Inspiration BR Redo - New Dresser?

funkyartNovember 16, 2012

I started a new thread on my bedroom/iron bed redesign. I have decided to refinish the bed by painting it a dark gray-green. This will need to wait until after I move-- mainly because I want to be able to give it full attention..

However, in the meantime, I will need to replace my dressers and bedside tables. I saw this on CL this morning and fell in love with it. I think it's the perfect touch of feminine lines and a handsome wood. I love the two tone wood and the grain.. I don't think they're all that high quality, but I love both pieces (only picturing one here) and I think they fit the look I am going for. It's $95 for this piece.. $175 if I buy this and the tall chest. What do you think?

Inspiration - I will not try to apply this literally.. however, I will borrow from the look by keeping the room simple and with that handsome, rich RL kind of styling. I will have an iron bed and will use a more feminine plaid blanket along with a sage silk quilt. I'll swap out horse/hunting prints for vintage dog prints.

here's my idea board with the things I have:

and here's the dresser from CL..

I am trying to make it out to the shop this afternoon-- scream now if you see a reason I should pass on it!

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The blanket just arrived.. it has much less lavender than I remember and it's definitely a gray-tone lavender. I was kind of looking forward to the new color but this works better for matching with rugs and fabrics that I already have. On first pass, I think it looks great with the bosporus toile -- I'll take photos this evening to get your inputs. Just to make sure I am not forcing it because I want them to work nicely together ;)

Looking forward to what you all think of the dresser..

I have help lined up to move my bed over thanksgiving weekend so this will definitely be the first room I work on. It will be great to have a bedroom set up in the new house-- so I can paint/work into the night and then sleep there!

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I love that inspiration room, and think that piece is perfect.

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I like the dresser! I'd definitely go look at it.


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YES! It all looks wonderful!

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If you don't want the dresser, I'm getting it lol. Get it FAST!!

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Don't be scared but I think that little half moon design is screaming for me to paint a small floral in it.. :)

Thanks, Tina and Lolauren! I spoke to the owner of the shop and he says it's in great shape. I'll buy both pieces if I like them.

I will be looking for great barley twist bedside tables too. LOVE barley twist..

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Love the dresser and would run to get it asap. Can't wait to see pics

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honestly, I cringed at "two tone"

But I love it!!! Get it.

do not paint a flower on it

do NOT tart it up ....isn't that what you're trying to UNDO about your bed?


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Well, I am just back.. and it was a real disappointment. So often the real thing looks much better than the photo, in this case it was the opposite.

The front is veneer.. and someone had applied a faux wood grain on the front. It was a good one and clearly applied a long time ago-- but it's still faux. The wood finish wasn't all that nice.. didnt have that rich luster that fine woods do. We talked about refinishing or just adding a wood oil-- and frankly, it's not that nice of a piece to put the time into.

I want to be clear-- I am not one of those expecting the world for not much money. I wasn't expecting it to be high end or some kind of treasure find on CL. It's just that this one wasn't the right one.

I do like the style and shape though-- so back on the hunt!

Thanks for all your feedback!!

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Thanks, Mtnrd! I should make a little poster to remind myself to edit and avoid "tarting it up".. "WWMD?.. What would Mtnrdredux do?"

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Do you think that is faux finish on those drawers? Or on the little shell detail? Or was the picture not the dresser you saw in person? It's a shame, because it looks like really pretty maple veneer in the photo!

Good luck on the barley twist side tables, too! If you find a bunch, I could use a couple.


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Funkyart, we have almost the exact same dresser in our master. Ours doesn't have the nice two tone effect, but we always get compliments on it. We have a wood framed pivot mirror someone gave us sitting on top.

You sound like someone experienced at buying used furniture, but I'm still going to remind you to open the drawers fully before you buy. I was once smitten by a cute dresser for my daughter and didn't test the drawers. They drove me crazy (sticking all the time) for years before I gave it away.

Can't wait to see finished pics.

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It's a faux finish on the drawers-- definitely not maple. My current set is birds eye maple. It looks like they applied it over a veneer with an actual grain. It's not as light as it looks in the photos and well, you can tell when you look at it close up that it's not very nice. I love the look in the photo.. I was so excited that I cancelled and appt and grabbed my mom to go see them. I was very let down.

In addition to the things I'd mentioned, someone had sanded it against the grain.. in fact, that isn't grain you see in the half moon, it's been sanded. You can see the striations. The finish on the top was horrible too--not smooth and satiny but rough bumps.

The one good thing was that the drawers did go in and out easily lol. That is my biggest complaint with my birds eye maple (other than I am tired of it), the drawers are a PIA.

I am disappointed and have been looking everywhere for something similar. I am on a budget so it may take a lot of looking.

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Love the inspiration room, your idea board, barley twist, and the RL style and hope you can find a similar dresser in good condition. I look forward to seeing your progress with this room and your entire house. :)

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Thanks so much, Luckygal! I am very excited to pull the carpet. Just removing (much of) the furniture in the house this week made a huge difference!

I am still a little concerned that the bedroom will be such a different style than the house-- but it's my refuge and it should be whatever I want!

I am particularly excited by the dog prints of all things.. though I am also considering old tinted photos of my grandmothers -- or of my grandmothers with grandfathers. They both had such great, strong relationships-- and right now, I could use that kind of mojo!

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I am sad that cute dresser did not work out. I have seen lots of dog prints here in Kentucky, i will let you know if I find something reasonably priced!


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funkyart, what are you going to do with your bird's eye maple set?

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Nancy - thanks so much! I've been looking for paintings but all that I've seen are pricier than I can go right now.

marti8a.. I will sell it.

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You probably already know this, but the dogs in your print choices are Landseer Newfoundlands. A good friend had one that looked at lot like the dog in the left print. His name was Mingus. They are cool dogs for cool people.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wiki history of the Landseer newf

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Hi Sonicmom.. yes, I knew they were Landseer prints. I love his dog paintings-- but the newfies are my favorites. Love the breed.. and Mingus is an awesome name for one!

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I love your inspiration photo and prints, partly because we have a nine year old black newfie. He is a gentle, lovable giant. Your inspiration photo is very simple and clean, but cozy and inviting at the same time. I would not paint flowers on anything. Good luck finding the right piece for your room. I do think a newfie to sleep on the floor below that bed would be a nice accessory and work well with your artwork. ;)

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Have you looked on Ebay for prints? Also, the European Ebay sites are frequently cheaper. I ordered several antique prints from Germany, and they were substantially less, even with the shipping cost.

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