Fireplace with window seat in kitchen

lavender_lassJuly 24, 2013

I really want a fireplace in my kitchen! It doesn't have to be large and it might not give out a lot of heat, but I really need one for back up, when the power goes out...and they're just so cottage-y!

Hoping to find a way to put one on the front of the house, but also want a big window seat. Something like this...does anyone have any interior pictures with fireplace in corner and window seat next to it? Having a tough time finding examples to show my husband :)

Thanks! This is larger than my home, but couldn't find many pictures of fireplace on end (not centered) with windows. From Snow White album

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Ooohhhh I want one too! Super cozy and such a lovely cottage!

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I would consider a really small wall mounted one or a stove. The wall mounted can be externally vented and will save space. Check out Valor firplaces as they have a lot of control - Just a bit of flame for ambience to a nice fire to keep you toasty.

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In your climate, absolutely you need backup, and I love the idea of the location.

We have a wood-burning furnace/fireplace in the living room for backup, but these days I wish I'd insisted on a propane tank and gas for heat and cooking and a standard fireplace for cozy effect. Our first year in Georgia a half million people lost power and many thousands had to leave their subdivision homes to stay in high school gyms and on friends' couches, but we stayed warm and well fed because our rental had gas. I didn't forget, just let myself be overruled.

The furnace puts out great heat and is EPA-approved, but in February with the power out it has to be kept going, and that requires a lot of wood hauling. Fortunately, our woods provide the raw material in plenty, but DH is getting older.

Do you already have gas at your place, I hope, so wood would be a second backup heating source when electricity goes out? If so, great idea! :)

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The wall-mounted or direct vent stoves or fireplaces are unlikely to work during power outages as they typically need electricity to run the internal fans to exhaust the combustion products.

Almost all wood-fired stoves and fireplaces will run w/o power, of course.

And I think, though I don't know for certain, some gas-fired "fire places" and gas stoves (discussing the room-heating variety here, not cooking) may do so as well as long as they are naturally vented up a chimney and require no electric circulation fans to transfer heat into the rooms.

Two of the reasons that you may not find pictures of fireplaces and stoves in the corner are the practicality and aesthetics of the chimney stack arising from the lower edge of gable roof's eaves .

The chimney stack itself has to stick up higher than the surrounding roof so it winds up looking odd in that position, whereas if it runs up to the peak, then its exposed, extra height looks like a satisfying culmination of the roof assembly.

The technical reasons for the need for the chimney to be higher than the nearby roof surfaces include the need for a clean, undisturbed air flow (which nearby, though higher, roof surfaces will distort) to achive satisfactory draft up the chimney and also lowering the risk that the flames from a chimney fire, which often emerge from the top of the chimney, would blow over and ignite adjacent roof surfaces.

I think I am remembering this correctly, and you should check on the exact details in your state, but in my area the chimney must extend two feet higher than any part of the roof within ten feet of it. Since most of your roof plane - perhaps all of it - is within ten feet that means a chimney which emerged at approximately gabled/eave height would have to stick up as a freestanding column perhaps as much as two feet higher than the roof peak.

Aside from the odd look of such a tall structure in that position, there are issues relating to how it might have to be tied back into your roof to protect against wind-toppling, as well.

(Usual yada, yada, about safe operation inserted here.)

If you are determined to have a corner fireplace or stove set-up, can't it be on an interior corner of a room so that the stack can rise up through the house and emerge at the peak? On either the gable or eave side of a house an external corner is a terribly awkward place for a flue, unless it's one of the direct vent ones. But as I noted above that isn't going to work in a power outage which is one of the main issues, right?

LL, I'm so glad your world is such that you can once again be thinking about the stove/FP placement stuff. Hope your DH is still progresssing nicely and that you are not too tired-out by caregiving.



Here is a link that might be useful: 2003 ICC building code regarding chimney height in relation to nearby roofs; see bottom of first page left column

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L- Thanks! I spent the day waiting to take my husband in for testing...and then something wasn't right, so we may have to do it again. Poor guy :( He's so tired of all this, but hopefully we'll get this worked out and move on! Today, I was stuck, so started playing around with floor plan. It will be a while before we can do anything, but it keeps my mind off everything else.

I do love a fireplace and I'd like to have one in the dining area. Actually, I like the way the fireplace looks on the outside wall, but we'll see if it's in the budget. Today, I decided not to worry about that :)

Rosie- I don't normally think about Georgia having power outages, but of course, it is cool enough in the winter to need heat. My dad's family lives in SC!

Debrak- Great pictures! Where did you find them? Are you thinking about a banquette and fireplace, too?

GWlolo- Good idea...I don't need a huge fireplace, since we have a really nice fireplace in the living room. Thanks!

Sanjuangirl- I love that look, too. Such a lovely cottage and very 'fairy tale' in a good way :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

If a gas fireplace has a standing pilot light, you won't need power to start the fire, though you will need power to operate the blower.

If it doesn't, they can be equipped with a battery back up so you can spark the pilot light and still have fire when the power's out.

The problem with sitting near a fire is it can get hot when the fire is burning. But if only used on occasion, that may be ok.

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Love someone in central Washington calling temps in the teens, and even single digits, "cool." I understand your perspective, though, having once wintered in Moses Lake. Winters here have never made more than a half-hearted effort to kill us, and they're seeming to lose interest more and more as time goes on.

Of course, if you already have propane, it's probably hooked up to the kitchen stove, so a wood-burner would add in what it just can't be.

I'm still in love, BTW, with a drawing you made sort of later on, kitchen on the right side, smaller but still keeping room style with bay, table, and upholstered furniture. Sad that I don't remember the details that well because it struck me then as just about perfect, something I'd love to do someday.

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Annie- I love those pictures! Thank you...the second one is very similar to what I was imagining, but not painted brick.

Debrak- Of course, Houzz :)

Rosie- I think I know which one you mean...that's the current living room and bedroom. It's a great idea, but then I have very little house left and would have to add on quite a bit. Since I've been watching a lot of Rehab Addict lately, I've been trying to work more with the original plan...and keep the big fireplace in the living room. But, I'd like to put a little fireplace in the dining room/kitchen!

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Lavender - so fun having you back with new and refreshing ideas for your kitchen. Someday - you and your DH will be all fixed up - hopefully sooner than later.
Hang in there!

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We have a valor fireplace. It does NOT need electrical power to light and run. I did add the accessory fan, that distributes the heat faster, but the Valor runs just fine without it, (when and if the power fails). It heats our whole 2700 2 story house and the only time I run our forced air heating , is if I'm in a hurry to take a bath upstairs and don't want to wait for the heat to get up there.

I plan on added another Valor firep[lace to our upstairs master bedroom.

They can be installed anywhere, (direct vent), don't get ventless!!!

Here's a picture, it's installed in the family room, which is adjacent to the kitchen.


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Gemini- Thanks!

Dodge- Nice picture and thanks for the suggestion :)

Yesterday, I thought it would be so easy to fix up this little house if I didn't want to add on any space. It's really charming in its own way. I just hate to see it fall into ruin. If I had the money, it would make a great office/shop for my new business...and then I'd build a new house where I have the vegetable garden. Great view and no roof lines to work around! LOL

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