Decent cooktop for around $1000?

jellybenJuly 31, 2014

We will be replacing our 30in gas cooktop with a 36in when we do the countertops. We can't afford the high-end stuff so looking for our best option from HD or Lowes. Any recs? The current Frigidaire cooktop seems fine(only been in the house a month) so DH thinks we should get the same thing in the bigger size!
Thanks for any guidance!

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If you're not too fussy over color or make, you can really get a deal on new appliances when HD or Lowes gets a return, especially on a custom order.

I paid $200.00 for a Bosch dishwasher ($550.00) that was installed then pulled because it didn't have "heated drying". It dries the dishes perfectly.

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Sophie Wheeler

A 36'' cooktop won't fit into a 30'' cabinet without you hacking at it and compromising the granite's support. In addition, if you don't remove or reduce the size of the adjacent wall cabinets to the vent and increase it's size, you will have created a fire hazard.

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The 30in cooktop is actually in a 36in cabinet with a 36in hood above. I will have to check the specs to see if that's ok. Thanks for the tip.

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