95% Finished Kitchen.

alabamamommyJuly 11, 2011

Hiya folks! We're almost there. Moving in just weeks.

I've been waiting for it to be finished to take the final pictures, but I've come to the conclusion that if I wait for all of the "blue tape" issues to be addressed, for the cleaning crew to clean up the construction gravy and/or to borrow someone's wide-angled lens, well, then it will be filled with our stuff. And with baby #3 on the way, well, God knows how long before the boxes will be broken down and we're truly settled.

So, aside from a missing microwave, plastic still on the fridge doors (which are in the middle of their THIRD reinstallation) and general mish mash in the sandwich area - here's as close as we're going to get to photos of a finished kitchen this year : )

Details as follows:

Cabinets - Custom cabinet maker, inset shaker, SW Pearly White, Walnut Stained Trim

Floors - Teak hardwood stained Jacobean (very hard, does not absorb to typical Jacobean dark!)

Range - 48" Thermador Combo

Venthood - Ventaire with 1600 CFM roof-mounted blower

Sink - Franke

Faucet - Brizo

Pot Filler - DRATS I can't remember :)

Hardware Pulls - Amerock Highland Ridge, Polished Nickel

Hardward Knobs - Atlas

Countertops Island - Alabama White Marble 6cm slab

Countertops Perimeter - Caesarstone Pebble 2cm with mitered edge to 6cm

Island Chopping Block - Boos Block Walnut End Grain 4inch

Island Pendant Lights - Restoration Hardware Royal Seamaster (Discontinued)

Refridgerator - Thermador 30" Freedom Column

Freezer - Thermador 30" Freedom Column

Double/Single Oven - GE Profile

Backsplash - 4" Shiplap Wood Paneling whitewashed

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots... heck, I barely know my name. So if anyone has any questions, please let me know. You've all been wonderful, and I sincerely enjoy just knowing that a community of such substantial depth and helpfulness exists. I wish I could invite you all over for coffee!!

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EDIT!!!! Venthood - MODERNAIRE....

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It's gorgeous! I love your range wall, pendant lights, appliance garage, and of course the island.

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Beautiful kitchen (back and forth, back and forth to all the pics). Shiplap for your backsplash - very cool.
Have always loved your island.
Love the ying and the yang between your pendant lighting and then your glam of a chandelier that has the same curves as your window.
Very nice. Enjoy it and your soon-to-be little one.

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WOW! Absolutely stunning! Truly truly a kitchen with that 'wow factor'!!! Great job!

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I love all you have done. I am so glad you got the Alabama marble...I love my small piece and wish I had known about it when I was first doing my kitchen. You will have a wonderful time growing into your space. Congratulations on the new baby ! c

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That's a very lovely kitchen! I'm especially loving the sink wall with that gorgeous window and the flanking and illuminated dark wood-accented uppers. And, those RH pendant lights. And, then there's that swell island. And. . . oh, I think I've said it already: That's a very lovely kitchen! You go!

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I have been waiting to see your finished kitchen! Worth the wait. It is absolutely stunning!!! I love the mix of white and stain in your cabinets. Looks fabulous. Please send pics of the rest of the house. And # 3 when he/she arrives.

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Alabamamommy, I've been patiently waiting hoping and hoping you would do a big reveal. Those glimpses from a few months ago were just not enough. The final outcome is so worth the wait. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! So classy and such great details. I love the contrast of the cabinets next to the windows with the arched window. Heck, even the insides of your cabinets look like they are so well thought out! Congrats on baby #3!

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Stunning! I have been waiting and hoping you'd post finished pictures soon and I am so glad you didn't want until it was 100% done. That first photo looks like it belongs in a magazine! I love the window.
Now some initial questions:
How big is the island?
How wide is the aisle on both sides of the island?
The appliance garage looks great - what's the strip in the back that I see? Electrical line going to the outlet?
Thanks again for posting!!

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I just can't get past the island and the uppers.... SPECTACULAR

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Absolutely magazine worthy. Post pics again when you have it all lived in. I love it!!

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Wow and wow! Love it! You are going to enjoy that wonderful kitchen. Enjoy it and #1, #2 and coming soon #3!

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What a beautiful space for baby 3 and 1, 2, and you and DH to come home to! Brava.

