Countertops: Bianco Granite vs. Nougat Caesarstone?

javamom66July 5, 2012

I have spent a week reading many many GW posts about countertops, but still kinda going back and forth about granite vs. engineered stone. I really need a very light colored counter to bounce light around our rather dark kitchen. I have a dark counter right now and it seems to suck away all the light in the room.

I really like the look of the Nougat Caesarstone but it is pushing the very limits of our budget. I think we can get Bianco Romano or Bianco Antico granite cheaper.

My understanding is that these lighter granites may be less "durable" than the darker, heavier granites. The new counters will not be babied. We've had laminate in the past and it has been very easy to care for. We always use trivets and cutting boards, so I don't think we will be too rough on the surface in that manner. There are herds of teen boys who roar through our kitchen, however, so I do need something that can stand up to spills and bangs.

Should we bite the bullet and go with the Caesarstone or should I try to pick out a light granite?


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It sounds like you really like the Caesarstone and you will have to live with it a long time so I would say yes to bite the bullet and go for it. : ) as long as it doesn't take food off the table. I can tell you from experience that you should really want and like what you pick out, makes all the difference in how you will feel about your kitchen when it is finished.

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can't help you! I chose both: BA for the kitchen and nougat for a teen bath :-)
but i did test my BA sample, let red wine set on it over night, tried many products, put tomato sauce on it, nothing harmed the sample I have. good luck!

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