Kohler Stages sink?

strayerdarbJuly 6, 2013

Does anyone have the Kohler stages sink or something similar?

I probably don't have room for the 45" version, but there is a 33" version.

Looking for real reviews! Thanks!

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Google Kohler Stages Gardenweb. It brings up several posts.

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Loving mine. Yes, I chose it based on reviews and advice here. I really wanted the 45 inch model, but had to do some mangeneering to make it work in my 36 inch base cabinet.... aka cutting off metal brackets, raising counters to 35.5" and lowering dishwasher to floor....

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HI will2kz, does that mean that the bottom of the counters are at 35.5 and that the top is now at 37" or so? I've been wanting to see an example of this modificaion so thanks for posting it. If you have any in-process pictures, do you have them posted to another thread?

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I don't quite understand the comments about changing the cabinet base. Can you elaborate? We are building new custom cabinets.

Will2kz - did you say that you DID get the 45" version?


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I lust after that sink.

Good to see you don't have to have 2 faucets for it.

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laura mcleod

I have the 45" and absolutely love it - I credit GW for turning me on to the sink, no one has it in my neck of the woods (our plumber thought it was some sort of special dog bathtub when it arrived).

There are lots of good reviews on here that will appear when searched just like motherof3sons suggests. We installed 2 faucets since our layout wasn't conducive to an additional prep sink and it increased the utility of the sink 10 fold when both me and DH are prepping/cooking. But I do think one faucet would work well too.

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I have the 33. I love it. I was able to have the cabinet maker make me a cabinet that wasn't all sink base.

Under the drainboard area, I have a knife drawer, with a double trash pullout below that. Under the deep sink part, I do have a door with the usual sink drain parts in it. He had to make the knife drawer shallower than any other top drawer so it would clear the bottom of the drainboard.

One thing to keep in mind, my stone fabricator somehow mised the fact that there was a ledge for the accessories to sit on, so when the stone was installed and the sink, the cutting board and the trays were just a hair too big. Had a friend with a workshop that is the best around, took a little off all the acessories and now--it all fits perfectly! So, make sure your fabricator is well aware of the cutting board and trays, etc.

I really love mine. Would do it again in a heartbeat!

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"(our plumber thought it was some sort of special dog bathtub when it arrived)"


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If you search the forum for my kitchen stadium post you can see more.
Yes I got the 45 inch model. I got it into a 36 inch cabinet base and let the drainboard hang over my dishwasher. Kohler recommends a 45 inch cabinet base to hold the sink as they intend for you to use a rack that hangs under the drainboard to hold the accessories. I ditched the rack, cut off the metal tabs with a dremel, and store the accessories elsewhere. I didn't have room, like many, for a 45 inch sink base.

My cabinets are 35.5 from the floor to the bottom of the granite. It was common in the late 90's but apparently 34.5 is the new "in" height. Our old cabinets were 35.5 so not a stretch to keep it that way, and we had custom cabinets built so we could do whatever we wanted.

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