I especially love the shiplap! I am a big fan of things that are different yet subtle, classic, and "true". Perfect! We used shiplap in the bottom half of our greenhouse (or "con-suh-vuh-tory" as the British mfr calls it). I think shiplap is the new beadboard!

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Gorgeous! Love the BS, and the pendants remind me of movie lights.

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Just lovely! I especially like the horizontally panelled backsplash -- so refreshing and unusual.

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Love the sink window.. and absolutely everything else.

Great job!


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LOVE IT! I think it's awesome you used the Alabama White Marble! I am also in AL and used it in my kitchen too. I think it is really neat to have something local.

If you are in the Birmingham area I would be interested in who made your cabinets and how you like them. Private message me, if you don't mind.

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Beautiful balance of color, texture, light. Love it. (And bonus points for using Walnut!)

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Absolutely stunning!!!

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I am happy to see this kitchen, but I liked the other pictures with your cute tiny kids better. The glass uppers are pretty cool!

I had a thought. On rainy days, you could throw a tablecloth over the end of your island, anchor it with some books, and presto! A fort for your little ones!

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Love ALL the windows, the chunky island legs and the wonderful thick marble and wood island tops and....well everything! Thank you for sharing!

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Oh I've been waiting for pictures since your first pictures also. It has turned out so beautifully! I can't decide what my favorite part is. Congrats on #3!

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Wow...so gorgeous.
Love your sink and that marble is to die for.
How are you liking the Caeserstone? Would love to see a countertop close-up.

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Yes, you are the master ... It. Is. Stunning.
I'm so envious of your storage! Your kitchen is huge and the space is so well used!

And congrats on #3 on the way!!!! wow!

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Ooohh one quick question... Where is your double layered drawer organizer thing-y from?
I've been searching for one w no luck. Thank you!

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Thank you for all the wonderful comments. It's wild to start with NO IDEA, then begin to hone ideas through study, revsion, more study, more revision and finally see it come to fruition through many many many months. I appreciate each and every kitchen that comes through the other side!!!

Also thanks for the congrats on the upcoming little one... I stashed the oldest at Grandma's and the youngest was sacked out long enough for me to remove all of the workmen's tools from the island, the 42 varied pieces of fast food trash and plastic cups with spent sunflower seeds and take photos.

NewSouthernBelle -
The island is 4' x 11'. I'm going to have to measure the aisles!
And good eye - that is an electrical run. The rough in was done when we got a hold of the house after the original builder went under, and suffice to say we went through a number of electricians who looked at us crosseyed and said "but that ain't on the plans." I'm pretty sure that was the result of one of those conversations.

Avadoone - message sent!

Adrienne - are you sure you aren't my oldest daughter :)

Celineike - I'm pretty sure it's a rev-a-shelf piece. Linked below!

Here is a link that might be useful: rev a shelf utensil organizer

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Just lovely. The marble and the butcherblock are marvelous, and it's all so ethereal and dramatic. Wishing your family many, many happy years in your new kitchen and house!


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What a great budget kitchen!

I kid.

It's amazing! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

For some reason, my favorite part is the staircase! I love it. So cozy!

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OMG! My new favorite kitchen! A real stunner. May you and your family have many years of happiness in it -- enjoy!

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Beautiful kit, it looks like you thought of every detail.

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WOW - oh WOW! I too have been waiting for your posting...and you certainly delivered! Stunning! I have a feeling we will be seeing your kitchen around the web...just like Bee's. Enjoy!

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Oh dear, I'm afraid House Beautiful somehow got their photos in your post... Amazing!

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Egads, this is a lovely kitchen. *swoon* You have to be so, so satisfied with this result! The island, the cabinets, that arched window, the functionality of those cabinets, the beautiful glass uppers.... I totally have kitchen envy. Bravo!

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Another GW kitchen that I've been waiting to see revealed! Absolutely smashing, I LOVE it!

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Your kitchen is gorgeous.
You were the inspiration for using Alabama White in our bathroom remodel, I love it, too. I also love the floors.

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*SWOON*... *THUD* GORGEOUS. everything about it.. just stunning. can you come do mine? The uppers, that island, the backsplash - those pendants... *slow clap* you did an awesome job.

