyone have one or visited the showroom or think it might work for an 8 foot ceiling over a 30" range in a peninsula/island application?


Here is a link that might be useful: futuro's 'skylight'

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I posted a picture of this a while back, and I can't quite figure out the optimal mounting height.

I don't think this can be mounted in the ceiling unless the ceiling/floor has been structured for it: The ducts either have to come out of the top or the sides, so it either needs to go into an attic space or the joists have to run in the right direction for the ducts to come out the sides.

Its a bit thick for a joist space (13-1/2") and will not fit between joists (25" wide). So it could not go into a ceiling in a house with two floors.

It could go into a soffit in a house with two floors but then the soffit would have to extend off in whatever direction the ducts went unless or until the vents could be directed into the joist space and out.

I would also wonder about heat and vibration in the floor directly above. (again not applicable with attic)

I think it is a good minimalist solution aesthetically, and the large size 54" x 25" should make up for the distance from the cooktop somewhat, but I can't really be sure how well this actually works. You will also be standing up on the counter to clean the SS on a regular basis. This wouldnt bother me terribly if it was the look I wanted, but it is not going to be incredibly convenient.

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Fori is not pleased

Yeah I think you put the idea in my head. Shame on you!

Excuse me for a minute...I am laughing about the "cleaning on a regular basis" comment. Ha. Hahaha!

Okay, done.

It's a one-story house with accessible attic...but the specs of this thing are weird and it's probably safe to assume I won't be able to find anyone experienced to install it. I imagine heat would dissipate before getting all the way up there too. A remote control is a turnoff, but probably less so than using a chair to turn on the hood.

At that price I'd like to get one darn review!

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I wanted reviews on the Skylight also and I found out that they started selling this model just a few months ago, which explains the lack of reviews. However, I have found reviews of other products by this company and they seem promising.

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I'm always in favor of building my own container made of glass and calling it an exhaust hood. It's not rocket science, it's air handling.

fori, heated steamy greasy cooking air rises and after the first seconds it remains hot because the first few gallons of air heat up the space. So this doesn't sound right to me: " .. imagine heat would dissipate before getting all the way up there too..."

If you have a lot of spare air to blow through that one, it will work. If house air is at a premium, consider a shape more like commercial hoods, which are mere cubic shapes with one of the six sides removed. This shape is more likely to catch fast rising air and channel it to the filter and the exhaust duct. A "cube" shape or a stretched cube.

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TattyCuts - in another posting you had mentioned you may be getting this Skylight hood.. Did you get it??

If so, do let us know your feedback on it.

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We are looking at Futuro Skylight island vent. Would certainly like to get feedback from anyone who has installed this vent. We have a 10 foot ceiling, so curious to know how strong it really is to pull air. Our kitchen and living room are open. Also how difficult is it to reach up to remove the filters for cleaning, as the manual mentions these have to be cleaned once a month!!!


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Has anyone installed this?

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