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LinelleJuly 8, 2014

Because I kept the old cabinet boxes for my kitchen remodel, I have a few drawers, but mostly cabinets. As everyone waxes lyrical about how wonderful drawers are, I think, yes, yes, fine. But I'm okay with my drawers too.

So. My bathroom remodel is finally done and today I moved all the stuff back. My new vanity is the same length as before, but it's a good 5" taller. Instead of two small drawers and two cavernous cabinets, now I have six full-extension drawers, four of them deep.

It's a revelation. Rarely used items, bulky things, hairdryers, liters of hairspray...I can put my hands on anything, anytime, without having to paw through everything in front of it.

I did not know how bad I had it until I got my hands on some good drawers. I'm a believer.

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Aren't drawers awesome?!!?!!! I thank GW for that most helpful bit of info just about every day when I open a bottom drawer. LOVE them!

I'm looking forward to completing our master bath addition and the drawered vanity!

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It must be very nice! I have the world's tiniest MB. I would kill for more accessible storage in it!

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breezy, totally awesome!!! Not only is everything so visible and accessible, you can really fill the space without impeding retrieval.

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Errant, my MB is tiny too (5x8). But it's en suite and if I don't use it, I can't really tell guests to traipse through my bedroom. Now that my guest bath is much nicer than my MB, I may start using it more. It's next to my BR, so I don't have far to go.

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I am most absolutely going with all drawer bases in my kitchen to be.
There are drawers in my MB and what a difference!

I put in a pull out cab in my last kitchen remodel..but they didn't hold up to the weight of the pots and pans and daily use..but man did I love them til they "died".

Drawer so much better!

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I, too, thank GW for my kitchen drawers. We had a couple of friends over for dinner last weekend. One of them said I was making her dizzy opening all my drawers (still learning where things are located). It is wonderful having everything so easily accessible.
A few years away from the master bath reno-I hadn't thought about drawers in there. Exciting!

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Drawers are the best -- I'm enjoying seeing all my pots and pans in one glance!

In our last house, the master bath had great drawers - my favorite was the one (on my side) with the plug in the back, that held my brush, blowdryer and curling iron. Pull it out, shut it away .. voila!

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I had my drawers planned before I came to this forum. I'd been on GW for years, but never come over here. Drawers were my thing.

In my MB, not only did I put in drawers, but between the two vanities I put a kitchen spice pull-out, and each undermount sink has a kitchen tip-out tray.

I am a maniac.

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yep, the more drawers the better! as soon as I figure it all out I'm gonna change a reg kit cab to drawers. I 'spect using Ikea drawer boxes. not sure how i'll have the drawer fronts done but I don't even care if they don't match the other cabs. i'll just paint 'em the same color.
it's the drawer part that is most important!

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I have to say, I do not regret one bit making one of my two new bases a drawer base. The middle one holds plastic amd fool wraps, zippered bags and containera for leftovers. Makes finding the goods so much easier and it is all together in one place

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My new cabinets are consuming my living room in boxes. The Super Susan was the only thing unboxed (had to to bring it in). The GC will inspect them Saturday, but I HAD to open a drawer base and test it out. I'll have 3 3-drawer bases and a 4-drawer base. All the 3'drawers will be 24". I was worried that I'd regret the width and want something wider. DH kept assuring me through the process that we'll have plenty of storage and that just because these particular pots happened to fit on one shelf before, they'll be fine in a different drawer because it will be just as accessible.

And...he's going to be right (I had to tell him as much last night.)

This isn't bad luck or anything, is it? LOL I also tried putting things into the Susan. :)

The drawers are so DEEP! Gotta love frameless. I'm so glad (so far) that I didn't do any two drawers. (Thanks suzannesl for measuring all your Innermost drawers and GW in general for all the drawer love)

(Oh, and 3 21"w drawers in the base of my tall pantry too!)

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Linelle, what brand cabinets did you use? We are about to start on our MBR and since I love the idea of all drawers.

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scpalmetto, I used Columbia cabinets (as in British Columbia). It's the only line my BD uses for small projects. Dovetail drawer construction. I wish I'd chosen a lighter stain, but didn't realize the sample would look much darker in its actual location.

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We bought a house five years ago that had drawers instead of base cabinets in the kitchen. It was the first time I had seen it, so I was like, "This is so weird, why did they put drawers everywhere?" Then one week later I was like, "OMG DRAWERS, BEST THING EVER!!!"

We're in a different house now. Starting a renovation of the small master bath, and the vanity will have one cabinet and six drawers. Can't wait to do the same to our kitchen.

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Linelle - Can you post a link to your finished bathroom? I think I may have missed it!

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Ditto. How high is your new vanity?

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Great Linelle! I'm glad you like your new cabinet drawers. I really do like our's in the MB, too. Wish the cabinets under the sink had pullouts since we still have the doors there. I could easily add if I just remember to do it! Congrats on the new bathroom! How exciting!

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I haven't posted a bathroom reveal yet. :) Soon. My new vanity is 34.5" high, including counter. It's not sitting on the tile floor so it lost a bit of its height.

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