Diaster strikes!! Major problem with dishdrawer cabinet

jgoppJuly 8, 2014

Don't mind the typo in the title, I was in a rush!

As many of you might have seen, I have a Fisher and Paykel wide dishdrawer. Today I noticed that the soapstone looked like it was off alignment at the counter level exposing about an 1/8th inch gap on the left side of the drawer. Well I pulled the drawer out and the entire left side of the drawer cabinet has been swollen up with water. It caused my large cabinet to go out of alignment and the edge banding has started to fall off.

Fortunately my cabinet builder said he would replace it at no cost, but this is such a massive bummer since now the stone needs to come off and the cabinet needs to be torn out. What a headache.

Anyone have any suggestions I can pass onto my cabinet maker about making the new cabinet more suitable for the dishdrawer?

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Looks like the seal on your DW is damaged and needs to be replaced. I'd start there, and also not open the drawer until the cycle was done, and it was cooled down.

For the cabinetry, I'd personally want the substrate sealed 100% before it was veneered or edgebanded. In addition, you need a vapor barrier inside the cabinet to protect it from the humidity of the DW.

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OMG! Best wishes for getting this fixed quickly so you can go back to enjoying your beautiful kitchen!

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I wouldn't pull that top to replace the cabinet; it's unnecessary.

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I took the panel off the DW with my contractor and figured out that the thing was leaking into the bottom of the unit, soaking into the insulation, and dripping out into the cabinets. We found a small piece of plastic that looks like it came from the manufacturing process in the water line which may have caused a cut.

Unfortunately where this kitchen is is very middle of nowhere. Fisher and Paykel gave me numbers of service centers "near" me, but all of them declined saying they only service units they have sold, or are within a half hour radius.

So now I guess it is time to see if FP is going to make one of them come out and service it. Hopefully they stand behind the product as this has been a major issue for me.

Ugh, and to think I was so close to being done with this project.

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I have to preface this with "I loved my dish drawers and really miss them in the new house!
I was on the quilt forum and saw your post listed. Quite a few years ago I frequented this forum as I remodeled my kitchen. I chose the Fisher Paykel dish drawers. At first there were a couple of rough spots. The second repair person was from Australia. He told me the issue was how the drainage hose was under the cabinet and to remove the vent thingy (forget what it's called, but it usually has a standup chrome cover atop the sink next to the faucet.)
That worked great.

A few years later I had a scary leak. This time the repairman diagnosed that something stood higher than the closing thing that goes across the drawer top when you shut it and turn the cycle on. I watched and asked him what to do if it happened again. Since I usually used only the top drawer the leak was coming from there onto the floor under the bottom one. He showed me how to release the latches on the drawer side and remove the drawer, then dry the area with towels and a hair dryer. It happened one other time when someone loaded a too tall plate that caused the sliding top to not close properly. That time I fixed it myself. When I rented the house out for two years I made sure they knew. Sold it this spring and let the new owners know. They're about 8 years old now and still in good shape.

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quiltnhen: I wish that was the issue that I was having. Might be a lot easier to fix. Unfortunately the problem I have persists even if there is nothing in the drawer. There is a tiny tiny drip which goes into the bottom of the unit itself. It has caused some soap to build up in there as well.

You can see some of the soapy build up from the last time I ran it empty with the face off of it. It already had a good amount of soap built up in it before this photo. This photo shows the build up of soap below the drawer itself in the containment space.

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I am sorry for your problem and hope you get it resolved. Why won't the place you bought the de drawer come out? Typically, dealers are required to service what they sell. And nobody wants to take on a problem.

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michellemarie: I wish I could have the dealer I bought it from come out and service it. But unfortunately I bought it in the US (including all my other appliances) and moved in outside of the country due to major major savings. So I'm stuck working with FP to fix this thing. Their dealer/service network is extremely limited here.

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