Faucet not centered on sink? Pls vote!

spartans99July 29, 2014

In a bit of a pickle with regard to the kitchen sink / window / faucet arrangement. Templating is taking place on Thursday and I need to make a decision by then.

We worked so hard to make sure the layout accounted for centering the sink base under the window, with the intention of also centering the faucet on the sink. Of course, the new window (being an awning style), has the control mechanism on the bottom in the center (see white lever in the picture). If we try to center the faucet, we won't be able to open/close the window.

We have a 32" kraus sink going into the sink base along with a Grohe LadyLux Cafe touch faucet plus air switch. Options DH and I have discussed include:

1. Move faucet to the right by 8 inches, with the air switch directly to the right of the faucet.

2. Move faucet to the left by 8 inches, with the air switch directly to the left of the faucet.

3. Place faucet in one corner of the sink (left or right).

I honestly am not happy about any of these options. I just cannot picture how it will look good to have the faucet off center from a single, rectangular sink. (If it helps to know - the range is to the right on the same run as the sink.)

What would you choose?

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If your both right handed move to the right 8". This won't be a big deal and will look fine once you are all up and running. Nice view! :)

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Are you positive there would be interference?? Does the switch stick out very far? The faucet is usually mounted a bit forward toward the sink leaving some room behind it. You might even be able to have them cheat the sink forward a bit to give you a little more room behind.

Are you using a single basin sink? Two? Is it possible to center the faucet on one of the basins at least? I would think having the faucet in the corner would really make life difficult...

Another option would be to cheat the sink to one side or the other instead of the faucet - you can have them notch out the top of the cabinet box to accommodate the bottom of the bowl. We ended up having to set our sink base off center of the window just because of the dimensions of the kitchen. I'm making my peace with it and planning to have some runnels carved into the stone on one side (draining into the sink) to visually center the whole shebang. We'll see how it looks when its done...

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Really nice view. I remembered a discussion about this same issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: Off Center Faucet

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I gotta be honest... This would drive me nuts. Good luck deciding! :)

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Like others have written, are you sure there will be interference? I just got my awning window installed over my sink, not sure if my faucet is significantly smaller than yours but here is how mine looks. Best of luck with your decision, I really love having an operable window with no centre mullion.

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I have my faucet all the way over in a corner so I can put large pots on the counter and fill them, instead of having to put them inside the sink and then lift them out. Here's mine.

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Thanks everyone! Your feedback is helpful and I really appreciate the pictures.

Unfortunately, the window sill area isn't deep at all and I only have a total of 2 inches of "frame" depth where the handle sits. When open, the handle extends 4.5 inches out, or 2.5 inches into the sink base area.

I am going to play around with it today to see what setup might work best.

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Can you pull your sink base cabinet forward?

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I'm right handed and I'd rather have the faucet on the left. I can reach across with either hand to turn it on, but I will be working mostly with my right hand, so I want the room to the center and right of the sink to work -- not bumping dishes and pans against the right side. Do stand at the counter and go through the motions of rinsing, washing, filling and see what is comfortable to you. If in doubt, go to a friends house and try you thoughts under running water -- your bath tub if you have to.

Also, do you have the pulldown version of that faucet? If not, I would suggest you exchange it for one that is. You are going to need the reach to the other side with a side mounted faucet. Even if you do all your washing under the stream, rinsing your sink will be a lot more work without it and you will do it often enough and over a long enough period to wish you'd made it easier.

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Oooo, I like Trebruchet's idea!

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Marc Johnson

Look into the folding handles for the window crank ... would that be a possible problem solver?

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes Window Crank Folding

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Mine is off center but center with the drain and not the window.
I like it because I can look out the window and not see only faucet.

And my OCD DH hasn't ever commented!

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I like a2gemini's idea, get a single compartment sink, with an offset drain, and everything will look planned!
...Or Treb's idea of pulling the cabinet out, it's quite common to see a sink base pulled out two or three inches.

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Unfortunately, we aren't in a position any longer to pull the cabinet forward. We do have a single basin sink, and the version of faucet we have is the pullout. We also confirmed the window handle will hit the faucet if we left the faucet in the center, even with a different handle.

Therefore, based on all the feedback and time spent trying out different scenarios, we are going to move it to the right, off center. I finally feel comfortable about where it will end up. I will be sure to post pictures after we install.

Thanks again to everyone here for your insight! It has been a huge help throughout this process.

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Hi Spartan - It sounds like you've come to a decision, but if you're still not 100% pleased with the set-up, there may be one more option. We stayed in an apartment in Paris a few weeks ago (lucky us!), that had a large window above the kitchen sink. The window (casements) opened in, and thus swung over the kitchen sink. The faucet folded forward to allow for the swing of the window. The verticle part of the faucet, which was reasonably tall, lifted and folded forward - though I never would have guessed it if our hosts hadn't demonstrated for us. In other words, there was nothing funky looking about the faucet, attractive and traditional. I tried googling such a faucet, but came up with nothing. Probably using the wrong terminology. Maybe someone else is familiar? If you're interested, I could try contacting our hosts.


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