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Can you give me a ballpark on the price of the 6CM slab for the island? Do you live close to the quarry in Alabama? Did you get from a local fabricator? I live about 6 hours away and would gladly drive there to get a slab as beautiful as yours!

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Oh my gracious! I have also been waiting to see your finished product. Simply stunning.

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Dhuston - we couldn't locate any slabs at the time, so we did go to the quarry. They don't cut slabs there, just tiles (and they were a bit disorganized with lots of leftovers, not knowing when their next production would be). They'd sent their uncut stone to Levantina in Atlanta. I would try there! We got through to them, found they had no distributors in our area, and worked something out.

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I didn't get to comment the other day, but would not let myself forget to. You did an amazing job and should be so proud of yourself. There are so many things to love about this kitchen. I aldo just wanted to say that you should definately frame that pic of your girls in the floor (I think your handbag was on the floor as well) mid-construction and hang it in your kitchen. I love that picture. It would definately add that last personal touch!

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I don't believe you.... this must have been taken from a high end magazine for bazillionaires!
It is so lovely in so many ways ;) The wood accents are brilliant and I love your juxtaposition of the white with the wood throughout. This gives new meaning to the term "drool-worthy". I see expensive kitchens in high end homes on a regular basis and most are a disappointment. This kitchen is high end and friendly at the same time. Your choices are all timeless and yet unique in how it was put together. Stunning!

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Stunning! Every detail is amazing!!!

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Utterly jaw-dropping. You used beautiful materials in a completely creative way...are you an interior designer? You have a marvelous eye! Congrats on your sweet babe #3!

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Louisiana - Thank you, what a sweet idea! My big girl was feeding the baby puffs :) How darling that you remember! Maybe I'll hang it on the bar wall so it has the same view?

Dianalo - you make me laugh :) How 'bout two penny pinchers who bought EVERYTHING except the cabinets, counters and shiplap and hardware off of ebay! I think my husband would have bought the labor on ebay too if we could have. Gosh, I even waited for a 10% off seller sale on the pendant pair! But what a compliment, thank you.

Cangelmd - how is the bathroom marble working out? I'd love to see photos. We put it in our bath too. How's maintenance? I'm a little nervous about "learning" to clean it.

Nini - Oh gosh no, just a very very determined editor. Wanted a bit of an updated twist on the white kitchen. Below is a link to the original thread with the inspo pics... you'll see how we got there. We figured if it didn't go well, we could always paint :)

Here is a link that might be useful: A twist on the white kitchen

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gorgeous! your kitchen has a sort of hollywood glam feeling to it, yet is very warm and inviting. love your marble and your backsplash especially. congrats!

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alabamamommy, your kitchen is nicer than kitchens I've seen in those "Dream Kitchen" magazines. This one will be making the rounds on houzz I'm sure. And it will be that much more wonderful once filled with all your personal touches/"stuff". I'm glad you posted now too, since as we know kids and new babies have a way of monopolizing our time ;)

Aesthetically, I like the warmth and contrast of the wood (walnut?) accents that you used with your marble island and especially highlighting the lines of your glassfront uppers and I like how the lack of uppers on your range wall draws attention to your hood. Functionally, I'm drooling over all of your cool storage pullouts.

Congratulations on a job well done!

(And PS, what a great idea from louisianapurchase to frame a pic of the kids mid reno! I might have to steal that idea, though I wonder when we are finally done whether I will actually want to be reminded of this stressful time!)

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I am completely head-over-heels in LOVE with your sink run-that window is to *LIVE* for! And I am also quite smitten with your island! Not to mention, those cabinets are STUNNING!

Oh my goodness, it is all so AMAZING! And you get a new baby to boot, along with those precious little girls?? Jealous, I am! ;^)

Congratulations in EVERY way!

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Thank you for posting all the photos of that stunning, absolutely lovely kitchen! Yours has inspired my renovation in a number of ways- the walnut, the marble, and of course all those Rev-a-shelf items!
Congratulations on the baby, the new kitchen and enjoy it all!


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Wow, it's looking so great! I too have eagerly been waiting for updated pictures from your last picture post. Could you please share the name of the wooden chandelier manufacturer and model? (the one in front of the picture window, where I presume a table will go.)

