Was your island made from more than one slab?

jaynes123_gwJuly 8, 2014

If you used more than one slab, please post photos of where two pieces were sealed together.

All cabinets including island ---white.
Outer countertops ---absolute black.
We are also considering absoulte for island top as well as the below Golden Kosmus, although the Kosmus does bring up some concerns.

This is layout

This is poorly photoshopped image of what we anticipate:

The MAIN concern with Kosmus is size. Island granite is 124" long which we can get in absolute black but not in . Kosmus which is 119.

The other slabs of this Kosmus were sliced behind it so almost identical except certain color areas are slightly larger, others smaller. I wondering if diagonal pattern will be a deal breaker for needing more than one piece.

The thing I dont understand is how you join slabs without it looking obvious or does it only work with certain pattern types.

Absollute would be 'safer' since the stove / hood will be navy blue (and adjacent rooms navy white themed) but I do think Kosmus could aslo work althought not sure an option with length and pattern.

SO .....
Do only certain patterns lend themselves towards more than one slab being used on an island?

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Did I miss it? What are the dimensions of your island?

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You would typically use two book matched, consecutive slabs for stone with movement. For that one slab has to be a mirror image of the other. If there is no movement the slabs would need to be consecutive.
Be careful, many suppliers will put their own numbering system on the slabs and claim they are consecutive. True consecutive slabs will need to have consecutive numbers painted on the end of the slab, not a tag.

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Island is 124 x 66

Appreciate concern with being consecutive but they were numbered and you could see certain spots in slab behind it getting either larger or smaller - definitely same piece.

So to do this I would be looking at a mirror image at one end like in attached Im assuming due to the diagonal of pattern.

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I'd consider reducing the island size by 8" to make it work with one slab (I did that and mine was plain Ceasarstone Organic White).

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First I have to say that granite slab is beyond gorgeous!! Wow!

I'd love to hear the opinion of some of the stone experts here because maybe I'm wrong, but I think the seams that are the most conspicuous are those of the less busy material. The plain slabs without movement stand out to me more than those that are busy. I have a very bold granite (Magma Supreme) with a seam in a very visible area to the right of my cooktop. The seam is really well done, very tight and, in spite of my granite being leathered, you can't feel it. It's there and I can see it but it doesn't stand out at all. The seam disappears in the overall busy pattern of the granite.

I had the chance to do a book match on the seam but I didn't really work with the portions of the slabs I wanted to use and I actually thought it made the seam look more visible. Because of the strong flow pattern in your slab, I actually think a book match makes the seam stand out more because the flow will change direction. Try mocking it up with the pattern flowing in the same direction and see what you think.

I'd also recommend that you include the aisle widths you have in your proposed plan and hear what the experts have to say. I have 48" aisles around most of my island with a 52" aisle in front of my refrigerator. I really, really appreciate the generous aisles. It might work best for you, and solve your slab problem, if you decrease the size of the island to accommodate the size of your gorgeous granite.

Anyway, here are some photos of the seam in my granite that I dug up back when we were in the midst of our remodel.

And here is one of the slabs we used. A busy granite but it doesn't have the strong one way flow that your piece has.

Good luck! I hope you find a way to use that granite. It is beyond gorgeous!

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Beagles has an amazing book matched island

Here is a link that might be useful: Beagles' book matched island

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Fori is not pleased

That's a nice stone but I don't think it lends itself to bookmatching. I would use it on the perimeter and full slab backsplash and leave the sensible absolute on the island.

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OMG poohpup!
I think that is my initial and still my favorite choice.

Called Magma Gold, probably same as Magma Supreme.

I had decided on this and still love it but then started thinking it would be too much for my floorplan being navy & white with black accents. Then I saw the Kosmus which seemed milder version of it that wouldnt clash as much.

No Im wondering if the magnus WOULD work or if even just the Kosmus will be too much contrast to the rooms. Whether I need to stick with the absolute black which I DO really like, just not as striking as the other two.

Specifically the bold cobalt navy stove and hood against white cabinets - quite the focal point and not sure rust gold and brown on black wont clash as a too different a style.

Maybe thats the BIGGER question -
Do I need to stick with black just for it to work color wise.
Below are styles Im going for in kitchen and living room.

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So beagles - guessing that at sink the design is flipped to mirror itself.

I remember the fabricator early on saying could do seam at sink, I wonder if this is what they meant. So would the match be aimed for the center?

When I flip the right side, doesnt seem as noticeable they dont match up unless thats just illusion of it being shrunk down in size

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I love that kosmus granite and the magna supreme. I have a similar but less dramatic granite (Golden Thunder) in my MB. With that being said though, I am sorry to say that I just don't think it will play well with the blue and white elements that you will have in your kitchen and family room. Even if you have some black with your navy and white, I don't think the black in the granite makes up for how much much brown/ gold is in the granite.
IMO something like beagles Blue Bahia would be a much better choice for your island.

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Thank you badgergirl, really needed to hear wheat my gut has been telling me. Was pretty much there when I saw Poohpups kitchen and feel for it all over again

But I know Im trying too hard, it just doesnt work.
Coming from a place that anything short of shiny black absolute on white cabinets doesnt look as nice - this was the exception but doesnt mean would work in my kitchen.

Will stick with the black absolute, no disappointment with that. Just got in a white vanity, black granite top and just as wonderful as I'd hope.

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Totally agree with Badgergirl. Your inspiration photos for your kitchen don't really work with the Kosmus. Two totally different looks. The magma granites are so warm with all the brown and copper tones and your inspiration photos are all cool. The Absolute Black will work much better in your space. If you want some drama on the island, there are a lot of choices out there for you. I really get the feeling you're wanting some drama.

Totally get you on the Magma Gold. That slab is jaw dropping! My entire kitchen was driven by my granite choice. I'm always drawn to warm tones, so I always knew I'd be going with a stained wood cabinet. Very first thing I purchased for my kitchen was the sink (copper) and the next thing was the granite. Saw the Magma Supreme and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Bought it right away and never looked back. lol But my kitchen isn't even close to your inspiration photos. Completely different direction.

Got to add that I don't really care for the book matched slabs that you mocked up. I think the second look (where you flipped the slab) looks much better. Am I the only one? Just not a fan. Makes the granite look too "patterned" and takes away from the random act of nature, for lack of a better way to say it. lol

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Made sense as soon as I read it - warm and cool. Realizing m definitely a cool. Even picking out lights, Im turned off when was beige white and not white white..

That granite definitely belongs in your, not my, kitchen :D. It looks right at home. Funny thing is Ive never even been a fan of marbling- even the the classic understated gray on white marble pattern makes me want to "erase" the gray 'marks' LOL Yet this struck me differently, the pretty contrast like a tiger.

I agree on the matched granite halves.
I normally prefer symmetry but am not a fan of how when split halves mirror To the naturalness of it is in the lack of pattern and matching halves creates a mirror like pattern. Maybe overthinking but how it strikes me.and why I felt need to flip in 2nd photo.

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Beautiful granite but I agree that it doesn't seem to work with the navy and white elements in your inspiration picture. Have you thought about one of the white granites or quartzites for the island? I think if you want some variation that would look great with your absolute black perimeter counters, white cabinets and navy hood.

Calacatta quartzite has gorgeous dramatic movement that might give you the interest you were seeking in the warmer Kosmus granite. There's a poster here (can't remember the name) who has a beautiful large island with a Calacatta quartzite counter. Love that counter although it's not warm enough to work in my kitchen.

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