Double cutlery insert?

brightmJuly 19, 2014

Anyone have the double (layered) cutlery insert from Wood Hollow or from their cabinet manufacturer?

Initially I thought I wanted it. Then I started thinking I didn't need it. But I'm starting to lean that way again.

If you have one, is it Wood Hollow or other?

How deep is each layer? Or really effectively, what can you keep in each layer, that's what I'm really concerned with.

If you got it from Wood Hollow, or other inserts from them, bonus points if you tell me how wide it is and how it's configured. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Hollow Double Cutlery Insert

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I have the Kraftmaid double cutlery insert and I love it, one of my favorite things in my new kitchen! It holds a ton of stuff, I have service for 12 on the top and all my extras on the bottom. The only problem I have is on the rare occasion when all the spoons are clean and not stacked correctly, the tray gets stuck. It is really easy to fix, a little jiggle of the tray does it, and I could solve that problem permanently by moving a couple of my rather large spoons to the bottom tray.

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Oooh, awesome pic. Thanks!

Top tray and bottom tray same arrangement. Looks to be a 21" or 24" drawer, framed?

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Yes, the top and bottom trays are the same. It is just an 18 inch drawer on a corner blind pantry. Here is the photo from the Kraftmaid website, I use the bottom for my casserole and baking dishes.

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I was supposed to do this but nuked the idea. Was afraid of not enough clearance. I am not sure if this is accurate but my perception.

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That was my thought too. That's why I'm anxious to see what 'real users' have to say. :)

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I haven't had any clearance issues. My dishwasher is to the left, and the cabinet has 3 or 4 inch fill on each side of the corner, so there is plenty of room.

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I was thinking vertically. As you said, you need to jiggle sometimes. How many spoons, for example, can you put in a section?

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I have a cutlery insert from the Decora cabinet line, similar to KraftMaid in manufacture and I LOVE it. It is one of my favorite extras that I splurged on. I went back and forth, do I spend the money? will I regret getting it or not getting it? I have it in an 18" cabinet 4 drawer unit next to the dishwasher. The drawer is about 3" high and each layer is a tad under 1 1/2" high. There are some things that won't fit but I have a lot of stuff that does! There are 25 teaspoons in that front section and 16 pieces of cutlery in the others. The only thing that I have found is that small items in the rear sections of the lower level will sometimes go too far back and can be difficult to retrieve, so now I know to store tose items up front!

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Here is the bottom layer, I still have a lot of room for more stuff! I have learned to put longer larger things in the back after searching in the very back with tongs to find the strawberry huller at one time! It now lives in the front!

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I have same from cabinetmaker. I initially ordered it, then felt I'd b ok without it. At install time, it magically appeared. I'm happy. It's crammed full and sometimes as mentioned, sometimes get stuck with an item that sticks up. I haven't had any problems with things getting 'lost' in there.

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Thanks! Duh, I never would have thought to lay the flatware on its side! I was wondering how you fit so many teaspoons, etc. A picture is worth 1000 words and all that. :)

I'm sold. I know I want one. Now I have to decide which drawer. I have two candidates. A 21" to the left of my sink and DW below plates and an 18" just to the right but perpendicular (next to Super Susan) below glasses.

My real problem is that I am not sure how I'll use my kitchen (ie: where I'll prep, etc.) but I want these things ordered! I'll probably wait, but it's day 10 with my LR full of kitchen cabinets and I'm going a little batty. It seems like I should get everything I can HERE so that when it's time to put stuff away, it'll be done. But that's probably not the best idea.

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