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Hi again. I just found the chandelier info from your original post and have found it on the Ballard website. Thanks.

Would you mind sharing what your ceiling height is? We are currently designing a home and have 10 foot clg hts in the dining area. So I am not 100% as to what scale chandelier we want/need for our space. Like yours it will also be open to the kitchen.

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Happy Sunday AM!

So funny, I'd just posted the link and either the internet monster or the no-caffeine error monster intervened. I wanted to highly recommend the chandy - we have other fixtures 10x it's price, and the hand-brushed finish holds it's own. In fact, we're considering matching the table base to the finish.

Our ceilings are 10' as well and it doesn't get lost, but were it in another area that wasn't so defined, it might be a little small. I guess what I'm saying is it's perfect for a breakfast nook with that height... but might wither in a dining room.

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The dining space isn't grand by any means. So I think I'll take the plunge and specify this fixture. Thank you for your words of encouragement! Even at full price, this chandy is very reasonable! Especially compared to the Circa lighting chandys I've been eyeing... (and that's with the designer discount :) Now I just need to figure out what to do over island and kitchen sink... there are SO many pendant options!

By the way, your name says alabama and i've been wondering where you live. (not that you have to answer as this is the internet!) But i'm totally curious since I just moved from Birmingham (sad but required move). I just returned from a visit the other day... Now we are back on the MS gulf coast which is great in it's own way. At least all my beach colors and styles are appropriate here ;)

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Don't let me talk you out of anything from Circa :) Their Thomas O'Brien sconces rescued our master bath from the brink!

We're probably just a few bays to your East, coastal as well! Welcome back to the humidity!

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This is seriously perfect. Beautifully balanced. All your hard work was well worth it!

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Don't worry, Circa sconces are scheduled for my bathroom and living room! But having lower priced chandy in dining will help give some wiggle room in the Kitchen!

Funny about being so close in proximity! I did some work in Fairhope (such a cute downtown and LOVE the Grand) back in the day. We did/still travel to the Eastern Shore for shopping. And Mobile has heirloom sewing shops that doesn't exist in Coastal MS. Did I see a thread above that congratulated you on expecting again? Congrats! I'm expecting baby #2 (boy) in approximately 1 month. Good luck getting settled :) Enjoy your spaces! I am eagerly awaiting your next round of pictures! Do you have any posted in other forums here of other parts of your home?

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WOW - I've been waiting for these since your last teaser post a few months ago. I think the words I used then were either Swoon, or drool, or both? I'd like to use them again. Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! I'm sure you will enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

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Alabamamommy- What a stunning kitchen! I LOVE your cabinets and I learned from your earlier posts that you went with a custom cabinet maker and then had them professionally lacquered. I am also in the process of interviewing custom cab makers for inset cabs and I am so concerned about the painting process and figuring out the best method for painting cabs. Are you still thrilled with the lacquer method and would you mind explaining what that means? I have seen a few friends' custom cabs that were painted on-site and I hate to say it but they didn't turn out very well. (and the semi-custom cabs sometimes look a little plasticized when they're sprayed in the factory) Unlike yours - which look gorgeous and durable! Sorry to bother you - I'm sure you're still busy with your remodel- but I think the paint job is critical to the success of beautiful cabs! Thanks so much :).

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Totally AWESOME! Congrats on your kitchen, and especially baby #3! :)

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Love the boat searchlights over the island. I hope they are not as bright as real marine searchlights!

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Marg42 - I'm having a severe brain malfunction. Did I say laquered? If so, I'm not sure that's the correct term, as I *think* lacquered has to do with a shiny finish (speaking waaay out of my league here) which I do think is beautiful, but much more modern.

I'm not certain what their exact process was, but our cabinet makers didn't paint on site, they sprayed several oil-based coats at their workshop. They did bring several spray cans to the site for joining the cabinets and to leave with us for touch-up purposes.

I'm sorry I wish I was more help. I seem to remember learning in our research that Kraftmaid does a 7-step process that involves heat at their factory. But I wouldn't swear to my name right now :)

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Wow, super! I don't know how I missed this one.

