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smsm24July 14, 2014

We will be starting a complete kitchen in the fall. We are a family of 2, soon to be 3. We love to cook from scratch, we brew our own beer and can and pickle stuff from our garden in the fall. We tend to be in the kitchen together. We also host my extended family quite a bit (well we host and my dad cooks, as he is a chef). We aren't willing to move the plumbing, windows, or doors. The wall between the kitchen and dinning room will come out. All (7) of the cabinets will be removed. It will be mostly DIY with Ikea cabinets, soapstone look laminate counters and we are unsure for flooring.

Here is our proposed layout. Each square is 3" by 3".

This is how I am thinking about how the flow will look in the kitchen.

Here are some pictures of what we currently have for perspective.

Kitchen from Dining room

Kitchen from Back Stairs (the wall behind the stove will come out)

Dinning room from current kitchen door

The dinning room is open to the living room

I would love any feedback. Anything i forgot? Anything that looks like it won't work?

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Please don't make us count the itty bitty squares to figure out your kitchen's dimensions! Edit your post to include a drawing with dimensions included: total room width and length, width of doorways, windows, width of wall between windows and doorways, etc.

If I counted the squares correctly, you're only allowing 31.5" from peninsula counter edge to fridge front (I subtracted 1.5" counter overhang). That's tight. A fridge door opens multiple times a day so that doorway will be blocked multiple times a day.

I didn't review more than the above because that alone made me go cross-eyed! (-:

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try this one (replaced with the correct layout)

Sorry i don't have a better tool for doing a layout.

Window is 78" with molding
Door to hallway is 39" with molding
Door to stairs is 45" with molding
coat closet is 36" with molding
You are correct the distance between the peninsula and fridge is 33" My though is that the french door fridge may help limit the blocking - maybe i need to re-think this. Do you think 36" is enough?

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Can you put the measurements on the graph? Personally I would just use real graph paper and a sharpie which is much easier to read.

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I made a few minor adjustments to your plan. Hopefully I understood the plan and your additional information enough.

What I did:

Moved fridge to the left end of the sink run, shifting DW, sink, drawer stack and upper cabinets towards the DR. That eliminates the pinch point you had in your plan.

I adjusted the width of the fridge cab to 39", based on my assumption that you have a 36" wide fridge. If you only have a 33" wide fridge, then a 36" fridge cab is likely sufficient. However, it will depend on your cab manufacturer. Frameless cabs are going to be narrower than face frame cabs.

I added a filler between DW and fridge to support the counter at this end.

I eliminated the 12" pull-out cab by the door to the stairs/outside, shifted the 2-30" drawer stacks 6" towards the doorway and added in a 6" spice/oil pull-out next to the range. This small change gives you a 37.5" not a 31.5" aisle at the doorway here. 31.5" is *tight*.

I eliminated the 3 drawer stack on the left wall since it created additional pinch points. I replaced it with a 9" deep tall pantry cab, recessed 3" into the wall. Here are examples of pantry cabs installed between stud space:

Transitional Kitchen by Falls Church Architects & Building Designers Ballard + Mensua Architecture

Craftsman Kitchen by Minneapolis Architects & Building Designers David Heide Design Studio

The one I'm proposing juts out 6" from the wall. This 42" wide, 9" deep, 84" tall cabinet will provide about 18 sq ft of pantry storage.

The blue line shows your prep path. The red line shows your clean-up path. Notice that these 2 paths intersect less than they do in your plan. The green lines shows table set-up. There's absolutely no intersecting with meal prep path, which is not the case with your preliminary plan.

I didn't add it but your kitchen would benefit from a prep sink at the end of the peninsula. 86" is a long way to carry a big pot of boiling water. You can still have the trash pull-out below it. It could double as a bar sink when you entertain.

How long is your DR? Do you have 60" of clearance between the table and the peninsula overhang? That is the recommended minimum aisle for back to back seating. I would stay with counter height for the whole peninsula. It gives you a large uninterrupted surface for spreading out with large projects, plus it could do double-duty as a buffet for your DR.

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thanks for the ideas lisa_a.

The reason i had the fridge on the right end of the sink run was 1 to block the sink mess and 2 so people could grab a beer without waking through the thick of things, but i do like what having it on the left end of that run does to the workflow and open feeling.

I would love a prep sink, but i have to see what the cost is going to be to add the plumbing. Plumbing is the one thing my family and I are less comfortable DIYing (we have original cast iron pipes that i don't want to mess with)

I am leaning towards a counter height peninsula as well, but again i am balancing using a bar to hide the mess and having a great open work space.

I will have 60" between the table. The dinning table we have now will be replaced and the wire shelves in the front window will be removed.

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I understand wanting to hide any sink mess but the only way I think the fridge makes sense there is if you reduce the peninsula to avoid a pinch point. I have 43" between my French door fridge and my island. That shrinks to 26" when the fridge doors are open. We can still sneak by but I wouldn't want it any tighter than that. Fridges are one of the most accessed appliances in a kitchen.

How about a double-sided glass cabinet at the end of the sink run to serve as a visual barrier between kitchen and DR instead? Something like this:

Traditional Kitchen by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This would be at the end of the cab run in the plan I drew up for you. In other words, it would extend a little into the DR. Use it to store dishes and glasses. With doors on front and back, you can easily put away dishes from the kitchen side and grab them to set the table from the DR side. The lower portion, facing the DR, could be glass doored, too, or be solid doored as shown in the above photo.

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Lisa's plan is so much better...not only because it opens up the space, but it brings the sink closer to the prep area.

If you don't feel comfortable moving the sink to the same wall as the range, then I would definitely do what Lisa is suggesting.

And when you open up all the rooms to one another, you are going to see a bit more mess...but the added light and space will be worth it! :)

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I found another inspiration photo that shows another way to open up the space but still have some definition between the two rooms. Obviously, the idea would have to be adapted for your space.

Traditional Kitchen by Concord Architects & Building Designers Battle Associates, Architects

You don't necessarily have to completely block the view. Generally something to distract or attract attention is enough.

Thanks, LL!

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