!!Rust Problem!!! with Kraus farmhouse sink stainless steel

KendraGJuly 8, 2013

I ordered this Kraus farmhouse apron front sink a while ago on Amazon, and am about to install it very soon for our new kitchen. But I saw a post from another forum yesterday saying that this Kraus sink rusts!!!

I'm so nervous now since once it is installed, we won't be able to replace it easily. And I really can't accept a rusty stainless steel sink :(

Here is the link to the sink I ordered. It is a very popular model on Houzz. Anyone on this forum use this sink? Do you have the same problem or not?
Any information will be helpfu!


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I am not familiar with the sink, but if it is truly 304 grade stainless steel it should not rust. Other, lesser grades are prone to rust, but 304 is marine grade. HTH

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Have you been using one of those steel/soap pads on it? I read someplace else that a repair guy was called in to deal with a rusted ss sink. He did a little investigation and found that the homeowner had been using a steel soap pad on it. The pad rusted and left a thin film of rust over the sink. He scrubbed the sink properly - with a nylon scrubber - which removed the rust and solved the problem.

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KendraG - don't freak out. The Kraus 16-gauge stainless steel sink does not rust. When rust appears on stainless steel it is because something external is on the stainless steel's surface that is rusting. You can use Barkeepers Friend to remove it.

Note that ANY stainless steel sink can show rust if steel wool like Brillo or other steel wool pads are used on it. I repeat, ANY brand of stainless steel sink, not just Kraus. When you see rust from steel wool, it's from the iron residue left by the steel wool on top of the stainless steel. I'll quote from Franke's website:

Steel wool or metal scouring pads should never be used to clean your sink as they will leave a residue of small iron particles. They may not be readily visible, but they will lead to rusting and corrosion of the sink.

The person you mentioned who wrote that his/her sink showed rust cleaned it with steel wool, and it's the steel wool that is rusting. Also, your link to Amazon shows 17 reviews, all excellent, no mention of rust. The overstock website also has superb reviews on the Kraus sinks. But you are only focusing on the one mention about rust on a forum. Do you really even want this sink, or are you looking for a reason not to buy it?

Here is a link that might be useful: OP's Kraus Sink on Amazon

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Wow, the title implied there is an actual rust problem. But it's actually just about one stray comment on a forum somewhere. !And 5 exclamation points! And the OP just signed up today to the GW! I think that it's inflammatory, misleading, subject titles like these that get people like the OP upset. My radar is going off.

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Unfortunately I received my Kraus apron sink yesterday and it came with 2 scratches, a dent and the edges are not straight. I am very disappointed. Waiting on responses from Kraus.

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