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Thx so much alabamamommy! No, it was probably me dreaming that about the lacquer! My brain is malfunctioning as we approach our remodel, starting with the kitchen :). I do love how well your paint job came out!! Question: you said above that the painter used 3 coats... was it 3 coats of oil-based SW Pearly White or did they add anything to it? (i.e., to make it more durable). And what sheen did you use? (satin, eggshell?) Thx again for all your help - I really appreciate it!

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Your kitchen is really beautiful!!! I do have a question for you ... is the handle on your dishwasher the same size as those on the cabinets, or did you choose an appliance sized handle?

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Marg42 - ahhh so glad I didn't make that up :) Though I do remember commenting on the poster from Australia's gorgeous laquered cabinets!

The answer is, unfortunately, I don't know! Next time our cabinet maker makes the round to finish the various blue-tape touch-ups, I'll be sure to ask him. I do know that there is quite a difference between the Pearly White that our painter sprayed on our mouldings and what the came out on the cabinets, so there is something to what they did.

Jojo - Yes, that is an appliance-sized handle - good eye! It's just a couple of inches larger than the next largest handle on the set of drawers next to it, but it does have a much more substantial feel to it.

And thank you everyone else for the kind words. I still have some placing to do in terms of decoratives, but we've moved in, and it's serving us well. Yes, we've already etched the marble but that was quickly forgotten once we made our first batch of cinnamon rolls straight on the counter. The stainless is much less hard to clean than I feared. My biggest complaint is how the darker wood floors show every breadtrail that my kiddos leave BUT it makes me wonder how much I was "missing" before! That issue will (hopefully) improve once we order our kitchen table and counter stools, but in the mean time, I'm making at least thrice-daily use of the broom/central vac dust pan.

Love my range, "meh" on the dishwasher. Huge fan of the Brizo Venuto touch faucet. (Chicken hands be gone!) The Modernaire rangehood is a quiet giant and performs - I'm shocked we cooked without anything like it before. I'm simply amazed at the amount of grease already in the vent panels. Love the peg drawer for the dishes (it's actually fun unloading the dishwasher into something SO organized!).

Also LOVING the boos block. It's where I do 90% of my prepwork, lunchmaking, etc. It's so inviting it also collects ethernet parts and pieces, car keys, drill bits, lightbulbs and any other random "put downs" from a certain passerby. I need a kitchen entry console table STAT. But it has been very easy to clean and maintain after I realized that I could "sand" it with a scotchbrite pad inbetween applications of their boos cream.

My husband wishes we'd have gone double fridge and relegated the freezer to the garage because it doesn't seem like that much more room than our previous sub-z 36-incher with the drawer freezer, but I'm labeling him food organizationally impaired.

We did legitimately "over-organize" our drawers to the point that there's not a single place that makes sense for our pot holders near the range or wall ovens. For the moment, they're living in a basket on the counter top until we figure it out. We also did so many pull-out drawers within lower cabinets that on a couple, there's quite a bit of "dead space" between the top of the pots that occupy to the top of the cabinet. We will have the cabinet maker back to install shelves to make use of the space.

All in all, it's our favorite space in the house so far (well, lets face it... the rest is still consumed with boxes and/or waiting on decor) and we are so pleased/grateful/ecstatic even with the parts that we overlooked.

One last note - we sprung for a Hoshzaki nugget ice maker for the wetbar area. Our kids adore it - they eat out of it all day long. It does make wonderful drinks. But it's the LOUDEST appliance in the house. My husband is thinking of moving it to the basement. We'll see.

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Thanks alabamamommy! And congrats on moving into your beautiful place!

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Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! I really love it. I was curious about your island. Do you like the length? Do you feel like it's too big or just right?? Right now I am planning on a 12 ft long island with seating on 3 sides and a prep sink on back side facing the range. This is our only causal seating. I am afraid it will look huge! I was thinking of doing something similar to your butcher block on one end to break it up but then I loose the seating on that side. I would love your opinion on the scale. My kitchen is 26x11.

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Thank you Marsee - and I totally understand your dilemma! I had to think about it for a second, but I've not once caught myself going (ugh, I have to walk around for x). Operationally, I'm anchored at the block and go back and forth between sink, stove and fridge. The only hitch was when I am unloading the dishwasher and the glasses need to cross the island to go to the fridge area (dishes are in the bottom drawer to the right of the dw). However, once I realized just to stage and shove across the island, I got over it.

