How do you organize your baking supplies?

gardenwebberJuly 3, 2008

In my new kitchen, I have a 27" upper cabinet dedicated to just baking supplies (sugars, flours, other ingredients, all that good stuff)

I do not know how to organize it. Right now, all my bags of flour/sugar are in there with the tops rolled down as tightly as I can, and I have small stuff (like baking powder, vanilla, etc) sitting on the shelf taking up only 1/2 or less of the vertical room that is actually there. My cabinets are 36" tall, so there is a lot of room in there. Was thinking of getting an additional shelf or wire lift to put another layer of things on.

Anyways - I don't like rolled-over bag tops. I would love to store my flours/sugars in a more airtight container, but don't know what? I was thinking even if I just got some plastic bins with airtight lids (like gladware, perhaps) to store it in, then I would label the outsides.

Would anyone like to show me the inside of their baking cupboard?

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three words: Tupperware Modular Mates

One lady I knew became a dealer just to get her Mates at discount

These are awesome and they're designed to stack on top of each other.

My baking cupboard is a pull out pantry. When it's open I can see everything inside all at once. There's no flour in it though as we grind what we need when we need it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tupperware Modular Mates

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I have Tupperware Modular Mates, too! The square ones are great for flour and sugar! I never thought of buying tupperware on line! Thanks for the link loves2cook4six - some of my old tupperware needs to be replaced...!!

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Angled top plastic containers for the flours and sugar---big ones. Tiered rotating lazy susans for the spices, baking powder, etc. The lazy susans are on the bottom shelf. The second shelf has the tall stuff about a foot above the bottom shelf. Oils and other tall things are with the flour. I just have the third shelf mounted way up high for short things I rarely use.

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bluekitobsessed are cupboard?!? I have a baking center (39" wall base cab, lowered height, at end of island) that holds baking pans & such, plus a shelf in the pantry for ingredients (chocolates, specialty flours, cookie decorating sugars and jimmies, great big bottle of vanilla, etc), plus 25 lb bags of flour & sugar that (alas) just sit on the floor of the pantry, plus 4 shoeboxes of cookie cutters organized by season/theme. My cookie sheets and muffin tins are stored with my cutting boards. Did I mention that I bake?

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Did someone mention Tupperware Modular Mates??

I love them! They keep everything fresh forever, they make me keep my storage space organized, they're see-through so I can tell what I need to buy more of--what's not to like?

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I love the Modular Mates, too!! I bought a label machine and have them all labeled. It's so easy to find what I need and my cabinet is always neat.

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I think Tupperware's horribly expensive, so I have Lock n Lock containers. (It's basically the same thing with a different type of lid.) Either way, if you have something you keep on hand regularly, it's a good way to go.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lock n Lock at qvc

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Tupperware has a lifetime warranty, cambro5, so when you call, explain the issues and they'll be replaced free of charge. That's why I buy Tupperware instead of Rubbermaid

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FYI... Both Tupperware Modular Mates and Lock&Lock are BPA free, if you care :)

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I have Modular Mates in my baking cupboard, too. Was going to get more until I found the containers for my pantry at Storables...Some made by Iris USA and some by Buddeez. They each have their own websites with other retailers listed.

Here is a photo of my very exposed baking cupboard (dh has the doors off to paint them...YAY), followed by a photo of the pantry, where I keep the bulk items...and remaining flour, etc. after filling the Modular Mates in the baking ctr cabinet.

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I have Snap-Lock containers, kind of similar to the Lock&Lock. I get them at Walmart and they are perfect. Not a thing gets past them, really airtight. I always find Tupperware a bit difficult to open. With the snap-lock, you just flip the latches up, and when done, lid goes on, and in one motion, snap all latches down (using two hands, you can do all four in one motion). We have some things (like brown sugar) which we use every day, so I really appreciate the ease of these. I have all my baking products in them. Buy just one and I bet you'll be a believer! I checked and they are not there, but there are plenty in the store.

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Thanks for the tupperware link! I want to store my baking supplies in drawers, and the large rectangular container looks like it will hold a 10 lb. bag of flour, without being too tall to fit in the drawer.

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Lena M

Wow. Those containers look great.

On the low budget end I use ZipLoc bags to keep the flour moths out of dry goods. (I splurge on the freezer thickness for durability). The gallon size holds a standard bag of flour if you squish it just right.

Requisite image:


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