How to clean Bluestar island trim

PekeJuly 24, 2013

My Bluestar island trim is stainless steel. It is discolored and has a burned look. I have tried all the usual stainless steel cleaners, but nothing works.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks, peke

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Sophie Wheeler

The stainless is permanently discolored from the heat. It's a badge of honor, not a defect. It means you actually COOK and purchased something that you can do it well with!

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What holly said!! It's seasoned, embrace it :)

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Ok. IT has been used a lot. So far I have only had three burners going at a time. I love the really low burner too.

What I can't figure out is why I need the island trim anyway. It is just a oven. My largest pot is too big for the back burner. The island trim is in the way and I can't center the pot. I think that is why the trim got discolored.

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I finally got that burned look off the stainless steel island trim piece. I used oven cleaner. It had to stay on a while, and I had to spray it twice, but it worked. Peke

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