Can I provide my own wood for cabinets?

lmrinc_gwJuly 22, 2014

In the process of construction, we will unfortunately have to cut down at least 4 very large mature maple trees and 1 oak. I want to keep them in the home and not have them turned into fire wood.

I'm wondering if having them made into cabinets or flooring would be sky high in price or ok?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, it can be done. Our neighbor did it (no idea what they paid). She used a custom cabinet maker.

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It's probably more trouble than it's worth, although it certainly can be done. Commercial mills generally won't touch urban trees due to the risk of embedded metal (nails, bullets, etc). You'd need to find somebody to cut and clean the trees (i.e. trim off all the branches), then somebody with a portable milling machine - I forget what the name is of the most common type. Basically it turns a tree trunk into lumber.

Then you'd have to get your custom cabinetmaker to transport and kiln dry the boards. Probably would take a couple months, I think. After all that you can get it milled up into cabinets.

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There is a brand of portable bandsaw mill called "Woodmiser" used for cutting up yard trees into slabs or timbers.

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Our local community college has an urban forestry project that salvages urban trees for lumber. The interesting part for someone like you is this:

"While there is some custom milling for special orders, generally the logs are cut into 4 quarter and 8 quarter slabs. These slabs are stored until they are placed in kilns to be dried. Once dried, in about four weeks, the wood is made available to students...

You can read about it at the link. I wonder if there is something similar in your area?

Here is a link that might be useful: URBAN FORESTRY AT PALOMAR COLLEGE

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