back for more backsplash help... part 2

frugalnotstingyJuly 8, 2013

Been getting more samples. I did try to get creamy looking ones but when I put set them up on my counter, they either read pink or green.

I did find a ceramic gray crackle tile from Sonoma tiles- it's the one in the center. It's prettier IRL.

What do you guys think? If I go with that one, any suggestions on what I can use over the cooktop?

I am really feeling the pressure of having to pick a backsplash. I can't be in the ABBS club because we need the backsplash installed before we can install the undercabinet plugs & light (we are using Adorne for that).

Then I can paint the walls. Or do I have that backwards? Paint wall first then pick tiles?

nobees, the first one is a matte/frosted tile called Smoke. Not sure why it is coming up as khaki-ish in the pic is really more gray IRL.

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My picks: middle, then right, lastly tile on left

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Agree with Remodelfla, but if the left one isn't a good representation what do I know! Any chance you could back up and show us a wider view that includes the cabinets?

BTW, love your screen name! i can relate. Like "value" and hate paying more than I have to.

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I was recently on the hunt for tile to go with my granite counters and found that I preferred the matte finish against the sheen of the granite. Perhaps you could decide on finish first and that would narrow it down. Then decide whether you want cool or warmer color. Then how dark. Slowly narrow it down but once you decide, don't go back and rethink it.

On my monitor, it looks like they all pick up colors from the counter so I think all would be lovely. I like the middle and left ones the best.

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Holly- Kay

I really like the middle one and I just love your granite!!! Gorgeous!

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I like the middle one too, very nice with your granite. For behind the range, we did a herringbone pattern using the same 3x6 subways we used, it is subtle but very pretty, love it. Here is a link to the kitchen that gave me the idea

Here is a link that might be useful: Herringbone pattern

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Thanks! I am leaning towards the one in the middle but my husband likes the glass.

dermnp, thanks for that link! Seriously thinking about going that route instead of picking a different accent tile over the cooktop.

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I think all three work, and the middle one is very pretty. I hate to say it, but I agree with DH - I like the glass the best. But I love glass BS, so could be just a personal taste thing. It would make a difference to see the cab finish in the pic too.

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One thing I learned when going through this process is to make sure you have the lighting right when you are making your decision. Do you have undercabinet lighting? Are your final lights installed yet? These things will really change how the colors of your selections read.

And for the record, I like the middle and the glass.

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I love your granite! I have to say that I really like the glass tile as well. The middle one would be my second choice.

I would recommend taking pictures at different times of the day since the lighting could change the way the tiles look in your space.

Good luck!

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Here is pic showing the glass tiles & my oak cabinets. I don't dislike the oak but it's too traditional for the style that I am drawn to. I can't afford to replace them now so I'm thinking live with cabinets for now but go with the backsplash and look that I'm wanting and later on, maybe reface the cabinets.

Or find a good middle ground - which I'm finding is quite difficult.

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Does this look good together? The mosuprema comes in a linear style that I like.

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