quartz slab: how much reserve is needed for fabrication

M_N_AJuly 31, 2013

I am trying to see how to best leverage a slab without going for another slab which is a big waste

let's say the slab is 120"x25.5" and I need 2 pieces of 60" each and the edge does NOT need to be finished, does it work if it's cut right in the middle? Is any extra measurement need to be allocated for cutting?

What if all 4 short edges need to be polished, how much should be reserved for polishing and what is the max size we can get out of it?

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Are you sure you will be paying for full slabs?

Since we were going with a popular granite, our fabricator will only charge us for the actual square footage used. They can use the remainder for other clients of theirs. If we'd have chosen some less popular granite, we would have been paying for full slabs.

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different stores go differently I believe

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My people said if they bring a slab in for us we buy the whole slab. If they already have the slab (whether it is regular, select, premium quality) they only charge for what they cut. Everyone is different, I guess.

I think they can make the edge smaller but you may not like the look. I know my fabricator said he usually takes off an inch all around and 1/8 or 1/4 inch for the width of the blade is lost. (I forgot which one)

I am in the same boat. My slab may or may not fit. I guess I will find out next week. I really don't want to pay for another quartzite slab. I could use all of it eventually in the rest of the house, but I am not remodeling the rest yet. I don't want the slab in my garage in case it gets broken. That would kill me. Peke

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