Pics of cream colored cabinets with light brown glaze

mrsandrewsJuly 31, 2008

For those of you who are in the chase for the elusive perfect off white, not too yellow, not too gray, not too pink, etc. here is a pic of my cabs, they are still a bit yellowy looking in certain lights, but Im very happy with them. I'll find out the exact colors my cabinet guy used if you like. I hope the cream cabs don't look weird w/the bright white ceilings.

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Your cabinet pic didn't show up :-)

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Your cabs look beautiful! I would love to find out what your cab and ESP. glaze colors are! I just had an entertainment center built (it looks great; I'm really excited) and I need to let my guy know what color glaze to do *soon*--like tomorrow :-) My cab was painted in SW Ivoire, and I don't want the glaze to make it any yellower. Right now it reads creamy ivory to slightly yellow (depending on time of day/lighting), and that's fine. Plus, I only want a very light amount of glazing to remain, which is how yours look on my monitor. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Again, it's looking great over at your house. Can't wait to see your finished project!

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I can't see your photo.

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Oh, I see them now -- just the original pic was deleted. Beautiful cabinets! We are hoping ours will look like yours in the end :-)

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Very nice. My sister is on that quest, but would need to know paint brand, color name, and the glaze used, if possible. Thanks!

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OKThe glaze is wonderful. I love that it is just enough to highlight the details but doesn't look overdone or "dirty". It is from Warehouse paints and it is called Walnut or dark walnut. Be right back, I'll go ask to make sure. HTH!

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Thanks so much. (The cabinet maker doesn't know what he used? What if you need something touched up or another piece to match?)

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I saw on the other thread that he custom mixed the color, so that explains why he doesn't have an answer. I still think that could be a problem if you need a touch up, a new door, or want a matching cabinet, though.

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Love the color. I am using cabinet rescue, and I would like to tint the product before using it. I am searching for this type of color. Any suggestions on how close I can get to it at home depot paint station. What color should I ask for?

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