Does anyone have Linwood Cambria Quartz? Or Dovedale?

swfrJuly 25, 2013

I just met with our KD today and that is what stood out as my favorite picks. I would love to see it in anyone's kitchens if you have pictures? Or just hear what you think if you've seen it in a kitchen.


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I have Dovedale. Sorry no pics.

After one year it is holding up really well.

My dad spilled a turmeric sauce all over the counters.

I did not notice he missed a few drops here and there till three weeks later. It took quite of bit of elbow grease but I got it all out.

First day after the counters were put in my uncle made sangria and let wine and lemon dry on the counters. Cleaned up right away.

Have made marinara sauce from scratch a dozen or so times. As you can probably tell by now we are a messy clan but it cleaned up right away.

When looking through pics I chose Torquay because it was the most realistic looking Carrera marble quartz. I really like the 12x12" sample. Then I went to the Cambria distribution center to see a full slab and hated it. Too busy and gray.

I like the Dovedale because from five feet away it looks white but then up close looks like a white stone with perfectly placed caramel colored vintage hardwater stains/veins. Like the romantic pictures I have in my head of a public building in Rome. Not how most of those stones would look in real life. But maybe the most beautiful three foot section. Just reproduced over and over in my entire kitchen.

Some people want sections of pure white while most quartz, including Dovedale, have speckles of grey. This hides dust. Pure white or pure black is going to show every bit of dust and debris. I would not want one of the pure colors. I don't have a domestic staff to clean morning, noon, and evening so it looks good.

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thanks that lovely description on the dovetail! I was deciding between Torquay and Waverton for my master bath....I wanted it to read white/cool gray. Thought the gray/tans in the torquay were too warm, went with waver ton.....from the pictures and speaking to cambria on the phone, it should read cooler and grayer than the torquay...I hope I picked right!

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Oh thanks so much, Dee!! That was super helpful. I was thinking of pairing it with Linwood (dovedale on the island, linwood on perimeter) and your description makes me feel better about having it in my prep area.

And Christine I just looked at waverton and I think it looks beautiful. Nice choice.

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