Small table with granite scrap top

donaleenJuly 16, 2013

There was a discussion some time ago about using granite scraps. Well, now that our kitchen is done, my DH has made a couple little cedar tables and topped them with scraps from our granite counter top.

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Lovely, absolutely lovely. How lucky to have someone who can produce such a thing.

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That is so pretty. Love cedar.

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I really like it. Did your DH cut the granite himself?

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Beautiful! DH deserves a special dinner from your new kitchen.

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Thanks everybody. I'll pass the kudos on. to him.

No he did not cut the granite himself. The fabricator offered to cut the scrap into pieces for us for no charge. We have several more scraps. This is the second table he made. The first one is cut from a piece that has a slab edge. I like the uneven raw edge.

I must say though, even the small pieces are heavy suckers. And those little tables were FAST for him to make.

You can see the first one here.

Here is a link that might be useful: first small table

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Oh what cool stuff, a cat, granite, pencil line/subway backsplash. All my favorite stuff! If I did it right I'm now following your blog.

You were lucky the fabricator offered to cut them for you. Did you just guess at the sizes you wanted or were the tables already planned?

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Nice table! I love that your fabricator did that for you. Our fabricator didn't even leave the scraps with us.

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We guessed at the sizes. DH designed and made both tables in the past two weeks and he did lots of other things as well in that time. He made them to match up with a couple of scraps, keeping in mind what he wanted them for... one is beside the grill. One is beside his chair on the front porch. He really had fun with them... they were easy and fast and after all the time on the kitchen, small projects were very inviting.

I am honored that you are following my blog, debra.

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Holly- Kay

Wow, the tables DH made are lovely!

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