Layout close to final - thanks for the input

Mgoblue85July 6, 2013

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback on my layout post a couple weeks ago, esp Herbflavor and Dan. Your comments triggered some more intensive thinking about what was important to me and how I would realistically use my kitchen versus how I think I might want to use it! That can be a very dramatic difference - at least for me.

Appreciate the suggestions of moving the window from between the range and oven. Unfortunately that was the one big item I had to work around. Perhaps I will put an herb stand there.

Anyway, I think I'm close to getting this finalized. I have an updated layout posted below. The only change is that I'm pretty sure I will have a range versus a range top and one single oven closest to the window with a base cabinet adjacent to it.

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I'd be tempted to remove that tall window and replace it with a shorter one. Then you could have a continuous counter along that wall.

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You can have a continuous counter along the window wall, just not one with cabs below.

It would be a great place to work (all the lovely light!); you could tuck a single, stylish, stool underneath for when you want to rest, while cooking. You could have the level the same as the stovetop counter or you could habe it lower if you wish to use it for baking/kneading. Just have a short, raised (less 1") backlip so nothing falls off.

If you chose a countertop made of butcher block, or something other than stone, for that section you could even arrange to allow it to be lifted out of the way when you wanted to clean the windows.

As for how it looks from the outside: well everything but the back of an electric can opener or MW looks fine from without. As does a rack with some hanging pots above.

Farmgirlinky's kitchen reveal showed a stunning, hand made stool that would be fab showcased in a window like that.



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That looks very workable to me. You have a nice prep area next to the fridge. You remove food from the fridge, swivel and place it next to the sink, where you clean it. You can then move it to the nice long counter between the fridge and the cooktop, where you probably have spice drawers and casseroles stored, or finish prep next to the sink. Then move to the cooktop or the oven. The ovens are out of the way of other activities, on the right side of the kitchen. The cooktop is not in the flow of traffic, either. There is room for someone to load the dishwasher after prep while someone else is cooking. You can sit at the island and do food prep and see outside. I like it!

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Gpraceman - if it weren't for the aesthetics (window is in front of brick house, which has a very symmetrical look), I would do more than consider, but alas...

Liriodendron- that's an interesting thought and definitely something to consider. A butcher block with a stool under could be kinda cool and useful. Thanks.

Nancy - Woo hoo - thanks! It's taken forever to get to this point. It seemed easy initially, but soon the fun turned to terror as I went through a mountain of drawing tweaks to get things just so given the window constraints. Appreciate the validation. I am excited to move forward now that I have a design that is functional...and that I like.

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The tambour door cab off on the right seems a smart move. I like this more open feel of window wall. How casual/vs.formal are you trending? It'll be fun to pick for this kitchen as it has presence but not too much to make pricing cabs give you sticker shock. I think you hit a nice balance with the plan.I maybe would have wrapped counter around instead of the tall pantry cabs, but they will be awesome for storage. [I just think you can never have enuf counter]. Your new kitchen will make your kitchen/living area so great for entertaining.....a definite upgrade.

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