I think I've fallen in love, please tell me he's ugly and not goo

akl_vdbJuly 18, 2014

good for me!

I was not looking for a backsplash, I'm waiting until my kitchen is done. I was looking for a fireplace surround.
Anyways, my mother was with me looking for whatever she was looking for, and showed me this. I think I'm in love.

But I was going to go for a cooler (as cool as I could go with my counter) look in the kitchen, perhaps a whitish subway. It's already painted revere pewter while waiting for the cabs to be installed.

Now, I will not order this right now or anything, so you don't have to talk me off the ledge, but damn it looks good with the counter!

Too much brown going on? Beautiful? You'd be foolish not to pick this? You'd be crazy to pick this. I need a poll. What does the collective wisdom of GW have to say? And as always, thank you for contributing to the crazy with all your wonderfully thought out opinions so I can mull them over :)

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He's ugly....I can't do it, he's not ugly! LOL Truthfully, it's hard to tell from the small sample, but might end up being too much going on with a whole wall of it. I'm torn....

BTW, what kind of counter is that? That's the look I'm going for in my now-a-year-out remodel.

I know, I'm sorry, I was no help whatsoever....

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A whole backsplash might be too much. Can you use it as an accent stripe?

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No prob KBSpider :) You tried! It might be too much.

It's Cambria quartz canterbury. We love it. We had it installed last year, had a kitchen flood, decided to change the cabs, so we have lived with it for many months (now lived without it for many months, grrr).

It has every neutral colour around so it goes with so much. It has the slightest specs of copper which you can play up if you want (ie, ORB faucet, or copper sink, what have you)(of course, we have none of that :) )

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I agree accent stripe would be great. Is it Tortoise Shell like?

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Thanks for the opinions terri_pacnw and vickimp. Maybe it's too much. It's not tortoise shell like, it's glass with like, foil behind it. Sounds so wonderful, eh?

Maybe a better picture?

And I am wholeheartedly against accent strips, so I won't do that, but thanks for the suggestions!

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Thanks for letting me off the hook - I was feeling bad... ha! And thanks for the detailed info on the counter; I do really like it.

I think Vickimp and terri_pacnw might be on to something with doing an accent stripe. Edited to add: never mind; saw your reply...

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Yes, it is beautiful, but no, it is not good for a whole wall.(IMO, I think that it overwhelms your other elements.)

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I like it better in the first pic than the second. The first pic looks darker and shows less iridescence (is it iridescent or is it a trick of the camera in the second pic?). Even in the first pic, it is shiny and looks a little glam, and though I like it, I'd be concerned about how it would play over a large area. In the second pic, the shiny/glam/iridescent dominates even more, and if that's how it comes off IRL, I definitely wouldn't do the whole backsplash in it.

Like you, I'm not a fan of accent stripes, so I'm not suggesting that. But maybe you can find a brown (or other dark) tile that's merely glossy that will capture some of what you like about this tile without the "look-at-meeee" thing this bad boy has going on.

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It is iridescent, which is what I tried to capture in the second pic cawaps. I like shiny :) Probably too shiny? Too drama queen? Esp with my rusticy floors and simple shaker cabs?

Thanks for the honesty! I come for the pics, I stay for the honest opinions!

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I can kinda see the attraction, but I'm not a fan of the shapes of the tile. And worse, I don't think he plays nicely with your other elements. Can you keep him um, discreetly, somewhere else without blowing up your harmonious kitchen family?

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kksmama- what do you see in my harmonious kitchen family?

I don't think he'd be one to stay in the corner until I'm ready to deal with him :)

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I'm in. Beautiful.

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I like it.

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Look. You know he can't be separated from his dark leather jacket and biker boots. He's dark!!! But some bikers are good guys who just like the wind. It's just a matter of compensating. Add a little sweetness and light elsewhere. Get good u/c lighting. Put a shiny vase or bowl on the counter. Will he be a standout among the rest of the family? Sure! But do you really want a guy who looks like everyone else you know? Sometimes a little mismatch is a good thing!

So now comes the dating period. Make sure you see him every day in all kinds of light. Don't forget to caress him and offer him a dish of this or a pitcher of that (to make sure he looks good with your dishes). If you get bored, it was a passing fancy. But you know that. If infatuation turns into love, go for it and be happy!

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I love that tile! How much backsplash are we talking about?

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One of my neighbors has white cabs and a gorgeous brown 3 x 6" tile backsplash. Her granite is a little different than yours, perhaps a bit more white in it...but it is a lovely, lovely combination. It wouldn't be as "loud" as your iridescent backsplash. You might want to try a solid brown and see how it looks.

