how to protect kitchen backsplash?

lax4uJuly 2, 2013

We just finished installing new kitchen backslash with travertine tiles, including the area behind the cooking stove. I sealed the area using sealer that I bought from home depot ( two layers). I wanted to protect the area behind the stove from oil splash but at the same time I don�t want to cover the design we made. So what options are available to me? I thought of buying clear tempered glass and just put it behind the stove. Where can I buy custom shape tempered glass? Online, or in Dallas area?

Any other suggestions than tempered glass

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Lax4u, sounds like you really like your backsplash, and that's great. This is purely subjective and you should go ahead and buy your glass if the plan pleases you--that's the big thing.

FWIW, though, and you're not going to like me and not all will agree, but you should be aware that because backsplashes are themselves installed to protect the walls from splashes--are supposed to take whatever comes, having to keep a stone-backsplash-for-the-ages from being splashed might come off to some as odd.

Not a fraction as unclear-on-the-concept, but still a bit like the person who wanted, instead of installing custom decorative millwork, to perch an actual ready-made ventilator hood cover that would look like it was supposed to vent--but obviously couldn't--up by the ceiling above an over-stove microwave. It wasn't ugly, it's just that we're used to functional items looking like they can fulfill their function.

Maybe a better example would be a luscious velvet sofa that no one is ever allowed to sit on for fear it might get mussed--or covering it with a plastic slipcover.

Is occasional resealing really not an option?

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I've never seen glass installed over a vertical tile surface...I think it will look strange...sorry. I would just use a high quality sealer and you may have to get it at a reputable tile shop as opposed to HD...not sure if HD carries the better brands.

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We have a travertine tile backsplash; it was here when we moved in 7 years ago. I've never sealed it, and it always wipes clean.

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So glad you asked this lax. My travertine backsplash was just installed and we did a herringbone pattern behind the range, it is just gorgeous. The expert tile guys put on two coats of sealer, they said you can get it at HD, so probably the same that you used. I am fearful as well, I cooked an italian type dish tonight and wiped it all down afterwards, just in case oil splashed. I do agree with others that the tempered glass would look odd and take away from your beautiful backsplash, but have to be honest that something like that crossed my mind. I asked my husband if there is something we could put up temporarily with cooking, he laughed at me and told me I was ridiculous. I plan on sealing again in 6 mths to be safe. And I will wipe it down after cooking something messy to be safe. I will be so upset if it stains, not like you can just replace it or replace a tile.

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I can certainly relate to this post. My plan is to just prop large ss cookie sheets up against the backplash if I'm cooking on the back burners and put them up afterward. This saves washing in all the grooves & irregular surfaces of the BS -- simply wipe the baking sheets off. Call me OCD but that is my comfort level.

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Cook the sloppy tomato sauce on the front burners! I don't have travertine, my ceramic cleans well, but I noticed that since my stove is bigger than my previous one, I never seem to get splatters on the BS like I used to.
I like Texasgals idea. When something is new, we tend to baby it. If nothing else, it makes clean up easier for her. After a while your kitchen will become your kitchen! You will use it and not think about protecting it every second.
When my new kitchen was first installed, I had those little clear bubbles on a few of he cabinets. I was afraid that when i opened a corner cabinet, it would damage the one next to it. A few months ago, I realized that the bubbles fell off. And, my fear of one cabinet doing damage to the one next to it was unfounded.

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The best way to protect the backsplash is to eat takeout :-)

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Thanks for replies, like Texasgals we are using aluminium cooking sheet behind the stove, nothing to clean and easy to remove.
I was not going to install tempered glass permanently, it would be sitting behind the stove like the cooking sheet. There is 6 inches gap between BS and stove, and i guess the glass can stay there.
I found a link where they used IKEA shelfs, i dont know these shelfs can withstand heat

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