Non-pendant over island?

Alice JohannenJuly 21, 2012

Our ceilings are not particularly high (91") and I was wondering about island lighting. Do people ever use non-pendant lighting over an island? Ours will house our sink, DW and a 36" drawer cabinet on one side, three 12" depth cabinets on the other. The sink will not be centered, so a single light in the center would be odd and wouldn't illuminate the sink that well. Nor would 2 pendants necessarily take care of the problem.

What are your thoughts about using something like this?

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I'd think about recessed can lights. While I think what you are showing is pretty cool, my impression is that track lighting is heading out of style - even though they are still selling it. But, I could be wrong on that.

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I have can lights. They are OK. I couldn't have pendants over the island because there is a large antique leaded glass fixture over breakfast table that would conflict with anything hanging. Family pieces that I cannot bear to part with defined and limited my choices throughout the kitchen.
BUT if I were designing on my own preferences and taste, I would consider this very strongly for an island.
This isn't, to my mind, ''track lighting.'' I like it a lot more.
If your kitchen is modern and sleek--or if it speaks to you. go for it.


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Alice Johannen

I have to agree -- I don't really consider this "track lighting" per se. I have some of that out in the living/dining area of the house. OLD track lighting that is really OUT. This does seem modern and sleek -- we are going to have somewhat of a sleeker vibe, though not modern. We have Ikea Adel Medium Brown (warm wood Shaker-style) cabinets with fairly simple but modern drawer pulls, Kashmir White granite on the perimeter and honed Jet Mist on the island, and a fairly contemporary backsplash -- American Olean St. Germain. So the fixture above could prove to be more contemporary than we want, but it's the IDEA of it, really, that I'm wondering about. We have a peninsula and an island and a table, and I think it will look a bit funny to have dangling lights all over the place! Plus there's the low ceiling issue ...

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It looks like that fixture takes MR16s, which are very directional. I'd be wary of creaing a spotlight effect on your island.

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Alice Johannen

cawaps, I never really thought about the directionality (?) of the bulbs. Thanks for bringing it up. I guess we have more research to do!

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