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I don't think he goes well with the quartz, so don't come crying to me...

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I think it's beautiful. Really beautiful. But I have a hard time understanding how someone who is attracted to a white subway tile would also be attracted to this. This coming from a very non "white subway" gal.

Some of the most beautiful kitchens are those where someone chose to make a bold statement. What's important is that you really love it.

Kitchen by Lexington General Contractors Welsh Construction, Inc.

Contemporary Kitchen by Doylestown Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Superior Woodcraft, Inc.

Traditional Kitchen by Lexington General Contractors Welsh Construction, Inc.

Contemporary Kitchen by Mount Vernon Interior Designers & Decorators Huntwoods Manor Design LLC

Contemporary Kitchen by Portland Kitchen & Bath Designers Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Contemporary Kitchen by Little Rock Interior Designers & Decorators L. Antonetti Design

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I could see that working, I really could. He is veryy stroong, of course, but with some white and/or pewter pieces in front itt could work out real well! And I agree wiyh doing something a little different if you love it. In the end that is all that matters.

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Looks too strong to me too. Maybe provide the whole design. Sometimes they work, depending.

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Maybe you could fall for this guy.

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plllog - why did you never talk to the rest of us like that?

aklvdb - buy around 4 square feet. Stick to a sample board and grout (this should fit under your countertops). Take pictures from 'straight on' and we will photoshop for you how it will look throughout the kitchen. (You can reuse the tile).



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Like both individually, just not together. Sorry.

Maybe a different countertop or can you use it in another room (bathroom)?

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I really like the tile and would do it for a splash even though I generally like light splashes that will bounce light. Lighting would be really important with this bad boy. That said, I'm not sure that I would like a whole run or whole kitchen of this tile plus counter together. It strikes me as too much going on. If you really love the tile, can you still pick a calmer counter material?

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Gorgeous tile. Stunning granite. THEY need to date, fall in love and and marry. However I think they each have too much personality of their own for their association to be long and happy.

Use photoshop and copy the tile across a large space and then do the same to the counter on the base. I think you'll let one of them depart from your life gracefully.

Try this link to see options on how you can play with colour

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He's handsome, but he's battling for attention with your quartz. As Maria Killam says, one star of the show. And everything but the BS looks harmonious, but the BS is looking hot-blooded, especially next to an expanse of cool white cabinetry.

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What about putting it just behind your range and then something else for the rest of the backsplash. I'm with you on accent rows of tiles.

The first pic that poohpup posted at 21:24 is exactly what we have behind our range (not a whole wall of it, although I love it enough to have asked if we could but ID suggested not and she was right) with the rest being an off-white matte subway tile.

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I love the backsplash, but not with that granite countertop. Have you already purchased the granite?

If so, use the backsplash on the fireplace and enjoy it there!

...and as for telling you something (one) is not good for you...when do any of us EVER listen to our friends, when it comes to this subject? :)

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gr8tday and Trebruchet, thanks for the opinions!

greenhaven-I'll take my time, to see if it is really what I want.

pillog-sigh, he makes me swoon, even in the light of the morning, no regrets ;) I'll keep him around for a while to see if he's more than a passing fancy.

suzannesl- we have about 30 sq feet (which is good because this bad boy ain't cheap!)

may_flowers-when he breaks my heart for being to fast and flashy? -The colour doesn't go well, or the style?

poohpup-what can I say, I'm fickle and trying to find myself :) I had been looking for a coppery bs previously, but I couldn't find one that wasn't too coppery (if that makes sense)

oldbat2be-tahnks for the offer! I'll see if the tile shop has anymore samples I could bring home (it's an out of town order)

romy718-thanks for the pic. The brown is not speaking to me, but I love how you've shown me the white with the brown.

lastcatx-the counter was already in last year, but we had a kitchen flood and are replacing the floors and cabs.

Thanks gemcap and gooster-I get your drift.

lavenderlass-too funny! I think I picked a tile for my fireplace, I posted the link

snookums, here's a pic of what our kitchen looked like just after we did the little reno last year. I don't think I'll put the tile around the sink now, it seemed a bit awkward. Now keep in mind our cabs will be creamy white, our floors will be med/darker brown rusticy, so completely different! But you can see where the tile will go!

And we already have the old bs ripped out, I kind of liked it, how it was simple, but it didn't have enough sparkle for me, only the odd tile sparkled and the rest looked like chalk. And the colour was a bit off for the counter.

I think I've got everyone, thanks for all the help!

