templated today-have very imp. quest..pls help!

michelle16July 30, 2012

My island is made like this picture where the posts bump out alittle. In this picture they did an ogee edge and went around the bumpouts like squares on the corners. i had envisioned just doing my eased edge like the perimiters and not going around each post, just one big square..problem is the overhang is 1" for inset cabinets, if I do 1" from the post(because the post sits out more than the base) the overhang will be 1 3/4, in my opinion too much, so do I have to go with the bump outs with the ogee, or just do the eased edge one big square with a deeper overhang? Just templated for 3 hours and so burnt out!! Pls help! Tks, Michelle

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another shot, you can see how it follows the posts, or should I do it straight accross, it then would be a deep overhang???

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sorry pic. didnt post before

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While the bump-outs on the countertop add a nice detail, I think you'll be fine with a straight square edge all around.

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Either would be fine. I don't think you need a full inch overhand over the posts (part of the overhang is to hang over the drawer pulls). You could do 3/4" on the posts and have 1 1/2" over the drawers. I do think going around the posts with an eased edge might look a bit chunky.

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I was afraid of doing something like the photos you posted would be hip-bangers.

Here is my island, the end with the posts:

And this is how they handled the post by the range top:

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greginacl, i thought of that but the post will have molding under it that is 3/4 thick, so 1" is to make sure it covers. bee- just emailed u, didnt see ur post here, sorry, so what is your overhang on the cabinet side of the island-by the endpanels?

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per my email response, this is the photo at the opposite end. It is 1.5" from the cabinet frame, not the door front.

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