I did wonder if I should have broken it into two islands, one half butcher/half marble and the other marble. It might have been a hair more functional, but I would have lost some cabinets AND I'm not sure visually it's a look that works for our oversized galleys :)

I think the biggest dilemma I'd share with you is that since your seating is a priority, carefully consider your width. I've had a heck of a time finding counter stools. I'm intent upon putting 4, with two on the far end and I had visions of fat sturdy upholstered ones that my kids could get on thier knees without fear of tipping. But with my big ole fat island legs, I have to find counter stools that are less than 18". So on one hand, I wish we would have widened the island a few inches. On the other hand, right now I can keep the dishwahser fully open and open the island cabinets if I need to. If they would have intersected, I would have been irritated.

Scale wise, I'm not sure that it would look huge! It sounds pretty close to our dimensions... I'll measure for you this afternoon.

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Thanks for responding. I will not have to cross the island because my work area is only a L shape behind the island. My main concern was it looking way to large. I'm also worried about finding a slab of granite to fit the whole thing. I need to start looking around for granite.

I will have a overhang on the on 3 seating sides with no legs underneath. I think the legs look amazing on your kitchen island but I grew up with large decorative corbels at the corners of my mom's island and I have bumped my knees on them more times than I can count. I do not want anything to bump into when I'm seated! lol.

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alabamamommy, can you tell me more about your teak floors? what brand is it or did you buy unfinished? thanks!

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michoumonster - we bought this home about 50% complete from the bank, so there are a number of things that are a mystery to us. The origin of the teak floors are one of them. I can tell you that the house sat unconditioned for 2 years and had they not have been a woods as hard as teak, we would likely have had to replace a house full of wood. When we installed the a/c, we took the climate up 5 degrees at a time over a period of a few days. There are a few planks here and there that have wider than average gapping, but, honestly, it just looks like a more aged floor.

They were unfinished solid planks, and we stained them jacobean because plain poly brought out more red than I wanted to see. They did not stain as dark as I would have liked them because of their density. We were offered the option of adding stain to the poly to get them darker, however, we were simultaneously advised not to take that option with children because of the risk of scratching. We also chose a matte finish over shiny, and I am really loving it.

So that's about all I know!

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Your kitchen is so beautful, and so uniquely yours! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity when we designed ours!!!

I noticed in one of your follow-up responses that your painter is coming back to touch up the blue tape areas, and I was wondering how he's planning to do that. We also have a few areas that need to be touched up and our GC said he'd just take a "sticky" pen to it. Now sure what that means, but I want the finish to look original and not touched up. So I'd love to hear how yours are being done. TIA!

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Erin thank you! The major problems we've had with our "touch ups" are where they didn't properly join cabinets. In that case, they're having to caulk the joints to try to make them invisible, sand and then respray. The respray is done with cans of spray paint. (I don't know the difference between the spray gun formula and spray can formula, but it dries clean). Most of the rest of the blue tape issues are drawers not fully closing... we haven't gotten much into ding-land yet.

Now as for the rest of the house... that's another story :)

I'm not sure what a sticky pen is... hmmm... paint in a pen?

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thanks alabamamommy. i am trying to find a medium brown colored floor with no red that looks uniform like yours. i think it looks lovely in your kitchen. matches your walnut (my all time favorite wood) quite well!

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thank you michoumonster - I was quite worried about the red too, but the Jacobean seemed to be the perfect counterbalance. There are some warm, cinnamon hues in some of the planks, but mostly it's just chocolate and reads very neutral and plays nicely with the various other woods in the furniture around the house. The planks still show a bit of variation from plank to plank, but they really just read as shades of the same, and the grain pattern is very subtly rich. Of course, it does show every bit of sticky concoction my kids throw at it, and I do find myself mopping every 3rd day, but I would still highly recommend it!

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Breathtakingly gorgeous!! It's so crisp and bright, yet warm and homey. Magazine perfect.:-)

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Hi - just asking if you might be able to post the dimensions of the kitchen + breakfast room area. The exterior wall length is of interest to me. We have a similar space [12. 5 feet 22.5 feet] and to have room for the table I think it might need to be larger. Thank you in advance. Plus, your kitchen is gorgeous!

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