Here is a link that might be useful: for fireplace

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Other side of kitchen

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Hun, you've had an "Ahhh HA!" moment.
Nothing, ever, from now on will work. If you don't do it, it will be the tile that got away.

Plus, it's totally cool. In a bad boy kinda way.

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I love the tile and the personality and bling it will bring to your kitchen!! I am most definitely an "anything but subway tile" kinda gal...and I love it when someone does something different....soooo....live with it for a bit, make a sample board if you need to to be sure and then GO FOR IT!!!

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Is the white the cabinets?

In that case, I can't see it. Sorry.

He's exciting but short term. In fact, those skinny little ones are already have-beens here.

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I think it is BE U TI FULLL, and the way it is broken up on your walls will be GRAND.


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You mentioned you were picking a fireplace tile. Is it visible from the kitchen? Could you use it there instead?

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There was a post from a while back where someone ended up ripping out an expensive backsplash because they loved it so much they didn't notice it competed with the counter. I will be bold and say you have a big chance of doing the same thing. Both are nice, but not together.

From someone who got married for the first time in her 40's .... You (fill in the blank) the bad boys and marry the good ones. ;)

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1929Spanish-I saw that post. I don't know if this is along the same lines, but I can see it. I'm going to ask the tile store what brand it is and see if the company has anything similar but a bit simpler. And I did marry the bad boy, who turned out to be the best father and provider anyone could ask for :) I like your style ;)

Anenemity-I think I decided on a stackstone for the fireplace, thanks for the options!

Thank you springroz!

nosoccermom-thanks for the heads up on it perhaps being passe before it's even installed!

dcward89 and CEFreeman- I'm feeling the love. Thanks!

This is the fireplace. To the left is the kitchen eat in area and the kitchen (for reference)

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We have a busy granite (blue pearl) with a busy glass mosaic tile BS, and sometimes busy goes with busy. I know it's not for everyone and it will drive some people nuts.

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I like it gsciencechick. And my parents still have that same cookie jar, goes great with the aqua KA mixer!

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I like gsciencechick's too. There's no competing undertones or patterns. In your case, you're finding little specks of that golden coppery brown in your countertop and matching the tile to it. What we see in the photo is a better representation of how it will look installed because we can't see the specks. When installed, the eye will blend together those specks and you'll only see undertones. I think the brown will go more golden and orange like tortoiseshell, and I don't see any of that color in your counter. Then look at what it does to your countertop--it makes it look flat and lifeless. That's what went wrong in your first BS. You missed the undertones in your old BS, which was a cool white/gray, where your quartz is warm.

I could see that tile in some moody penthouse apartment, not in your modest-sized family kitchen. Look at poohpup's examples. Those are all very high-end kitchens with a lot going on to balance the tile.

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That was DH's cookie jar when he was a kid, LOL. MIL found it at the house and brought it over.

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Another pic?

thanks for the honest opinion may_flowers. I appreciate it. Can't we have a moody suburban home ;)

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I love it!
I am sitting here thinking where I could use it and does it come in a lighter color? I think that may be the ticket- does it come in a slightly lighter color? you are probably feeling apprehensive because it is so dark more than the glam factor. Overall, I feel like the contrast would be good and force the cabinets to pop.

I agree, get a larger sample and live with it. Please let us know what you decide!

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He's not ugly, but I don't think he goes with the white cabinets. I agree with the general opinion of letting only one be the star, either the granite or the backsplash. You have beautiful granite, so I'd pick a subdued backsplash, let the granite shine. . Some don't like the idea of a liner with this tile, I actually think a liner combined with a simpler tile would look great. The suggestion to buy some of these tiles, mount them on a backerboard and place them on the counter to see how they look is a good one. Remember under a cabinet, its going to look even darker than it does in the showroom. Undercabinet lighting would be needed with this tile too, I think.

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I like it a lot. If you are going to go simple with your BS as an example, all subway tile, why not just paint and be done? I really think a BS should pop. I am familiar with your counter quartz and a very similar BS. I almost did it myself, but hubby wanted granite.

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I love all the rooms and comments posted above. Can you find any inspiration pics you like that include the elements you've already chosen? Romy's selection works and I think it is worth examining how/why (I guess it because the white grout and tile shape tie in the white cabinets, and the tile color harmonizes with the floor, counters, and window treatments).
Did you do the sweeby test for the kitchen as a whole and the backsplash in particular? I totally understand not wanting to have anything too similar to what you just ripped out (though it looked lovely to me) and definitely commend your courage to walk on the wild side.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweeby test

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I have been studying the pictures that Poohpup posted trying to decipher why they seem to work but your elements don't (in my mind anyway. I never claim to have much design sense or creativity).

