Dents in my stainless steel fridge

peach32July 10, 2011

Has anyone had success having dents removed? And by whom? I've discovered two dents in my [not-that-old-and-in-perfect-condition-before-this-remodeling-started-two-months-ago] fridge. I assume the paintless dent removal car guys could do it. I even read something online about a dry ice technique.

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We tried to remove a dent using an auto kit from our new DW that had just been installed. We hoped to avoid paying the installation cost of a replacement. No Luck. The kit didn't have enough suction to pull out the dent. But it was an inexpensive kit; there may be better ones out there.

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No luck here either.
I was devastated when my daughter's annoying classmate
played drums on our new refrigerator. Nasty scratches
and dents. I still hate the worst of the dents.

If I want to replace the one door it will be $700.
That is half the price of the refrigerator. INSANE.

So, I bought a big magnet (had to tape it on) that
said "the shortest distance between two people is a laugh"

The dent is insignificant in my life. In 5 or 6 years when
we go to sell the house we will probably replace the doors
to the refrig and tidy up any other issues presell. But
changing them now when they might get damaged again
seems silly with a houseful of teens.

And the bigger issue here is that my daughter knows she
if far more important that a stupid dent that a dumb girl
(classmate) caused. My daughter was so upset she could not
stop the girl. At least the stopped her from playing drums
with our DW and range. So it could have been far worse.

You could try skins. This could not work for us.
Skins are a kind of stainless steel film that covers the

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Oh Boxer, that story....I hate to read it again. It was so painful in so many ways. I'm so glad you have a magnet now and there is calm in your kitchen and mind. And when you go to sell, just say the fridge is an exclusion and no one will even care. Perhaps not being able to have the fridge will make them want it even more....dents and all.

peach--we had the skins replaced on our fridge and freezer due to the delivery men being dingalings. It was a scratch and dent 48" Thermador. There was a tiny scratch when it was at the store up in the right corner. Hardly noticeable, kind of "pre-disastered" in my mind. They only sent 2 poor men (one who was approaching his retirement) to deliver this monster. I think it weighs something like 6 or 700 lbs. I really should have videotaped the whole episode because it was like a sitcom. Let's just say that there were a few more scratches and dents on this thing when it finally made it into my kitchen. The store was more than willing to replace the skins. So the big old hunks of stainless were sent out and then installed. ( I won't bore you with the details of how they couldn't find the right part number, and full doors without skins arrived at first [they are still in my garage in boxes] I think I have $4000 worth of parts in my garage due to their inability to order correctly. The repair guy just kept saying, you can keep those parts).

So try the paintless dent repair kit, then check on the cost of just getting new skins (they just screw on to the door of your fridge-look around the door, you will see the screws somewhere) and if all else fails, get a magnet! Or maybe even a digital frame mounted with 3M tape, and keep a slideshow running with photos of the reno on it!

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If you can get inside of the door, the dentless repair guys can fix all. Have had more than one dent in my car fixed for small charges. I'd give a couple businesses a call and ask. They go from inside the dent, not on top, which is why those dentless repair kits really don't work well.

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Thanks for the replies. I called three paintless dent repair places and they only work on cars. One said they couldn't go behind the dent(through the door) because of the insulation in the door. Boxer, so sorry but good recovery, sounds like! What was that child thinking?! Good grief. I am confused by the "skins." Someone on the phone mentioned them yesterday, too. He said that SS is steel underneath and the stainless is just a thin layer (skin) on top?? Which, once scratched, can cause the steel underneath to rust? I was told by one repair company that I would need a whole new door and it would not be cheap...I could probably buy a whole new fridge for what it would cost. Is just replacing the "skin" a cheaper alternative? I can live with the dents...I just don't want anything rusting on me down the road.

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I was SUCCESSFUL in removing several dents from my new stainless steel maytag. others were amazed at how much I was able to salvage our freezer door. do this at your own risk.

First, I could only remove the round dents that had no creases. they were barely noticeable tiny tiny small round spots when I was done and only noticeable if I told you where to look and you got real close.

But the deep ones with creases and gouges - although I was able to lift them out significantly, and make them more tolerable, it is pretty impossible with this technique to make them disappear.

I bought some DRY ICE in addition to getting my MAP torch. The MAP torch is similar to a propane torch but it comes in the yellow canister, not the blue one and it burns hotter than propane. You must wear good gloves - both because you are using a welding torch and because you are handling dry ice which should not touch your skin. First, I heated the round dent and a small area around the dent. This lifted the dent somewhat. In a plastic container nearby I took out a piece of dry ice (about 4"x4" is a good working size to hold). Wrap the dry ice in a thin cloth and while wearing gloves, rub it over the area you just heated. keep this up about 5-10 minutes. go back and forth between the super heat and the super dry ice. A hair dryer did not work for me - it is not hot enough for the stainless to pop.

also, be careful with the torch - don't get right close to the metal or you will have a lot of yellowed spots on the stainless - I did it with a sideways angle with torch flame going across the spot rather than dead on it.

Now - as for the slight yellowing of the stainless which is similar to what happens on your stove from cooking- it was no problem for me. I used Bartender's Helper powder with a little water and made sure to clean/rub/buff out the yellowed/burned parts of the stainless in the SAME direction as the grain. For me it was horizontal so I only moved my special sponge horizontally. DO not use anything rough like those green scrubby sponges - they will leave horrible scratches. I found this special gray colored sponge at my local ACE store that said it was specifically made to clean stainless without scratching it. I just found the name - it is called the Jetz Scrubz Scrubber Sponge. Not a great name as I think it is very hard to remember.

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