kitchen window bump out at counter hight or higher?

M_N_AJuly 23, 2013

we design to have an 8 inch bump out at the kitchen window.

wondering if the bump out should be at the same height as the counter top, like this


or a step higher like this?


which option is easier to maintain and more useful?

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I think its personal preference. i opted to have the window installed a little higher than the counter. Some things you should consider are:

What will you use for window sill? I used a separate piece of granite. I was lucky to get a piece leftover from counters to make the sill. The granite was too thick and had to be shaved. This was a bit pricey.

If you wanted to use continuous granite for a counter height sill as shown in the first picture above, then you will either have a seam behind your faucet or you will need to have enough width on you slab to accommodate the bump out. If you had the width, How would this work if the window had to be changed? Would the faucet and whole countertop have to come out? I assume the window frame will be mounted to the studs inside the wall.

What if you plan on counter height, but your measurements are a bit off or your granite is thicker than the clearance you allowed when the window was installed? What if you decide to tile the sill? Tile is not as thick as granite.

I had an excellent GC, but he steered me away from the counter height sill. I'm happy with my decision.

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I opted to have my bumped out window come down to the counters. I ran the granite out to meet the window, and I *love* having the extra depth to the counter. I don't know how wide your window will be. If it's only a little wider than the sink, then you won't get much extra useable counterspace from bringing it down to the counter, but if your window will be wider than the sink, it may be worth it.

Here's a photo of my bump-out (which is fairly deep -- maybe 12 inches?)

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I love the look of right to the counter, and we are planning on doing that in our remodel which just started last week. Although Im a little nervous after reading some of the possible problems pointed out above!

I LOVE yours still, justmakeit!! I was inspired by it, and also by 2Little Fishies on here, look up her kitchen if by some chance you haven't seen it.

M_N_A can you tell me where you found that image with the small cherry island with 2 white pendants, the 3rd picture down?? That layout looks really similar to mine and I'd like to see more of that kitchen if I can. Thanks!

Heres a link with good info on installing counter height. Ours should be framed in the next couple weeks so I'll keep you posted!

Here is a link that might be useful: counter height window thread

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Our bump out is even with the counters but I find that my window is always getting water splashes on it from the sink faucet. I would have much preferred a higher window for ease of cleaning.

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Here's ours - we love it! Absolutely no regrets! No splashing, either....but the deepest part of the well is 18"+ from the back of the faucet.

Regarding splashing: "bump out" is the key!

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I think this is personal preference.

As for me, myself, I don't particularly care for that first photograph -- it looks like the greenhouse window would be difficult to reach into to clean. What I love-love-love is the wiiiiiiiiide windows -- both the three-wide-window over-white cabinets and JustMakeIt's picture. I think what I'm liking here is that the width plus the depth gives real space that would be useful . . . and it doesn't look "closed in" like that first picture. It looks like it'd be easy to clean, and I can imagine a long row of herbs or African violets making that window lovely.

So, my vote: Counter-height, no step, wide window.
But that doesn't take into consideration your space, and that's what really matters.

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Hi All, thanks for your feedback
our window will be 5 ft wide, not tinny like the first pic (it's just to show the counter space)
justmakeit's kitchen is magazine quality!! love it

dilly_ny your words of caution are really helpful. I will discuss with my contractor

homebuyer23, it's from houzz. here are a couple more.

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We did the opposite. The window stayed and we bumped out the counter. I prefer the single level running into the window for the clean lines and ease of cleaning. I don't have a sink in mine though, my bump out is my baking station.

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