They all have the common element of wood cabs, usually a somewhat lighter finish than the tile. Could it be that the wood sort of "absorbs" and neutralizes the impact of the bling-y tile just enough? And the lovely finishes on the wood have their own depth.

Also, the counters, although they have pattern, seem quiet and either lighter or much darker and solid appearing than the tile. They are neutral next to the tile, as are the cabinets.

Even blue pearl granite is somewhat quiet/neutral as pictured above, because it comes off as a majority dark surface despite the shiny bits. It is just a bit more assertive but still works with the tile in that kitchen.

We tend to think of white finished cabs as neutral, but I think that depends on what they are paired with. If they blend into the rest of the wall then yes. If the wall has contrasting paint, not necessarily. In that great navy blue and white kitchen that pops up here regularly, the white bits are definitely not neutral!

Your counter doesn't seem quiet or neutral to me. It is a rather busy, lots of contrast speckle but, next to the tile, looks dull and kind of shallow and unhappy. There is too little cabinet sample to be sure, but it doesn't seem to pull the other elements together.

I still vote no -- but, you are the one living with it, so if your eyes like it, why not?

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I'll be honest... I think it's rather ugly. It reminds me of decor from the late 70s/early 80s. I think it would be overwhelming to do a whole wall in it... maybe an accent stripe as others suggested. I would let the cambria shine and pick something that's less likely to upstage it.

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This has to be the most creative post and answers I have read!

I fell in love with a bling tile to go with my Cambria buckingham and was sure they would make a happy marriage. I posted on GW and showed my SIL and friends. GW voted it down as two alphas (in actuality -2 divas!)

My friends gave it a split decision and SIL loved it.

After a period of courting and dating, the pair decided that marriage was not in their future.

I still wanted a bit of bling and did go with an accent strip with crema 5x5 tiles. I used the accent strip to break square set and diagonal set tiles. It wasn't in my vision but sometimes you need to open your eyes to all possibilities.

As all have said, take your time. It is bold and gorgeous - just be sure before you tie the final not.

If you do it - maybe even one step further and place it vertically. Take a look at badgergal's cooktop with vertical tile and I believe a patterned granite

Keep us updated on the courtship.

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I also have similar countertops and have been looking for a backsplash for three years. I also tend to go towards the coppers I did find this one, but can't pull the plug. As much as I love it I know it may be too busy for the space. I would love to find a nice light cream/brown glass subway but they are impossible to find the right shade to match..

However we did put this tile in my dads rental renovation. The cupboards are dark and the counters are similar color and it looks great. But its a very small kitchen, however it really pops. I thought it might be too busy and it wasn't. (Im braver with other peoples homes then I am with my own) Id' post a picture of that one done up with the copper but unfortunately my phone was stolen a few months past and that is where the picture was.

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So many opinions, I wish there was a poll function, it seems kind of split, but maybe more no's.

raee-I can see where the bling would possibly look better with a wood cab, the richness and depth of the wood would be a compliment vs the simple white cab (in my mind I understand what I'm trying to say!)

Thanks a2gemini, usually my posts are so boring, I love the responses to this one!

kksmama-Sweeby test. Hmmm. I want it all. That's the problem. I like calm and serene, we're quite boring and the cambria was so exciting for us with the copper specs ;). Thanks for that, I'll try to write down my thoughts!

Oh, but I stare at him as I walk into the kitchen and I'm smitten all over again! I love the sparkle.

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Working it out with the Sweeby is a great thing to do, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

If you want the Cambria to be the star, kick the bad boy backsplash out of your house and never say his name again. Your counter will be the wingman that gets the girls that don't have a chance with the Chosen One. Always a few steps behind and with hardly any of the sparkle.

The combination isn't harmonious. That's what the "ugly" word is about. It's a little off, it's very busy (organic splotches vs. lines, little sparkles vs. iridescence, neutral grounds vs. in your face color), and it's highly unexpected.

That's what makes it glorious though. It's unusual and daring and just a bit off. Which makes it exciting, interesting and sexy, which, I think, is your point. And I think it'll look great with the white. The white isn't the issue. This kind of look is done in high end design all the time, with a well of a counter space in a single deep color theory, breaking up an expanse of monochromatic white cabinets. That works fine from a design point of view.

Maybe not if you're prone to day after kinds of mornings. You don't want to throw your just poured coffee at him shouting, "What the H*LL are YOU grinning at?" But if you rise just kind of sleepy and wander into the kitchen, he'll be there smiling at you, saying, "Wake up, Darling! Let's dance!"

