Which Marble-Like Quartz with Ikea Adel Cabinets?

cindyhgJuly 15, 2013

I'm trying to decided which Quartz Counter tops would look best with the white IKEA Adel cabinets.
I'm going for the look in this photo (from houzz). I really love the look of marble, but want Quartz.
I've been leaning towards Silestone Lagoon lately, but maybe Torquay, Misty Carrara or just a pure white?
Anyone tried these combinations?

Here's what we're planning:
Perimeter Counter: Quartz white or marble look
Ikea Adel off-white cabinets
Wood island counter top
Wood floors
Stainless steal appliances and sink
Weathered Nickel Hardware
White subway tile (probably, but maybe marble mosaic)

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You might also like Caeserstone's new color--London Grey. Here's a link to it: http://www.caesarstone.com/en/The-Catalog/Pages/5000%20London%20Grey.aspx

There was also a thread on here about it a while back so if you search for it you'll find other images (I know added some pictures to a posting--I am not using my personal laptop right now so I don't have access to the pics)

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I am doing Adel White cabinets, and I almost went with the Caesarstone London Grey- someone here did that and it looked good. I thought the Misty Carrera was too white because the cabinets are off-white. Do you have a door to try with the different options? We ended up going with a granite we liked.

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>I thought the Misty Carrera was too white because the cabinets are off-white.

Did you get an actual sample? Just asking, because when I've seen Misty Carrera it was very, very grey, not white at all. Just wondering if they changed it, or if maybe you're thinking of Frosty Carina or whatever it's called.

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No, you're right- it was the new Frosty one I saw. I held my door up to it in the yard. I had a sample of the London Grey.

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Thanks for the feedback. I did go out to see London Grey and really liked it. I think more than the others, but I'm not sure $1600 more. I'd love to see it installed or a slab.
I'm also debating what color backsplash and wall paint.
It is a newly opened floor plan/great room. So I'm thinking the walls should be the same color. Maybe just all white or light gray?
But, I'm also leaning towards white subway tile and I'm worried it might look to sterile. Any thoughts or pics?

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Cindyhg, I love your inspiration picture. Let us know what you decide for your cabinets. Are you going to do an island also with a different color countertop?

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Cindyhg - Curious if you have pics of whatever you ended up going with for your counters? I'm going for the same look, with Ikea's new version of the Adel cabinet. Just placed my order today - next up...counters!

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