Wolf 36" range with island trim vs 5" riser

thornhillJuly 25, 2013

I have had the Wolf 36" all gas range for about 18 months. We have the island trim even though it is not on an island with a white marble tile backsplash. On the far left and far right above the trim the heat has caused the tile and grout to take on a brown/orange hue. I scrub this every so often and it takes most of the colour off, but not all of it. Over time less and less is coming off. I decided that perhaps I would purchase the 5" trim even though I don't like the look as much if it prevents this issue. I am concerned that the same staining will occur, just 5 inches higher. Anyone have any great insight into this?

Thanks so much

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I have the 5inch trim. At first I didn't think I'd like the look, but I really do. My previous range had the island trim, and I like this better. I've only had the range for a few months, but there is no discoloration on the grout, which is a light cream color. One of the reasons I selected the 5inch trim was to hopefully prevent the problem you are experiencing. The vent holes on the trim face the front, so the heat is not escaping directly onto the tiles .

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I usually place a strip of aluminum foil behind the island trim on our Wolf AG range, when I use the oven (especially for high heat or long time cooking). I angle the foil slightly forward in order to deflect the heat and steam that is venting from the oven, away from our backsplash tile/grout.

This way, we get to have the look we prefer (lower, island trim), yet still protect our backsplash if/when needed.

I either save the foil to use another time(s), or toss it out when I'm finished using the oven.

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No tile yet in my kitchen, but I will use this trick, since I have the wolf and small island trim-thanks cat mom!

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Thanks for the feedback. I think I may have to get the riser. I doubt I am consistent enough to do the foil trick.


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I have the 10" riser and never, ever would have chosen this on my own. But, we bought a floor model that had this riser as a part of the purchase. I like it a lot, probably more than I would have liked the 5", because I think it makes a statement.

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