Should I put hardwoods in my upstairs hallway?

adh673November 8, 2010

We just replaced our first floor with new wide plank walnut hardwoods and ended up doing the stairs as well. They didnt have a lot of waste and so now we actually have enough wood left to do the upstairs hallway. Should I consider doing this? Our carpet is nice up there so it doesnt need to be replaced but it'd also be a shame to pitch this extra wood.

Anyone out there put hardwoods in their upstairs hall and like it/hate it?

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We did hardwood in our upstairs hall (with wood stairs) and I love it. It allows you to use different color carpet in each bedroom without it looking strange in the hallway, the way it can when the bedroom carpet meets a different hallway carpet. It also allows you to replace the carpet as it needs replacing without having to replace all the upstairs carpet.

My neighbor has hardwood downstairs, carpeted stairs and hardwood in her upstairs hallway. She loves it also.

Totally Confused

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Love it! So much easier to clean hardwood hallways too.

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Definately. I would pick hardwood over wall to wall carpeting any day.

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Definitely use it....don't ever waste good hardwood.

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Absolutely! you'll love it,

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Thanks for the responses...anyone have any pictures? I'm wondering about thresholds...

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while you are at it, do the bedrooms too :)
once you put hardwood everywhere, you will never go back to w2w carpeting...

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Hardwood yes, hardwood everywhere you can put it I would. Pharaoh, yes, never ever ever go back. They took my old, yucky carpet out and I will never have carpet again. Hardwood so much easier to keep clean and it looks great all the time. I am soooooo glad I never have to call Stanley Steamer again.

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