tonic16July 19, 2014

We finally have a plan for our kitchen - drawings are almost complete; we have selected the cabinets, and style. However, my husband and I cannot seem to agree on the wood and color. I initially wanted hickory (so incredibly hard, and I have four boys!), my husband wanted cherry. Then, we both 'flipped' - I'm leaning toward cherry, and he is thinking hickory! I think I'd like to go with a medium color stain, that shows some of the natural grain of the wood, and a darker counter, but have not found pictures that might show this combination, despite countless searches. If I could find pictures, I may be able to sway my husband back - or perhaps lean his way. ANY help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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houzz.com probably has images. Check it out

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Here's a Hickory with dark counter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hickory plus dark counter

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Cherry option

Here is a link that might be useful: Cherry/dark counter

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Thank you! I have searched on houzz several times, and actually saw the hickory with black honed counter, but not the cherry combination. Thank you for taking the time to share. Now I'm hoping to find the fun in this process! :)

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Cherry is considered a hardwood I think, but it's one of the softer hardwoods. If that matters.

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Not a problem. I've been looking at darker stain with dark counters myself. I think my space is to small to go as dark on the cabs as I would truly love. But the Cherry/Dark picture may just become my inspiration pic. :)
So it was a two fold search.

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Here's a pic of our cherry cabs and dark (soapstone) counter.

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Thank you! This is all very helpful. katy-lou are you able to tell me the color of stain used on your cherry wood cabinets?

My understanding is that cherry is considered a hardwood, but not as hard as the hickory.

Thanks again.

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i just had maple cabinets (with a dark cherryish stain) installed. i originally wanted cherry but thought maple that looked like cherry would be more durable. i already have dings and they have only been up since late april. we thought about hickory but shied away as i couldn't envision a whole kitchen of hickory and was afraid it would be too rustic. in hindsight i wish i had gone oak or hickory. hope this helps!

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The picture is darker than in real life. The cabinets are natural
Cherry, no stain only Danish oil. They have naturally darkened some in the sunlight. I can post some other pics of them here if you need. They are so pretty in the sunlight

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If you are going with cherry and want the natural grain of the wood to show then I think it might be best to not stain them. You should also upgrade to select cherry to avoid having sapwood included in you cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
I used verde peacock granite with my natural cherry cabinets (no stain but still a medium wood color to my eyes). It seems like I have posted this picture a million times but since you were looking for examples of medium cherry with dark counters here it is once again:

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Thank you! The pictures and input are so helpful! We are meeting with the designer tomorrow - hopefully I will finalize some decisions then. I truly appreciate the pictures, and experiences. I feeling much less stuck! :)

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Another picture for your consideration. This is our kitchen from the house we just sold. Natural cherry cabs with Blue in the Night granite that reads black. Good luck!

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Thanks for the added photo nhbaskets; the visuals really help! We did meet with the designer yesterday - it looks as though we are going with the hickory (not the rustic hickory). Have a medium stain identified, and am narrowing in on the floor. My energy for the project is being renewed! Thanks for the help! (I'm guessing I'll be back - you have all been so helpful!).

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Another question - I'll ask it here, but am wondering if it would be better to start another thread.
In our design, there is a 'dead corner' (heavy sighsâ¦) if we were to do a cabinet door on the back side of it (it's part of the peninsula, (snack counter) but, my husband prefers the look of that side without doors. So, I've looked at all kinds of 'add ons' for corner space, but am more curious as to the functionality of them - they really vary in design -

http://www.rev-a-shelf.com/c-12-blind-corner-accessories.aspx (several different styles on this site)

I'd like to hear of experiences with any of the above - pros/cons, etc. Thanks!

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This is the corner - it is the door to the right of the cook top.

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Can you do an inset door on the back, with a "push to open" latch? It would be pretty unobtrusive.

I have two corners in my kitchen, so I've thought of lots and lots of options. What I ended up doing was put a super susan in one, and close off the other completely. Mine is an outside wall, not a peninsula, so access from the other side isn't an option.

A year later, I am still thrilled with the result! I put drawers on both sides, and use them every day; if I had gone with a pull-out system like you showed, I wouldn't have had a drawer stack for things like utensils, bags and wraps, and towels. I had enough storage space in the kitchen for things I don't use often, so I didn't need to figure out a way to access that corner (though I sure would have, if I could get to it from the other side).

While you're at it, put drawers on both sides of the cooktop (unless one is a trash pullout).

And be forewarned - the glass front cabinet on the end may be hard to access. Either it will be a really long reach for someone on the kitchen side, or the door will be in the way for someone on the seating side. Make sure that door can open 180 degrees.

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Toni -
I have those pull-outs and they are NICE ...

However, it might be possible to hide a door on the other side of the peninsula - Maybe a sliding panel. Under the eating ledge it wouldn't be conspicuous.

The push-to-open latch would be handle-free and also inconspicuous. It'sa pity to waste any space.

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Here is a version of the combo in the link below. Hickory sometimes can be busy but maybe that isn't always true depending on how many cabinets there are and the stain color used. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I really appreciate the input (and warnings!). I thought about the reach to the cabinet with the glass doors (as I'm short to begin with)â¦this space will likely hold those special items, not used as frequently, but which I still enjoy.

The work on our mud/laundry space should be completed in the next 3 weeks - then it's time to start the kitchen! I'm overwhelmed, and excited at the same time!

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Don't know if this will be useful. The perimeter is cherry with a cordovan stain; the island is walnut with an expresso stain. We used the stains to contrast with the existing oak floors and walls, which match the adjoining family room and which we did not want to change. The perimeter countertop is leathered black pearl.

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