Getting Desperate, please help!

6kateJuly 2, 2013

I have a 24" sink cabinet and can't find a 'normal' sized stainless steel sink. When measuring my current sink which fits into the old 24" cab it measures 25" x 21" on the outside and 22" x 19" on the inside.
When I called Elkay they said that their sink of the same outer dimensions would never fit a 24" cab and needed a 30" cab. Home Depot says that a sink with those measurements gets attached to the countertop before it is placed over the cabinets.
Countertop fabricator says he is not going to attach the sink to the countertop. Cabinet installer says it ought to work out.

EEEE! If anyone has any suggestions as to which sink to purchase, I would really really appreciate it. Oh yes, since I am doing this kitchen on a shoestring, I found a Moen 22 guage sink, but on reading further it appears as if it may be too thin? Planning on a single hole faucet, no dishwasher and relatively light use.

Thanks for listening and any help.

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Are you looking for an undermount or top mount sink?

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Do the 24" cabinet plus 25" sink. This is about axx-covering, so sign a release absolving the installer of all responsibility for problems arising from having the flange overlap the cabinet or go find one who takes pride in, and relies on being protected by, doing a good job for his clients.

Yes, there could be issues if something went wrong and the counter had to be removed to get the sink out, but, heck, installing a water line to the kitchen is FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR more likely to result in problems, yet plumbers do it everywhere every day. And just how many people have you ever known who had to have the counter removed to get the sink out? As opposed to someone who just posted the other day that her hanging sink fell down? Not that that happens often, either; this IS just a gathering point for people with problems.

BTW, DH and son chiseled out both sides of our 30" sink base AND a bit from the next cabinet over, to fit in a 32+" flange. I wasn't about to give up the possibility of an adjacent 15" drawer stack for more scouring powder room.

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See this discussion below.

Here is a link that might be useful: 24 inch sink cabinet

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Try this one...If you have FRAMED cabinets, you can always "scoop" the side panels out some....on the cabinets. If frameless, don't scoop.

Here is a link that might be useful: MRDirect

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Did you consider the Blanco Precis large bowl? It requires a 24" cabinet.

Here is a link that might be useful: blanco silgranit

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