Granite countertop cleaner suggestions?

melkel31July 23, 2014

Does anyone have a great granite countertop cleaner they would highly recommend? I searched GW and mainly found posts from many years ago... Thought I'd survey to find the latest and greatest! btw... kitchen is almost finished! We decided to add on another project (floors in adjoining 2 rooms)so it's taking quite a bit longer than we planned ! :)

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I have two small pieces of granite countertop and just use warm water on a microfiber cloth.

We don't use it for food prep, and so far nothing has been too tough for water to remove.

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Here is a recent thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Cleaning Granite

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thank u! I do use mine for cooking, meat, eggs etc.. .MUST be cleaned with more than water haha! ;)

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Any neutral daily cleaner formulated for stone will work great.
Try to stay away from the 3 in 1 cleaners.
They cause build up especially on counters or surfaces that are dense and not porous.

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I just use water and a dishtowel while I'm working, maybe a little dish soap here and there. When I have time to clear everythink off the counters, I use Granite Gold from the grocery store and it works fine.

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thanks! I actually just bought Granite Gold :)

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Granite installer highly recommended the use of Simple Green.
I use the granite wipes after I wipe with just my soapy dish rag. I hate that my granite shows water marks - when I use the wipes they don't leave water marks.

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