And if, before you're wed, you answer, "Eh. Get over yourself. I'm going to go wash my hair," you'll know it's time to start dating an accountant.

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This one is too dark but it is crisp looking rather than muddy looking.
Your love is too complicated, too needy. You need someone sharp but also willing to share the limelight.

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I think I've come back down to earth after my brief, torrid affair.
Pillog, what you said regarding the counter being the wing man, I don't want it to be. I love our counter, and whenever we looked at bs I always say, only one clown in the kitchen. I got swept up in the empty promises that the sparkle could give me. I did like it because it is pretty much one colour, with variation.

romy718-my love is complicated, I'm confused. I didn't go out looking for this, keep that in mind. I was simply minding my own business, when out he came, wooing me. Thank you for the pic. When the cabs are all done, I'll take a look at something like that and see how it reads in my space.

On a great note, my cabs were delivered yesterday, and install will start Tuesday.

Thank you for the fun of this thread. I needed the opinions. I have so much going on in this house, I'm tired. And it'll probably get worse before it gets better!

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So, did you ever keep a great shirt that the not so great boyfriend left behind?

How about buying a few sheets of the tile and making a planter covered in them to go on the other side of the room?

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I did not pillog, I'm a love 'em and leave 'em type of girl :)

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I also found some marble tile that I loved, but would not work in any of my rooms. However, I bought some pieces of it and plan to make it into a top for a small table on my enclosed porch. I have something like this in mind.

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Super cute mdln! I wish I could have a recliner on my grass ;) That's so odd!

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I think raee put her finger on what I found "off" about it. It would pair up very well with a warm wood stained finish, its the white and the dark brown tile that is just a bit jarring to me. Having said that, romy718's photo of the white cabinets/dark backsplash does look lovely, so who can say? Choosing a backsplash is hard, I didn't realize it until we had to pick ours. We brought home several samples of tile, all which looked like they would be perfect for us in the showroom. Until we got them home, under our lighting conditions that is. Then, we found a lot of them were not even close to working for us. Finally, finally, after many trips back and forth, we found the right one. Take your time, no rush to get the backsplash done. Bring home samples, see how they look in your kitchen, with your lighting. But, when you do finally decide, get what you love and don't worry so much about what others think.

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I think it's the style difference, the color, and the competition with your counters. Shaker is more traditional while narrow glass mosaic strip is contemporary. It's fine to use glass in a more traditional shape (e.g. subway), but IMO contemporary shape and material is somehow wrong.
Then you have the strong contrast of white and brown; and your relatively busy counters.

Sorry, can't have it all :)))


Just saw this picture in a 8.75 mio house.

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Thanks hpny2- I understand, and I will wait until it's all done. I will probably go simpler, way simpler, once all the elements are in place. I do want the counter to be the star.

nosoccermom- was that an 8.75 mil house? It's probably the servants guest house fireplace :) But that's like my house, with those windows that cause me nothing but grief (more expensive draperies etc.)

Thanks for the breakdown on traditional etc, I had even pooh poohed a glass backsplash before as it was too moderny. I will wait. I will wait. Cabs first, put kitchen back together second. Wait for floors. Do the rest of the house (which I have a few threads going on!)

This forum is awesome, so many knowledgable people!

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Sorry for digressing. Yes, it's a contemporary 8.75 mio house. It's their sunroom --- not the servant's guest house.
See link below. Maybe you can get some inspirations :)

Here is a link that might be useful: 8.75 mio contemporary

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Well I am not knowledgeable in the least, but I've learned the hard way with some things. I foolishly painted my kitchen walls BEFORE the backsplash was in, the paint seemed like the perfect color, but once the backsplash was in, I realized the paint was all wrong. So once the backsplash was done, I repainted again. I needed to see everything done to really figure out the right color paint. I think we all tend to get tired of having the kitchen torn apart, so the tendency to hurry up and decide, just to get it finished can sometimes cause us to choose things we later regret. Take you time, think it all over, get used to the cabinets and counters first and then perhaps you'll find the right backsplash. I never truly understood those who said the backsplash was the hardest thing to choose, until we had to pick one.

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So does this mean he's back on the market? I kind of like him. But I will have to think of a place we could meet. My backsplash is terribly jealous and there's not a square to spare.

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hpny2- We have also painted (well, the resto company did), and did revere pewter. Hopefully will go with a lot. I saw a post on here before and she did RP and the same colour of our cabs, so after looking at too many colours, I just chose it. I will wait for bs, I promise :)

gr8day- he's back on. Not a square to spare ;)

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